Gajim - 2015-10-05

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  2. NebuK hi
  3. kruks23 Morning, I would like to ask if it would be possible to modify the default options for making gajim a little easy/clear for people without experience. For example, with mam, the restore lines could be increased to see last messages always you open a chat window. Print status in chat I think that people without experience dont use it and is annoying. The same with the number of contacts connected (f.e. 7/10). Show your own contact is another thing that I think is an advanced option. Theses things are examples what some people without experience told me when I installed gajim in their pcs.
  4. kruks23 I wonder too if change contact status when idle is not a privacy issue. Is the first thing I have to change when I install gajim
  5. Holger kruks23: Hrm though if you're concerned with privacy issues you should probably not accept the contact's subscription to your presence status.
  6. Holger I mean the presence feature is all about giving your subscribed contacts information about your ... presence.
  7. kruks23 Holger, I want my contacts know where I'm connected/disconnected
  8. kruks23 I was asking the possibility not to change status by default when you area away from computer
  9. NebuK is there somewhere where i can read more about gui extension points?
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  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8162 (cx_freeeze error in main script) updated Do you have GTK installed somewhere else on your machine?
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8163 (Support XEP-0333: Chat Markers) created problem When using multiple clients, e.g. Conversations on the phone and Gajim on the computer, the phone will often show notifications for messages that I have already read on the computer. analysis The phone currently has no way to *know* that I read these messages on the computer. enhancement recommendation There's an extension, XEP-0333 (​[…]
  13. Johannes Is there a current effort to support OSX native?
  14. Johannes or at least as an X11 app?
  15. Johannes i only found that dead branch
  16. Link Mauve Johannes, I think it works fine, just isn’t supported.
  17. Link Mauve Last time I tried it, I just had to install gtk3 from homebrew and clone the hg repository and it ran fine.
  18. Johannes Link Mauve: my homebrew does not seem to have gtk3
  19. Johannes what tap did you take it from?
  20. Link Mauve The default one, IIRC.
  21. Johannes found one, gajim died on me with "ˇNameError: name 'GLib' is not defined"
  22. Johannes
  23. Link Mauve You probably don’t have the GLib gobject-introspection files.
  24. Link Mauve Here on ArchLinux they are provided by the gobject-introspection-runtime package.
  25. Johannes and where would GtkSpell come from?
  26. Link Mauve Here it’s called gtkspell3.
  27. mathieui Gtk spellcard
  28. Johannes i installed pygtkspellcheck
  29. Link Mauve mathieui, :D
  30. Johannes that did not seem to help though
  31. Link Mauve Johannes, probably python2 version.
  32. Johannes it all calls for python3
  33. Johannes or at least seems to take it from there
  34. Link Mauve I mean, you probably installed the python2 version, while Gajim is looking for the python3 version.
  35. Link Mauve But anyway I don’t think GtkSpell is required, is it?
  36. Johannes
  37. Johannes fails like this now
  38. Link Mauve It probably shouldn’t be required.
  39. Link Mauve Anyway, just install it, you need the gtk3 version and it needs to include a gir file so you can import it from Python.
  40. Johannes i have this, there seems to be not too much else
  41. Link Mauve Python 3 dropped all of the pygtk stuff.
  42. Link Mauve So, no need for that.
  43. Link Mauve You just need GtkSpell itself, the gtk3 version.
  44. Johannes but gajim does not seem to start without
  45. Link Mauve I guess that’s a bug, but in the meantime if you install it it should work.
  46. Johannes "ValueError: Namespace GdkX11 not available" is the next one
  47. Link Mauve I don’t know much about X11, sorry.
  48. Link Mauve But it doesn’t seem used, try commenting lines 33-34 in src/
  49. Johannes it appears there is a deeper dependency:
  50. Link Mauve You can’t use X11 on OSX, perhaps alongside GdkX11?
  51. Johannes osx actually has an X11 server integrated...
  52. Link Mauve Here it’s apparently provided by gtk3 itself, on ArchLinux.
  53. Johannes hm, looks like i'll have to stay with psi for a while longer
  54. tmolitor arune: could you add a config dialog to te httpupload plugin? it would be nice to make the xhtml image preview and the size of the preview configurable...
