Gajim - 2015-09-09

  1. tmolitor arune: nice patch, I didn't test it yet, but I read it...looks promising :)
  2. tmolitor arune: you didn't incorporate a you plan something like that for future updates?
  3. tmolitor arune: the reason I would like to have a cache that much is: when you open a chat window the last messages are loaded from history and if they contain a lot of images they are all downloaded at once (that's not good if you have a slow internet connection like me ;) )...
  4. tmolitor arune: did you contact the original author of the plugin and asked him to include your patches or how are these patches supposed to end in the plugin? If the original author doesn't want to maintain the plugin anymore, I'm willing to take over :)
  5. arune tmolitor: no cache yet, right
  6. arune I do understand the need for it
  7. arune tmolitor: I mailed the original author and he gave me his blessing, I will talk to asterix as soon as he gets back
  8. arune Maybe he can merge the patch or give me repo access, I'm not sure how this works for the plugin repos
  9. whoami hello all! i've been install gajim from deb unstable main. Now i can't access Action-Advanced ... No pop up menu with "xml console", etc...
  10. whoami hmm, "add contact", "view services", "send im message" also does not work (ubutu 14.04)
  11. whoami newer ubuntu packages repo is dead?
  12. arune whoami: same problem here
  13. tmolitor Arune: I can upload the Patch as well if you don't want to wait for Asterix :)
  14. arune tmolitor: great, please take a look at the code when you have time first ☺
  15. whoami arune‎: ok, found ticket
  16. whoami arune: Found workaround of this problem, just start Gajim without global menu as ~$ UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= gajim
  17. whoami see also
  18. arune whoami: thanks!
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7839 (Error opening «Archiving Preferences» windows) updated if I can repro the bug on this server, then yes, please give me an account. You can send it at asterix a T lagaule org