Gajim - 2015-09-29

  1. Holger tmolitor: "the pluginmanager gets new versions, when the are committed..." - so it just used the tip of the gajim-plugins repository? But doesn't it list available plugin version numbers (as opposed to hg revisions)?
  2. Holger should probably just read the pluginmanager source.
  3. Holger Ah, it fetches a from FTP ...
  4. Holger So when/how's that updated?
  5. Link Mauve Sounds terrifying…
  6. Link Mauve Everytime I’ve tried Gajim plugins I just cloned the hg repository.
  7. tmolitor arune: I'll test it this week (maybe wednesday)...I'll add the pil back and use the gtk variant as a fallback afterwards :)
  8. tmolitor holger: the manifest is updated via a commit, just as the rest of the plugin's files are...
  9. Holger tmolitor: Ah okay so if you bump the version in httpupload/manifest.ini a new version will be exposed to plugin manager users.
  10. tmolitor seems so...
  11. tmolitor holger: oh that's it...I corrected the bug, but didn't bump the version number :$
  12. Holger That explains things :-)
  13. tmolitor I uploaded a new version (just incremented the version number)...should be available now :)
  14. Holger It is indeed. Thanks!
  15. arune tmolitor: sounds great!
  16. tmolitor holger: is it working now? :)
  17. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [690:fd5861cd8e5b]: Updated version number to reflect the recent bugfix Updated version number to reflect the recent bugfix
  18. Holger tmolitor: Yes, it's working fine now.
  19. Holger Except for the unrelated issue that the progress bar is flicking horribly for me. But I guess that might be related to my window manager and you guys don't see that?
  20. tmolitor holger: I don't see any flickering...
  21. tmolitor holger: is it flickering only while requesting the upload slot or while the real upload is taking place, too?
  22. Holger Only the latter.
  23. Holger
  24. Holger There you see how only the left half of the dialog window is used. The dialog window size keeps flickering between the size as shown in the screenshot and the half of the size that's actually used.
  25. tmolitor holger: that's very strange...I've never seen that...
  26. tmolitor holger: maybe you can experiment a bit with the ui file in the plugin's directory...remember to restart gajim for the changes to take effect...
  27. Holger As I said I can imagine that being related to my window manager, which tries to get such "popup" windows right despite being otherwise a tiling WM. Maybe it does something wrong, there. (Then again, it's not like I've seen this issue before with other GUI popups ...)
  28. Holger But yes I'll try to play around with that.
  29. tmolitor holger: my guess is, that the ui file specifies some "relative" widths or specifies the width to be "what is needed" and the WM tries to be smart and do also a "what is needed" resize of the window (thus the two competing resizes are going back and forth)...
  30. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #109 (Image URL is replaced with the picture) created Before 0.6.0 the link was visible and could be copied. Now it's hidden and can't be copypasted with other text. Please provide an option to switch to the old behavior when image appeared near the URL not replacing it.
  31. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #109 (Image URL is replaced with the picture) updated Priority, Status, Owner changed How is your workflow? (I guess you know you can click the preview to open in the browser) An option for the old behavior won't be implement by me.
  32. arune Isn't there an xkcd for "bug fixed in software but people using the buggy behavior in their workflow wants an option to have the buggy behavior back"
  33. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8154 (Groupchat Encryption) created problem You can't chat via pgp in goupchats like in the app conversations. analysis You can decrypt pgp messages in groupchats but not send any. enhancement recommendation Introduce pgp in groupchats.
  34. arune oh,
  35. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8154 (Groupchat Encryption) updated 1/ PGP extension is now obsolete. But Gajim will still continue to have this feature. 2/ The idea is to encrypt messages with the public keys of all participants of the room? What happens if one (or more) participant doesn't have PGP? Or doesn't sign it's presence to announce it? I don't think it's very hard to implement, but I'm not sure of the UI