Gajim - 2015-09-27

  1. kruks23 Good morning! Do you know if exists a ppa for ubuntu with the latest version of gajim? The one which is mentioned in the web page seems obsolete
  2. Heli kruks23, good morning! Obviously there is no ubuntu-ppa with the freshest gajim-version. There's a debian-nightly here: I don't know, if it works on ubuntu. So it seems we have to use the tarball ---- or we use conversations on desktop - using google-crome with the ARCWelder-plugin :-D
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8121 (Slackware daily package) updated I needed to write pkgver=$(date +%F), not pkgver=$(date +%Y%m%d) (line 9). Are there any news in this concern?
  4. Link Mauve kruks23, Heli, the Debian package works fine on Ubuntu.
  5. kruks23 Link Mauve: thanks!
  6. arune Asterix: did you get the Windows gajim bundled with pil/pillow?
  7. tmolitor arune: I fixed the image preview right now :)
  8. tmolitor arune: I can send you the diff if you want
  9. tmolitor
  10. tmolitor arune: thats the diff
  11. tmolitor arune: you could check the domain name part of the url better by using a regex to validate correct dns names and ip addresses, but my patch should filter out most normal text not intended to be a link :)
  12. arune tmolitor: can you commit it? (I don't have rights)
  13. tmolitor oh, okay, sure :)
  14. tmolitor arune: it's done :)
  15. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [689:bd8a559a09db]: Fixed behaviour for special texts not resembling correct urls like abc:def … Fixed behaviour for special texts not resembling correct urls like abc:def or 11:34
  16. Link Mauve Asterix: you should remove the link to the Ubuntu ppa in the download page as nobody is maintaining it, and instead put the same text as the Debian section.
  17. Asterix Link Mauve: yep right. Mati (who maintained the PPA) was not able to upload the new pacjages last time he tried (some years ago ...)
  18. arune Asterix, did you get the windows version bundles with pil/pillow?
  19. arune Asterix, congratulations and thanks for the new release
  20. Asterix hmm no, I haven't tried that. But if I am able to, that can be a 0.16.4-2.exe
  21. Asterix that's needed to send the preview?
  22. tmolitor asterix: yes, for the preview the image is downsampled using pillow to fit into 2048 bytes...
  23. tmolitor asterix: in the httpupload plugin...
  24. Asterix gtk has things to resize. but probably not as powerfull as pil?
  25. arune why not, it's a simple downsize
  26. arune Asterix, any hint on where to find how to?
  27. Asterix
  28. Link Mauve Asterix, yeah, but advertizing 0.14 is a bit too much, especially when you already have all of the infrastructure for a proper package, which exists.
  29. Asterix someone uses ubuntu? is there a /etc/apt/sources.list.d?
  30. arune Asterix, sure
  31. Asterix ok thx
  32. arune tmolitor, I'll try to make a patch to httpupload that uses gtk resize instead of PIL this week, if you're ok with it