Gajim - 2015-09-06

  1. arune tmolitor: I'm rewriting the img preview plugin a bit, I hope you're not working on it
  2. arune tmolitor: what features from your fork did you want?
  3. louiz’ When installing the gajim package on fedora, it installs avahi-ui-tools, which also installs tigervnc… Do you know why gajim would need avahi-ui-tools (and what it is)?
  4. louiz’ I want to make a bug report to ask for lighter dependencies, but maybe I’m wrong and this is required… but I doubt it
  5. Link Mauve It doesn’t, it can use Avahi for serverless messaging (174) but no UI is ever required.
  6. louiz’ yeah, that’s what I thought, so that would be “avahi” only right?
  7. louiz’ or python-avahi?
  8. Link Mauve Something like that yeah.
  9. Link Mauve I don’t know the specific naming on Fedora.
  10. Link Mauve On ArchLinux, both python2 and python3 Avahi modules are in the avahi package.
  11. Link Mauve Even the Mono one. :D
  12. Link Mauve avahi-ui-sharp.dll :D
  13. louiz’ ok, the python lib is in avahi-ui-tools…
  14. louiz’ # avahi-bookmarks is not really a UI tool, but I won't create a seperate package for it...
  15. louiz’ looks like an awesome packager
  16. louiz’ (a comment in the avahi.spec file)
  17. Link Mauve :°)
  18. louiz’ For those who care: I offered a patch for the fedora package, this may be fixed soon
  19. louiz’ (well, after this one is fixed, I still need to make the gajim package depend on python-avahi instead of avahi-ui-tools, but well)
  20. Link Mauve louiz’, shouldn’t you do the same for python2?
  21. louiz’ it’s already python 2
  22. louiz’ and there’s no python3 version