Gajim - 2015-10-07

  1. Johannes nbxmpp blows hg head blows up on osx and forces disconnect
  2. Johannes also a lot of icons in adwaita are not found and it has some issues with certificates
  3. Johannes a lot of it seems to revolve around mucs
  4. Johannes
  5. Johannes something tells me there is a global missing somewher
  6. Johannes looks more like it blows up in gajim itself
  7. Johannes and not on globals anyhow, it complains that it recieved invalid xml too
  8. loulouxiv Hi everyone !
  9. loulouxiv I'm using Gajim to log on google chat servers, and it shows me the "Wrong certificate for" dialog a lot to often it seems...
  10. loulouxiv Do you have any hints at how to troubleshoot the problem source ?
  11. arune loulouxiv: use a real xmpp server ☺
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8057 (No Support for Unicode Emoticons (U+1F601 — U+1F64F)) updated I have same issues on all Windows installations (7/8.1/10) and I can also confirm it works fine on Linux. The thing is that it's not only about emoticons. I found that also various characters from quite 'old' Unicode ranges doesn't show (say Ethiopic alphabet which was added to Unicode in 1999). […] • Ti[…]