Gajim - 2015-09-20

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #108 (Geolinks treated as links to maps) created It would be useful, if location links (geo:lon,lat sent by contact) and location detailes(shared eg. by this plugin) would be opened by Gajim as a link to online maps (google maps, openstreetmap, etc) with pointer set to those coordinates
  2. Asterix arune: ping?
  3. arune Asterix: yo
  4. Asterix arune: the 3 functions on_enter/leave/button_press_event are no more needed, right?
  5. arune Asterix: correct!
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15813:d7afa524cc30]: don't use GtkAlignment anymore. Fixe 2 missing import don't use GtkAlignment? anymore. Fixe 2 missing import
  7. Asterix arune: and setting > 2MB won't work with 0.16 -> 0.16.3
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [684:0a250491573a]: [url_image_preview] [Arune]: * Content-type and content-length are … [url_image_preview] [Arune]: Content-type and content-lengt[…] • Tickets #102,​105 batch updated fixed: In 0a250491573ac360bcef3d2911239ca70948c44b: [url_image_preview] [Arune]: Content-type and content-length are checked […],105
  9. faihx Sorry for repeating my question, but I couldn't find a solution in the meantime: I'd like to add a child to outgoing message stanzas via plugin. I did not find a way, but hope that I overlooked something. I mean ... add an event handler for 'message-outgoing', but that doesn't seem to help because in common/ the msg_iq object is formed and sent without having a possibility to do something about that. maybe @ Asterix ?
  10. arune Asterix, I guess that's still ok, it currently is'nt possible to get larger files anyway
  11. arune Asterix: thanks for merging
  12. Asterix arune: yes but plugin seem to allow 5M for example.
  13. Asterix faihx: hmmmm
  14. Asterix let me have a look
  15. Asterix faihx: indeed between the build of the stanza and the sending of it, there is currently no way to modify it
  16. Asterix faihx: why do you need to add something? I could improve things
  17. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15814:f08b1d429e2a]: remove debug print remove debug print
  18. faihx Asterix, I wanted to modify the otr plugin to add a private element for the carbons.
  19. Asterix ha, indeed that would be nice!
  20. Asterix what could (should) be done, is that we build the stanza, and we generate a new event before it's sent.
  21. faixh Asterix, and that event would allow you to change the stanza? That feels a bit like a workaround to me to have an 'outgoing-message' event and an 'advanced-outgoing-message' event. it might be nicer to already allow stanza editing for the 'outgoing-message' event. Maybe already define an empty nbxmpp.Message in the MessageOutgoingEvent.init and only fill in(to the msg_iq) those things which haven't been filled in already? On the downside it would be possible to both set the MessageOutgointEvent.message and MessageOutgoingEvent.stanza.message then.
  22. faixh my message was too long and was thus uploaded to some pastbin? :D funny.
  23. Asterix the outgoing-message even is here to modify things before the stanza is built. It's easier to modify obj.msg_txt rather than modifying the stanza. I don't think your suggestion will improve things. filling the nbxmpp.Message andsending it is done in the same time
  24. faixh I see. Well then I'm looking forward to the new event ;)
  25. Asterix could you open a ticket in trac so I won't forget to look at that when I'll get time?
  26. faixh yah sure
  27. Asterix thanks
  28. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8150 (Modify message stanzas) created problem It is not possible to modify outgoing message stanzas (i.e. add children to it) via plugin.