  55. arune tmolitor: I would like that too, I don't have much time though
  56. arune Maybe create a ticket and assign to me
  57. tmolitor arune: okay...I'll put it on my "do it later" TODO list then ;)
  58. tmolitor well, okay...but that wouldn't give you more time either ;)
  59. arune tmolitor, it would not no :) but maybe I will have some time some day :)
  60. arune like when my kids are grown up?
  61. tmolitor arune: ok...sounds reasonable ;) I'll create a ticket then :D
  62. tmolitor arune: did you have time to test my changes to the httpupload plugin under windows?
  63. tmolitor arune: I don't know exactly, if it works there because of the temporary file stuff it is using...
  64. arune I tried asterix new gajim version with built-in-pil, but I could get it to display any image
  65. arune I did not have time to investigate though
  66. Johannes has anyone of you tried this gtk-osx stuff where gtk binds to the native quartz ui?
  67. tmolitor arune: I created a ticket and assigned it to you...
  68. arune yay :)
  69. tmolitor :D
  70. arune (I'm getting a bit confused by the different changes ongoing for httpupload and url image preview)
  71. Johannes also I wondered why gajim uses autotools+libtoolize for a python project instead the standard cheese-shop distribution methods
  72. Asterix Johannes‎: never had OSX ...
  73. Asterix Johannes‎: mainly to compile translations, and because we previously had some .c to compile
  74. Johannes Asterix but the c is gone now? so basically one could use the python stuff as well?
  75. Asterix translation compilation remain. I'ts possible to do it with setuptools, but never had time to look at that
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  77. arune tmolitor, wait, where did you create an issue? I was not mail-notified...?
  78. Asterix now you are ;)
  79. Johannes have you given this thing a look, a lot of open source projects seem to use it these days
  80. arune Asterix, thx :)
  81. Asterix moderation ...
  82. arune tmolitor, did you commit the image-url-preview-plugin with gtk eventbox? I'm writing all stuff down right now so I remember what I should do :)
  83. tmolitor arune: no, not yet...but I'm on it right now...
  84. tmolitor arune: I just have to revert the last commit and update the manifest file, do I?
  85. arune tmolitor, I don't think the gtk eventbox patch was ever commited
  86. tmolitor arune: oh, okay...and what was the approach before the xhtml thing?
  87. tmolitor arune: can you give me the link to the gtk eventbox patch?
  88. arune yes, I'm investigating
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  90. arune tmolitor, there was a lot of other changes in the xhtml-variant
  91. arune tmolitor, the eventbox stuff is from line 126 in
  92. Link Mauve Johannes, this one is only for pot → po translation stuff, what Gajim uses autotools for is po → mo compilation.
  93. Link Mauve But autotools works fine on OSX.
  94. tmolitor arune: okay...should I keep the other changes from the xhtml variant or not? Or is the patch already based on the xhtml variant and I only have to apply it and commit the chages?
  95. arune tmolitor, only merge the stuff in _update_img from line 126
  96. arune the import of base64 should also be removed
  97. arune tmolitor, Ill prepare a patch :)
  98. tmolitor arune: could you just create a new patch? that would be easier than just....ok...well, just what I was asking for :D
  99. tmolitor arune: yes, activate/deactivate xhtml preview would be nice, too
  100. arune aha, #109 will be fixed when using the gtk eventbox instead of xhtml aswell!
  101. arune tmolitor,
  102. arune but please test first, I'm tired and make mistakes
  103. arune the image is not shown on a new line though
  104. tmolitor arune: I can do the newline thing before I commit it...or is there a reason you left that out?
  105. arune tmolitor, please do, I don't think the eventbox-version did a newline so I was to tired now to fix it
  106. arune (because I would have to use my brain instead of the copy-pasting in my fingers)
  107. tmolitor arune: no problem, I'll do it myself :)
  108. arune great
  109. arune and regarding the temp-file thing in httpupload, I guess I could try to set the filename something like random and the delete the file when done?
  110. tmolitor arune: no...I fixed the tempfile thing already...
  111. tmolitor I used python's mkstemp()
  112. tmolitor and deleted the file afterwards...
  113. arune Great!!
  114. arune But not committed? One more thing to cross on my list