Gajim - 2015-10-19

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  2. rbj My client doesn't remember my password change. I run 0.16-1 off debian unstable.
  3. Link Mauve rbj, latest bugfix release for the 0.16 branch is 0.16.4, you should update first.
  4. Link Mauve 0.16.0 is known broken, although I don’t know about this particular bug.
  5. rbj OK thanks, I'll see if I can find a package
  6. Link Mauve There is one on
  7. rbj OK I installed gajim-nightly. I can change the stored password in account settings successfully until I restart my client. Then it seems to remember the old password.
  8. Link Mauve Are you using gnome-keyring?
  9. rbj gnome-keyring-daemon is running
  10. rbj OK, I ran seahorse and saw there are multiple password entries for the xmpp account in question. I just deleted the one with the stale password and will try restart my client now. BRB
  11. rbj OK it worked!
  12. Link Mauve Nice. :)
  13. Link Mauve I have no idea why it would be broken, though. :/
  14. rbj There were like 6 entries, one with the old password and 5 with the new one.
  15. Link Mauve That… sounds quite broken.
  16. rbj heh
  17. rbj OK, trac won't work with me. First it complains about the name not satisfying some secret naming policy, then an internal error: Trac detected an internal error: KeyError: 'recaptcha_challenge_field'
  18. Link Mauve You should wait for Asterix to come, he’s the one managing the Trac.
  19. Link Mauve He’s usually here in the evening, CEST.
  20. rbj OK I'll leave the window open
  21. Johannes Hey, so I got an answer from the guy who has the rights to the gajim/gajim repo on GitHub
  22. Johannes would you object if I were to mirror the relevant gajim repos to GitHub?
  23. Johannes Or maybe provide you with the required stuff to add to you hg hooks to do the syncing?
  24. Johannes So the autoritative repos could remain with you, but maybe you'ld get easier contributions and/or it would allow for some integrations that only couple to github