Gajim - 2015-09-02

  1. tmolitor asterix: I'm not able to reproduce my private groupchat message issue with a clean profile, very strange...
  2. tmolitor arune: just committed the httpupload plugin to the gajim plugins repo, it's now publicly available :)
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [681:59a52d1e3ca0]: Initial commit of httpupload plugin (version 0.2.8) Initial commit of httpupload plugin (version 0.2.8)
  4. arune tmolitor: yay! Great! I'll try to create a wiki page on the gajim-plugins trac
  5. tmolitor arune: that would be very nice, thanks!!
  6. tmolitor arune: I just reproduced the error you had a few days ago after installing the plugin...
  7. tmolitor arune: I'll fix it later and push a new update...
  8. arune tmolitor: which error was that? ☺
  9. tmolitor you installed the plugin and wanted to send a file and got a bt or an error message saying httpuploads aren't possible with your server (which one happened depends on the plugin version you were using)...
  10. tmolitor asterix: I just discovered a bug in the plugin installer when installing a plugin from a zip 02.09.2015 07:30:10 (D) gajim.plugin_system HttpuploadPlugin.init() <entered> 02.09.2015 07:30:10 (D) gajim.plugin_system HttpuploadPlugin.init() <left> 02.09.2015 07:30:10 (D) gajim.plugin_system GajimPlugin.__init__() <left> Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 1488, in on_dialog_response self.response_ok[0](dialog, *self.response_ok[1:]) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 4861, in on_ok callback(path_to_file) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/plugins/", line 305, in _try_install plugin.activatable], self.get_plugin_icon(plugin)) TypeError: GtkListStore.append() takes at most 1 argument (2 given)
  11. arune tmolitor: I don't recall I had such error 😕
  12. arune Should the plugin be available in the plugin manager already or what needs to be done?
  13. tmolitor arune: I think so, asterix told me the changes would be immediately visible to all users after a hg push...
  14. tmolitor arune: but maybe I'm missing something...
  15. linus Morning!
  16. linus Are the tests for gajim supposed to work in both python 2 and 3?
  17. arune tmolitor, hm, I can't find the plugin through the plugin manager
  18. linus Actually, it looks to me like gajim itself is python3-only.
  19. linus In any case, the tests won't run. It seems to be trying to get the modules as an attribute of the package rather than importing them. Traceback (most recent call last): File "test/", line 56, in <module> suite = unittest.defaultTestLoader.loadTestsFromName(mod) File "/usr/lib/python3.4/unittest/", line 125, in loadTestsFromName parent, obj = obj, getattr(obj, part) AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'test_protocol_caps'
  20. linus OK, adding an import of all of the modules to the package's fixed it. There are some more issues though. Do the tests work for everyone else here?
  21. tmolitor arune: you are right, I can't find it, too :(
  22. arune tmolitor, either we figure out how plugin manager works or we wait for the boss
  23. arune linus: what are the tests for?
  24. linus they're just the unit and integration tests that come with gajim
  25. arune linus: OK, I didn't know they existed
  26. linus Hehe OK
  27. linus Is asterix BDFL?
  28. arune BDFL?
  29. arune asterix is normally around evenings
  30. linus Benevolent dictator-for-life
  31. arune asterix, I filled in and pressed preview and got an error: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'query'
  32. arune now all my text is gone :/
  33. arune asterix, creating the page worked so I will update it if I can remember what I wrote, but please create the Component for being able to report bugs on the httpupload plugin
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  36. aszlig good morning
  37. aszlig switched my server deployment yesterday and now it seems that some users cannot connect with gajim anymore
  38. aszlig so while i'm using gajim on nixos, it's quite easy to debug but what are the ways to debug it on windows? i mean if i'm in cmd it doesn't even write anything to stdout
  39. aszlig
  40. aszlig that's the xml log
  41. aszlig it seems to try auth even though starttls is required
  42. aszlig the system is win7-sp1 with gajim 1.16.3
  43. linus aszlig, it looks like the server isn't handling the STARTTLS command correctly.
  44. aszlig if there was a <starttls/> from the client
  45. aszlig i'm using the very same server but with gajim 1.16.3 on nixos
  46. linus aszlig: sorry I misread the XML log
  47. linus aszlig, and this works for you but not for some other users?
  48. aszlig yep, on my system, the client properly does a starttls before sending the auth
  49. aszlig but on that win7 system it seems to try auth without starttls first
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  51. linus aszlig, then the other users might not have python-openssl and/or python-asn1 installed
  52. aszlig shouldn't that be the case for the windows installer package?
  53. mt btw, the certificate for expired in 2012
  54. aszlig okay, help -> features shows that ssl support is available
  55. linus SSL support, or SSL certificate validation?
  56. aszlig the latter
  57. aszlig the former isn't listed anywhere
  58. linus in that case, I don't know, sorry
  59. aszlig hmmm...
  60. aszlig i guess the problem could be that the server is advertising auth mechanisms even before starttls
  61. aszlig but why the heck does it work on my system then? O_o
  62. linus it is?
  63. aszlig seems so
  64. linus doesn't look like it to me. And it is marked as required
  65. aszlig well, it does advertise auth mechanisms when i test with netcat
  66. aszlig but somehow my gajim doesn't have a problem with it but the one on windows seem to have
  67. aszlig hm, according to RFC3920 it seems to be correct behaviour
  68. linus the server's, yes, as far as I can understand
  69. linus gajim's, no :)
  70. aszlig hmhm, but the old server did not advertize mechs before <starttls/> so i guess this could be really the problem
  71. linus but it would still be gajim's behaviour that doesn't comply with the spec
  72. aszlig well, it does however on my system... which is the odd thing about it
  73. aszlig okay, another user using gnu/linux is able to connect as well
  74. linus just complete guesswork here, but you could try debugging it running gajim in wine
  75. linus see if you can reproduce it that way, and then try running it in a debugger or something
  76. aszlig good idea...
  77. aszlig my guess would be that it bundles an old version of nbxmpp
  78. linus Can anyone tell me what the "nb"s in quite a few of the module names mean?
  79. Link Mauve linus, non-blocking.
  80. linus oh, I see! thanks
  81. Link Mauve The original python-xmpp was sleeping until the iq answer got received, which is absolutely terrible.
  82. Link Mauve Also, python-nbxmpp has lived in gajim’s repository for a long time, it has been split in order to be usable by others.
  83. tmolitor arune: thanks for creating the wiki pages! :)
  84. arune tmolitor, I'm working on an update now that I have a few minutes :)
  85. tmolitor arune: nice
  86. arune tmolitor, updated, please let me know if I should change something, add something
  87. arune or update yourself if you rather do that :)
  88. arune tmolitor, plugins are downloaded from
  89. arune .org
  90. arune tmolitor, hmmm, it's here:
  91. aszlig linus: okay, tried it with wine and the same problem does arise...
  92. arune tmolitor, can you fix "homepage" in manifest.ini?
  93. arune tmolitor, I actually debugged the plugin installer now and it seems like it cant find homepage in manifest.ini
  94. arune this is where it fails on httpupload: if 'name' not in opts or 'version' not in opts or \ 'description' not in opts or 'authors' not in opts or \ 'homepage' not in opts: continue
  95. arune tmolitor, seems like most plugins write authors = ... homepage = ...
  96. arune instead of using :
  97. arune well, not the Image plugin, so that should not be it I guess
  98. arune AHA, the manifest.ini committed to hg does not have homepage field :)
  99. arune tmolitor, add it and the plugin will be available in the installer :)
  100. arune tmolitor, also maybe this file can be removed?
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  102. arune sorry, that's just me