Gajim - 2015-10-04

  1. tmolitor asterix, arune: yes, that would be perfect for #109
  2. tmolitor arune: well, yes...the xhtml one was just a temporary solution till 0.16.4 was out, I going back to the old approach would be enough...that's right :)
  3. arune tmolitor: so if you like, you could to that commit to go back to the gtk eventbox
  4. tmolitor Arune: es, I'll do that...
  5. arune 👌excellent
  6. arune I'll have a look at the smiles stuff for #109
  7. Ralf I am trying to submit a comment at, but it keeps rejecting my comment as spam and says things about moderation. I am already registered at, but that doesn't seem to help and it seems there's no way to register as trac-plugins... is this not a public bugtracker?
  8. Ralf also, of coruse, it ate everything I wrote. so I have to write it all again. really, the setup seems to to everything it can to dsicourage people from reporting bugs...
  9. Ralf maybe someone could add my comment to as I am unable to to do so, and because I tried multiple times it now says I exceeded my number of attempts... >>>>>>>>> comment start <<<<<<<<<<<< I agree that this is a serious issue. Software that downloads code from the internet without any check of its authenticity is just irresponsible nowadays - attacks abusing such updaters are very frequent. The easiest solution would probably to switch the updater from ftp to https, and use the system keyring for checking the certificate. Python ships everything needed in its standard library, and certificates can be obtained for free from StartSSL or (soon) lets-encrypt. Some more security could be obtained by implementing some form of certificate pinning. This is not perfect, as the key protecting authenticity is exposed on the server, and computational effort is wasted for the encryption. But it's *way* better than the current situation. >>>>>>>> comment end <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  10. Asterix Ralf: sorry for moderation, but if you have a better solution to kill spammers, I'd like to hear you! that's definitly not a game I like to play, believe me !!!
  11. Asterix and moderation means there are moderators, so just wait they are here and it's accepted. Noe it is
  12. Link Mauve Asterix, use XEP-0070!
  13. Asterix if you want to write a plugin for trac, that could be fun, yes. We already support this XEP so it'd be nice
  14. Link Mauve I wrote an implementation in poezio’s library last week, hopefully I’ll have an implementation in poezio itself today.
  15. Link Mauve After that, yeah, Trac and Redmine would be useful targets.
  16. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #79 (Verify Integrity & Authenticity of downloaded plugins) updated I agre[…] • Ticket #111 (Trigger: Add condition based on focus of conversation) created The trigger plugin currently allows me to make triggers conditional on whether there already is a conversation open with a certain peer or not. I'd like to argue that this is a fairly useless distinction for at least some use-cas[…] https://trac-plugins.gajim.[…]
  17. Ralf Asterix, thinks worked fine for me in trac.gajim where I created an account. of course, two accounts would be annoying... do you have trouble with spambots creating accounts?
  18. Asterix yes, spammer do not attack trac and trac-plugins the same way. Same config on trac-plugins don' work enough
  19. Asterix yes, they create a lot of accounts. I delete dozens of them every week
  20. Ralf ouch :-/ I dont have experience with hosting trac myself
  21. Nathan I think once Gajim 1.0 is more or less finished, it should be a priority to move from trac to something else. Anything else, really (except flyspray)
  22. Ralf So this time, the issue I wanted to report on trac.gajim was entirely eaten by the captcha: After I entered it, it complained about a missing ID. hitting F5 and solving another captcha, I dont make any progress. I don't exactly feel liek writing it all again...
  23. Asterix Ralf: Message Received -> Error Box pops up in endless loop, opening hundreds of windows = Bug description = I just got a message from a contact not (yet) in my roster. Then Gajim started showing "There was an Error"-windows with a stacktrace. Unfortunately, new windows opened faster than I could clsoe them, almost killing my Desktop session. I had to switch to a virtual console and "killall gajim". One of the stacktraces was {{{ Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/r/src/gajim/src/", line 187, in _on_window_focus ctrl.set_control_active(True) File "/home/r/src/gajim/src/", line 2860, in set_control_active ChatControlBase.set_control_active(self, state) File "/home/r/src/gajim/src/", line 1184, in set_control_active jid = AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'jid' }}} I had the trigger plugin enabled. I tried disabling it, but that did not stop the flood of windows. = Steps to reproduce = = Software versions = OS version: Debian testing [[BR]] GTK version: 2.24 [[BR]] PyGTK version: 2.24
  24. Ralf Asterix, oh, so it ended up being postet?
  25. Asterix no
  26. Ralf I saw no UI confirmation, nor did I get the mail
  27. Asterix it's is spam list
  28. Ralf oh, I see. all I was told is some "error: bad ID for new task" or so
  29. Asterix tmolitor: you should update your name in your hg config file. "hg" is not very nice
  30. tmolitor arune: thanks, that would be great :)
  31. tmolitor asterix: oh, sorry...I didn't know I had to change that...I thought it would use the ssh username for this...
  32. Johannes Ralf does Atlassian not offer its entire product palette for free for opensource projects that have enough visiblity?
  33. Johannes I personally would find JIRA to be very nice actually
  34. javier GitHub!
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  36. Asterix arune: tmolitor: about #109, it's quite easy with TextViewImage. It's automatically done :) it just copy / paste text that you give in the constructor:
  37. arune Asterix: THX, is that possible since we will use eventbox?
  38. Asterix that should work
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