Gajim - 2015-10-11

  1. arune tmolitor, what do you think about the idea of being able to paste a image from pastebin right into gajim and send the image with httpupload? :)
  2. tmolitor arune: well, how would the ui look like then?
  3. arune I guess it would require changes to gajim itself, not just the plugin
  4. tmolitor arune: well, okay...but how do you expect the ui to be...the interaction between the user and gajim?
  5. arune tmolitor: the user puts the cursor in the input box and press Ctrl v or right click and selects paste
  6. arune The image is displayed as thumbnail in the inputbox
  7. arune Is this possible Asterix ?
  8. tmolitor And gajim detects IT is an URL and automatically Downloads and Displays IT and when you send the input IT is automatically uploaded via httpupload?
  9. arune tmolitor: if you put an image in the "clipboard" it doesn't have an url
  10. tmolitor Arune: Ah!! Now I understand :) would be a nice feature!! :)
  11. arune Right, I said pastebin, meant clipboard