Gajim - 2015-10-18

  1. Aeyoun Hello. Two questions. 1) Gajim isn’t registered to handle the xmpp: URI. Distro bug? 2) Any way to force scaling of Gajim on a HiDPI display? All buttons and text are tiny! I’m a GNOME 3.17 user on Fedora 22 and installed through their repos.
  2. Aeyoun Gajim 0.16.1, I should probably add.
  3. Link Mauve Aeyoun, only the next version of Gajim will properly scale, thanks to gtk3.
  4. Link Mauve You can already use it by cloning the hg repository.
  5. Aeyoun Link Mauve: I’m 10Mquest from #prosody from a few hours ago. :-)
  6. Link Mauve Heh. ^^
  7. Link Mauve Also, 0.16.1 is very old, you should upgrade to at least 0.16.4 which contains many bug fixes.
  8. Aeyoun Link Mauve: “Next” as in “a released newer version than 0.16.1” or “master”?
  9. Link Mauve Master.
  10. Aeyoun Hm, looks like fc22 should have had 0.16.4, but I’m not seeing the update.
  11. Aeyoun Oh, well. Will probably get there eventually.
  12. Aeyoun When is the gtk3 work expected to be released?
  13. Link Mauve When it’ll be ready, I guess. ^^
  14. Aeyoun should order a magnifying glass in the meanttime
  15. Link Mauve Since I started using Weston, all non-HiDPI-aware programs are displayed bigger by default on scaled screens.
  16. Link Mauve Do you have two different screens, or only a big one, btw?
  17. Link Mauve Do you have two different screens, or only a scaled one, btw?
  18. Aeyoun Link Mauve: I’ve got a laptop with a HiDPI display.
  19. Aeyoun From what I use now it’s only Gajim, Steam (not the games, just the client), and Digikam (qt4) that has got any scaling issues.
  20. Link Mauve For Gajim there is already a gtk3 port so it should be pretty ok.
  21. Link Mauve But on X11 you can’t really force scale a client. :/
  22. Aeyoun Link Mauve: Thre greeter gives me the option to use Wayland. Could I force-scale using it? Just got annoying issues with gtk tooltips jumping all over the screen in Wayland. :P
  23. Link Mauve It would probably fix the scaling yeah.
  24. Link Mauve GNOME 3.18 is out btw, you shouldn’t use an old unstable version like 3.17.
  25. Aeyoun It’s what everyone else uses.
  26. Aeyoun Link Mauve, I was using Debian stable up until only a few weeks ago. Fedora 22 feels super-fresh to me.
  27. Aeyoun It would be too much of a maintanence hassle to update all the things manually all the time.