Gajim - 2015-09-23

  1. Asterix Hi faixh, have you seen my patch?
  2. faixh Asterix, yes I have, thank you for that. I just wanted to be sure my changes to the plugin work before I write "yes". Took me a bit to sort-of figure out how gajim uses connection and sessions. However it generally works now and does not carbon-copy the otr messages anymore :)
  3. Asterix ha, nice!
  4. Asterix so I'll commit the patch
  5. faixh Asterix, maybe add connection and stanza to StanzaMessageOutgoingEvent's __init__ so people know, what's in there?
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  7. Asterix faixh: it will be documented in
  8. Asterix it is now
  9. Asterix GN