Gajim - 2015-09-17

  1. moparisthebest does anyone know if gajim plugins can interact with each other?
  2. arune moparisthebest: in which way?
  3. moparisthebest arune, for example the HttpUploadPlugin (maybe yours? you uploaded screenshot I guess :))
  4. moparisthebest it needs to decrypt .pgp messages for one, and if omemo is implemented as a plugin it'd need to decrypt those as well?
  5. moparisthebest if plugins can't talk to each other, then omemo can't really be implemented as a plugin, right?
  6. tmolitor You ca hook the message send and receive events and change the contents (the gpg or otr plugin does the Same)
  7. tmolitor Arune: big sorry, I didn't have much time to Test your changes, but I will do it today
  8. arune tmolitor: no worries
  9. moparisthebest gpg isn't a plugin it's built into gajim right?
  10. Tobias Asterix, hi
  11. Asterix Hi Tobias
  12. Tobias have you seen the update to jingle file-transfers?
  13. Tobias it show now support the two use cases again that had been removed in an earlier version (request to download a file from a remote party and multiple files)
  14. Asterix yes I saw that. But I still have to re-implement the way Gajim asks for re-sending a file and the file sharing plugin
  15. Tobias are there plans to do that?
  16. Asterix Clearly yes, I'd like to do that. But I changed work and have very few time. But will do that ASAP
  17. Tobias a nice to there's a change to get interoperable file-transfer between Gajim, Conversations and Swift
  18. Asterix Tobias: is it normal that xmlns hasn't changed? it's still urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:file-transfer:4
  19. Asterix it's still compatible with previous 0.16 version maybe?
  20. Tobias Asterix, right..i've also asked Lance a couple weeks back why the version didn't change, and he said it's still compatible...if it turns out its not the case it needs to be increased though
  21. Tobias right
  22. Asterix it seems it's "just" more example and clarifications, but no real protocol changes
  23. Tobias right..clarification on how to do multiple files and how to request files
  24. Tobias using core jingle semantics