Gajim - 2015-08-31

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8138 (Gajim asks for password for anonymous accounts) updated This server doesn't support anonymous auth. But we should show a specific error.
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15808:8bac9f87935e]: show error message when we try to connect anonymously[…] • Ticket #8138 (Gajim asks for password for anonymous accounts) closed fixed: In 8bac9f87935e865ad594cd696b37a3daa[…]
  3. louiz’ isn’t Last Message Correction implemented in 0.16.3?
  4. louiz’ oh yes, using ctrl+arrows. But we can only see the previous message, not the whole history
  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8092 (Overrides ~/.config/gajim/config symlink) updated My use case is that I use GNU stow to keep my dotfiles together and versioned. Apart from that the user should always be able to symlink all he wants.
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8140 (Gajim crashes while connecting to server when MAM history is recieved) updated The problem is actually related to archive elements that don't contain a body element. ​ If I remove line 8 from the archive gajim works as expected. Testing involved two instances of poezio (latest git version). The first m[…]
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8056 (Error on Private chat) updated I am looking for a way to reliably reproduce it but so far it seems pretty haphazard on when it happens. Today one of my users got it, doing nothing more than sending a pm.
  8. mmlosh I just tried the PGP feature.. seems I yet again chose a bad version. There isn't any proper error message, just this for anything I try to send error while sending <my message> ( )
  9. Link Mauve mmlosh, which version?
  10. mmlosh Installed: 0.16-1
  11. Link Mauve Yeah, upgrade to the latest one.
  12. Link Mauve 0.16.3 is the latest one.
  13. mmlosh (*buntu 15.04 stock)
  14. Link Mauve I find it amazing how both Ubuntu and Debian find it somehow acceptable to ship known broken software…
  15. mmlosh well, does debian really transition it to stable?
  16. Link Mauve I don’t really know their process, aside from it’s very complicated.
  17. mmlosh I thought it's only the problem of ubuntu, where they expect every package in a 6 mo old snapshot of debian testing to stabilize or something like that
  18. mmlosh still, not as bad as the rushed abiword3 or more recently plasma 5 inclusions
  19. mmlosh I didn't write to say it's brokne, but mostly to say I was surprised there was not a tiniest error message
  20. Link Mauve This was fixed in 0.16.1 IIRC.
  21. mmlosh doof.. now I tried Rclick->Block no Niemand in hope of silencing its chat status spam
  22. mmlosh and now I was told taht privacy list remove had failed
  23. mmlosh I assume it was actually addition of that list that failed?
  24. mmlosh what do you think? I would find it a bit odd for privacy lists to work for MUCs (at least on this tiny server I'm using)
  25. Link Mauve mmlosh, hmm, I don’t remember much about it.
  26. mmlosh the kf5 fiasko is even worse it seems. They nuked support for tray icons
  27. Link Mauve I don’t use privacy lists, my server doesn’t even support it anymore.
  28. Link Mauve Hey, that’s a good thing. ^^
  29. mmlosh it is? Now I can't switch keyboard layouts using mouse....
  30. Link Mauve They probably have an indicator replacing it.
  31. mmlosh cause it seems they didn't port even their own siwtcher
  32. Link Mauve The old Xembed way was terrible.
  33. mmlosh hmm
  34. mmlosh perhaps If I had a single app that used the new way...
  35. Link Mauve There is a plugin for Gajim, AFAIK.
  36. Link Mauve Look in the plugin manager.
  37. mmlosh seems to be the first item in the list
  38. mmlosh if it needs a plugin, I guess it's far more complicated than the terrible way?
  39. Link Mauve No, it just means nobody has tried to integrate it in Gajim itself.
  40. Zash Are we talking privacy lists vs blocking command?
  41. Link Mauve Zash, is blocking command working in MUC?
  42. mmlosh it appeared to work for me
  43. Link Mauve Also, has Asterix gotten past his misconception that more complicated meant more useful? ^^
  44. mmlosh hmm.. a random blog post says that the gtk/qt should convert xembed icons to appindicator automatically
  45. Zash Link Mauve: You can block MUC jids, however there's this issue
  46. mmlosh Again a surprise from the ubuntu side. Usually they tend to ship bogus/optional dependencies in Depends instead of missing anything.
  47. mmlosh Description of libapplidicator says "A library and indicator to take menus from applications and place them in the panel." Are you sure that's the one taking care of the icons? I think that decapitated applications gave me a good reason for not installing it then.
  48. mmlosh thanks for the hints, though
  49. Zash May I interest you in Xubuntu? :)
  50. mmlosh how do you think I figured out the icons are just not shown by kde
  51. mmlosh by running xfce4-panel along kde :)
  52. Zash May I interest you in switching to plain Debian? ;)
  53. mmlosh I remember also running plasma5 with xfwm instead of kwin :P
  54. Link Mauve mmlosh, I never heard about this menu-in-panel thing.
  55. Link Mauve Have you tried the plugin though? I think it was just adding an indicator to newer panels like KDE’s or Ubuntu’s.
  56. mmlosh I think the latest version offers an option to have "menus docked with the applications they belong to" and they marketed it as a great new feature :X
  57. mmlosh In fact I have not tried it
  58. mmlosh there are far more tray icons missing when I think about it
  59. mmlosh all owned by dead-simple apps which don't break when things around integrate
  60. mmlosh back on topic - how is gajim's PGP anyway? Is that encryption-only, or it signs too?
  61. Link Mauve I really hope those will move on, because it’s a pain.
  62. mmlosh debugging chain failures of integrated stuff without those dead simple apps is a pain
  63. mmlosh I think most of them would be gtk2, so it's just a matter of getting that one to work
  64. Link Mauve Hmm, better port them to gtk3, imo.
  65. mmlosh why?
  66. Link Mauve And I totally forgot to read your previous question; PGP in Gajim only encrypts the body of messages (so you can’t have e.g. formatting), and also signs presences (and messages? I’m not sure anymore).
  67. Link Mauve Because nobody is working on gtk2 anymore, it’s on life support.
  68. mmlosh I had enough broken apps with qt3->qt4->qt5 "upgrades". Quite deadly pace they chose If anyone would ask me. I am really glad it works differently with gtk.