Gajim - 2015-09-07

  1. tmolitor arune: no, I'm not working on it currently...go ahead if you want :) well...ideally all features would be nice ;) but interesting features are: the automatic cache of files and the download/error indication...
  2. tmolitor arune: I think you have less work, if you incorporate your changes into my fork (you can disable this uuid thing I used to mark messages containing only the url and no additional text if you want)
  3. arune tmolitor: aha, that's what the uuid thingy does
  4. arune tmolitor: yesterday I rewrote the actual image preview to use html instead of the eventbox which means the plugin can be used without 0.16.4
  5. arune And I also fixed so that the URL is printed until the image is displayed
  6. arune And some debug/info/error output
  7. aszlig linus: okay, found out the issues with gajim on windows: it's packaged with openssl 0.9.8l, which doesn't support ECDH-* cipher suites with TLS.
  8. mt aszlig:
  9. aszlig mt: thanks
  10. mt azerttyu: np, as a windows user myself i'm hoping for 0.16.4 :)
  11. mt azerttyu: sorry
  12. mt aszlig: np, as a windows user myself i'm hoping for 0.16.4 :)
  13. azerttyu no pb mt :)
  14. azerttyu without windows since long years
  15. tmolitor arune: sounds nice :) if you want me too look at your code before you release it, just send it to me :)
  16. arune tmolitor: I'll probably upload a patch to the issue, would love if someone could take a look before I ask asterix to release it
  17. tmolitor arune: okay, just let me know when you uploaded it
  18. arune Probably this evening
  19. arune Both the uuid and caching looks a bit complex for me though ☺ I'm rather new to py
  20. tmolitor arune: well it is a ugly the callback for special texts you have no way to know wether the current special text (the link) is the only text in the original message you received...thus I had to invent some marking for the link if it was the only text in the message...
  21. arune Yes ☺
  22. arune BTW I may need to test more sending mix of img URL and other text
  23. tmolitor arune: you don't have to use this uuid thingy if you don't want to filter out urls with text around them....
  24. tmolitor arune: my opinion it becomes ugly very quickly if you do so...I think a better option would be 2 plugin for every image and one plugin for httpupload users could decide what they want (a nice display of httpupload file transfers or a plugin to inline images...)
  25. arune tmolitor: I'm gonna browse the Conversations code to see if it's feasible to patch in sending a thumb preview with xhtml
  26. arune I'm maintaining a fork of Conversations for my company (locked to our xmpp server, other colors and icons etc)
  27. Link Mauve Btw, since you are both here, a plugin for poezio to send small images using BoB has been merged.
  28. Link Mauve Once I’m done with the retrieval process, I might add that to Gajim as well.
  29. arune Link Mauve: hmm, that's already in gajim
  30. Link Mauve Oh?
  31. Link Mauve Why wasn’t it usable the last time then?
  32. arune Not in plugin but in gajim itself
  33. arune Ahh, maybe it doesn't use bob
  34. Link Mauve I’ll test that when I’ll be back from work then. :)
  35. Link Mauve If it doesn’t work I might add it soon-ish.
  36. arune I'll also have a look
  37. mathieui bob doesn’t work in gajim right now.
  38. Link Mauve mathieui, there is code for it, but currently used only for CAPTCHA AFAIK.
  39. Link Mauve But this one makes sense to be in Gajim core instead of a plugin.
  40. arune Link Mauve: I accidentally had the image plugin activated, sorry