Gajim - 2015-10-16

  1. Johannes I wonder if you would have considered migrating to Git
  2. Johannes the Gajim-Repo, that is
  3. Asterix why would we do that? mercurial does what we need
  4. Johannes it would allow to publish to GitHub and use quite a few of the nice tools that are coupled to GitHub and do not support Bitbucket
  5. Johannes Also, a mirror would probably suffice, too
  6. Link Mauve Why would you want bitbucket either? ^^'
  7. Link Mauve Self-hosting works very well you know.
  8. Johannes It makes contributions easier for people. Also, the bespoke tool integrations for the various free and hosted stuff...
  9. Asterix github is a closed service, so clearly not a good reason to switch to git
  10. Johannes Not that I would be against self-hosting. In that case its probably just a nice addon. Plus as its a DVCS you can always have a proper repo on your own boxes
  11. Asterix mercurial is a DVCS too
  12. Johannes GitHub would just be the go-to platform for Git-Repos that happens to have a very nice, free tool ecosystem attached to it. There are quite some high-quality git-self-hosting things if one wants more than plain ssh cloning
  13. Johannes I was using hg quite lot in the past as well, but Git somehow won...
  14. Link Mauve Johannes, github has a mostly non-free ecosystem, actually.
  15. Link Mauve Which is the exact reason you want to move there, AIUI.
  16. Johannes Probably one could rather mirror than move
  17. Johannes there actually seems to exist quite some gajim-stuff and clones of the repo on GitHub
  18. Johannes snapshots from various points in time
  19. Johannes there's even a GitHub org for Gajim...
  20. Johannes it tracks up to 16.1
  21. Asterix no idea who did that