Gajim - 2015-10-08

  1. tmolitor arune: conversations is using oob to announce httpupload files and xhtml for images in the next version...I'm adding oob to the httpupload plugin and upload a new version...
  2. tmolitor arune, asterix: the pil issue has to go into another version then...
  3. tmolitor arune, asterix: *solving the pil issue [...]
  4. tmolitor asterix: how can I add a custom element to the stanza when sending messages? currently I'm using "chat_control.send_message(message=msg_text, xhtml=xhtml_text)"...I want to add a <x> element beneath the <body> of the message....
  5. faixh tmolitor: there's a new event in 0.16.4 with which you can edit outgoing stanzas. message-outgoing-stanza (or similar) ... Or, depending on what you want to do, in common/
  6. Link Mauve tmolitor, OOB doesn’t bring anything imo, which is why they are adding XHTML-IM instead.
  7. arune tmolitor: yes, commit it as it's current state is working
  8. arune Please also have a look at the eventbox version of image preview plugin
  9. tmolitor Asterix: okay, this is a Bit cumbersome because you habe to send a message and then capture IT in the outgoing event to change IT afterwards, but its doable :)
  10. tmolitor Link mauve, No, oob is to Mark a message as filetransfer so that Clients can Display a Download Windows ihr anything like this and this wont bei triggered for urls manually pasted into the Chat...I intent to write such a Download plugin by the way...
  11. tmolitor Arune: okay, I'll release IT then :)
  12. tmolitor Arune: did you send me the Patch For the eventbox Version already? I don't remember anymore...
  13. arune tmolitor: yes I did, some gajim pastebin
  14. tmolitor Arune: okay, I'll look AT IT Then :)
  15. tmolitor Arune: sorry my german smartphone Keyboard changed the words to uppercase ;)
  16. arune tmolitor,
  17. arune :)
  18. Johannes hm, turns out that I can reproduce the issue that renders me unable to connect also with linux
  19. tmolitor arune: thanks! :)
  20. tmolitor arune: committed the eventbox url_image_preview plugin right now :) I also added a newline before the image :)
  21. tmolitor arune: and I tested it before I uploaded it ;)
  22. arune tmolitor: great!
  23. arune Thanks
  24. tmolitor arune: you're welcome :)
  25. tmolitor the new httpupload plugin is also out now :)
  26. tmolitor arune: but the windows PIL stuff is still missing of course :/
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  28. tmolitor asterix: I need you help on setting an ID when sending a message via chat_control.send_message()
  29. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #109 (Image URL is replaced with the picture) closed fixed: Solved in ​
  30. arune tmolitor, both plugins working perfect!
  31. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #106 (Http Upload Plugin for XEP-0363 crashing with files > 1 MB) updated I suggest close as it works for me and no response from reporter in a couple of weeks.