Gajim - 2015-09-01

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  4. Keitaro hi there
  5. Keitaro How do I get gajim to use my proxy (using proxy65 from prosody) ?
  6. Keitaro the thing is : I disabled the checkbox use proxy because gajim try to connect to random proxy and I don't want that. Only my own proxy on my domain ?
  7. vorner Keitaro: Go to advanced configuration manager, search for „proxies“ and there's a list of the ones it tries. Specify only yours and then check the checkbox again.
  8. Keitaro vorner, ok ty I'll try that
  9. Keitaro too bad it's not automatic from the service discovery :P
  10. Keitaro should I specify the port too ?
  11. vorner Many servers don't have the proxies or the proxies are not working, so this way it is more reliable
  12. Keitaro like proxyadress:port ?
  13. vorner no, you specify the jabber address
  14. vorner it'll ask it for the port
  15. Keitaro ok
  16. Keitaro I'll reconnect to check.. be back
  17. mt but gajim has some sort of proxy detection ? because i can see it picking up my proxy
  18. mt but the transfers without hard coding the proxy fail for me, hard
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  21. linus Hi, I'm trying to debug some interoperability issues with another client, and was wondering what exactly goes in the XML input textbox on the XML console? I see there are buttons for IQ etc, what exactly do they do?
  22. linus Oh right, maybe clicking it would have been useful :) I see that it's just a template thing
  23. Link Mauve linus, this is some standard XMPP, you can read the RFCs and the XEPs you are interested in, or ask away if you are looking for something specific.
  24. linus I was just wondering how to use the XML input thing and what the IQ/Presence/Message buttons were for, I've understood now. It just wasn't obvious that they were template buttons
  25. Link Mauve ^^
  26. linus Am I making a silly typo here? abort: repository ​ not found!
  27. linus command being hg clone ​
  28. linus OK, I don't understand it. I retyped the command and it worked. There must have been an invisible character there or something.
  29. linus So I've made some minor changes to nbxmpp to get the tests working in py3k, how should I go about submitting a patch?
  30. Asterix ha nice! thanks for that
  31. Asterix opening a ticket on the trac is a good way to do that
  32. linus and how do I get the contents including metadata of the patch? I've done an hg commit, but I'm used to git so I don't know how to get a patch from that :)
  33. Asterix hg export
  34. linus ah right, thanks
  35. linus and there it is
  36. Asterix ha ... there is a trac for nbxmpp:
  37. linus oh, there is? then why is there the nbxmppy component on gajim's trac?
  38. Asterix it was when the lib was not separate ...
  39. Asterix now hard to remove this component because of the already opened tickets
  40. linus ah right
  41. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8143 (Fix tests on py3k) created Also add checks to keep the code working without GLib. • test-py3k.patch attached to Ticket #8143 Patch
  42. linus oh, we have a bot for that too? OK. Anyway, submitted the patch on nbxmpp
  43. Asterix perfect, thanks!
  44. Asterix hmm test don't pass under py3 ...
  45. Asterix AssertionError: '<iq [37 chars]rror type="cancel" code="501"><feature-not-imp[223 chars]/iq>' != '<iq [37 chars]rror code="501" type="cancel"><feature-not-imp[223 chars]/iq>'
  46. Asterix attributes are not in the same order ...
  47. Asterix changing the order in the string make it pass. Don't you have the same problem?
  48. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8143 (Fix tests on py3k) closed invalid: submited on the ​correct trac