Gajim - 2015-10-23

  1. tmolitor mt, sorry for my late reply....what exactly did you do to reproduce the error for your last trace?
  2. mt tmolitor: start gajim, open chat window, simulate disconnect (disable network adapter), enable adapter, wait for reconnect
  3. mt tmolitor: in the opened window the icons for http upload are still greyed out, if i open a new one (another contact), or close and re-open the existing one the icons are shown normal
  4. Nothing4You is it a known issue that gajim is sending messages to only one resource instead of sending them to the user?
  5. Nothing4You not sure yet where the problem is, might also be something else
  6. Nothing4You <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="aaa@bbb.ccc/ddd" type="chat" id="82">
  7. Nothing4You i would assume that what i'm looking for would be <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="aaa@bbb.ccc" type="chat" id="82">
  8. tmolitor mt, okay :) could you mark the window close and reopen in the trace?
  9. tmolitor mt, in your last trace there are these two lines: 15.10.2015 06:12:21 (I) gajim.plugin_system: can do http uploads via component 15.10.2015 06:12:21 (D) gajim.plugin_system: HttpuploadPlugin.update_button_state() <entered>
  10. tmolitor mt, which imply that the buttons are being updated....but I don't know if this is before or after your reopen AND I don't know hoch much chat windows you have open...
  11. tmolitor mt, I added some more debug output. you can find the new plugin src here:
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8043 (Systray icon missing with Plasma 5) updated Note that this also affects other DEs. For instance Unity (Ubuntu 14.04 / 15.04) wants the new protocol and does not support the old one. So Gajim does not have a systray icon any longer there. (Besides, the Ubuntu integration plugin stopped working after 12.04). Which python lib is us[…]
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #94 (Does not work in Ubuntu 14.04) updated Also this plugin does not even start on a simple local installation of gajim from sources (configure --prefix=~/some/dir , make , make install). It complains about not finding applications/gajim.desktop.
  14. mt tmolitor: after connecting i opened a chat window, did the connection cycle, notice that the original window still had not updated the icons, opened a window with another contact and closed it
  15. mt tmolitor: and last but not least, closed and re-opened the original window
  16. mt tmolitor: what do you want for the next trace, stick to the original window and nothing else ?
  17. tmolitor Mt, yes, only the original window please :)