Gajim - 2015-08-26

  1. tmolitor arune: I uploaded the new plugin version to our well known location...
  2. tmolitor arune: please add builtins and __builtin__ into the ignore list and test it...
  3. arune Will do, sleep time now, good night
  4. arune Nice work!
  5. tmolitor arune: good night, sleep well :)
  6. tmolitor thanks!
  7. arune tmolitor, IT WORKS! great work, even conversations displays the image, I guess this is because the raw url is detected
  8. arune bug when sending in a MUC: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/arune/.local/share/gajim/plugins/httpupload/", line 250, in upload_complete if not self.chat_control.gpg_is_active and self.dialog_type == 'image' and is_image: AttributeError: 'GroupchatControl' object has no attribute 'gpg_is_active'
  9. arune even if I remove the check for gpg there is still something not working in a muc, seems like the picture is first displayed in gajim when I send the next message
  10. arune tmolitor, maybe we could add a config dialog where you can set the thumbnail size, maybe allow upp to 300?
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  13. tmolitor Arune: okay, a config Dialog would be nice, yoa ca add ohne if you want :)
  14. tmolitor Arune: i don't understand what you mean...what is happening in a muc?
  15. arune tmolitor: I select share image, then chose file, klick send/whatever
  16. arune But nothing is sent until I write a normal message and send that
  17. arune Then both the image and the message are sent
  18. Keitaro Is there a way to force gajim to use a specific language ?
  19. Link Mauve Keitaro, export LANG=language_COUNTRY.UTF-8 in your environment before starting it.
  20. Link Mauve Like for exactly any other program.
  21. Keitaro ty for your answer, I'll do that to fix my issue :)
  22. Keitaro now, about the "like for exactly any other program", that's not true.... every other program have listbox
  23. Keitaro gajim is really not user friendly :) no offense, just expressing my point of view and I respect all the work done on it, it's a great client under the hood (the best imho)
  24. Keitaro having to set local var is something very few users can do....
  25. Link Mauve Usually their desktop environment does it for them.
  26. Keitaro that's true
  27. Zash With a select box
  28. Link Mauve Also, users usually don’t want to set the language for a single program, and instead set it for their entire computer.
  29. Zash so every single application don't have to
  30. Link Mauve Or at least, session.
  31. Keitaro but is in my case, under ubuntu 14.04, the whole system is in french, but gajim is in english...
  32. Keitaro I saw this behavior on 2 different ubuntu computers
  33. Zash Sounds like you don't have frensh translations then
  34. Link Mauve Have you installed it correctly, from a package?
  35. Link Mauve Or are you running it from a clone, without having compiled the locales?
  36. Keitaro not from a package (ubuntu PPA is wayyy outdated, like 2011) so I had to get the source and compile it yeah
  37. Link Mauve And now you are talking about user-friendliness? :p
  38. Link Mauve But there is a Debian repository you can use.
  39. Link Mauve AFAIK it works on Ubuntu as well.
  40. Link Mauve You likely forgot to install the compiled locales where Gajim would find them, btw.
  41. Link Mauve A make install would fix that, probably.
  42. Keitaro I did a make install of course
  43. Keitaro let me check the INSTALL or README to see what they say about compiling language files...
  44. Keitaro tar jxvf gajim-version.tar.bz2 cd gajim ./configure make (builds translations) su -c make install
  45. Keitaro so that's what I did :/
  46. tmolitor arune: that's strange, I'll look into it...
  47. tmolitor arune: did you get the muc log of the conversations chatroom?
  48. tmolitor arune: I can reproduce your muc problem...strange thing...
  49. tmolitor arune: if I don't send the xhtml (only the normal text), the message is sent immediately...
  50. tmolitor arune, asterix: I think I know what is the problem here: messages sent via chat_control.send_message() can only be ~16384 bytes in size, if they are bigger, the second portion of the data is sent, wenn the next message to the server is sent (can be a whitespace keepalive or a xmpp ping)...
  51. tmolitor arune, asterix: I think this is a bug in gajim or even in nbxmpp...
  52. tmolitor arune: if you wait some time, your image is sent, even if you don't send another message...
  53. arune tmolitor: the src should be a bob according
  54. arune Also see
  55. arune The XHTML specification allows a "data:" URL RFC 2397 [22] as the value of the 'src' attribute. This is NOT RECOMMENDED for use in XHTML-IM, because it can significantly increase the size of the message stanza and XMPP is not optimized for large stanzas. If the image data is small (less than 8 kilobytes), clients MAY use Bits of Binary (XEP-0231) [23] in coordination with XHTML-IM; if the image data is large, the value of the 'src' SHOULD be a pointer to an externally available file for the image (or the sender SHOULD use a dedicated file transfer method such as In-Band Bytestreams (XEP-0047) [24] or SOCKS5 Bytestreams (XEP-0065) [25]).
  56. arune tmolitor, conversations log:
  57. arune but sending from gajim TO conversations still works okay
  58. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8137 (demandimport ignore for using PIL/Pillow [PATCH attached]) created problem Unable to use PIL/Pillow in a Gajim plugin. A traceback is displayed. analysis Gajim demandimport fails for some imports in PIL/Pillow. enhancement recommendation Add the imprts to the demandimport ignore list.
  59. arune asterix, are more changes needed to being able to use PIL/Pillow in a plugin?
  60. arune like some dependency list or something
  61. tmolitor arune: when asterix comes online again, I'll get commit access to the repo, I I'll upload the httpupload plugin then :)
  62. arune great
  63. arune but did you see what I wrote about sending the image src-data?
  64. tmolitor yes, I saw it...but I think bob support is just too complicated...
  65. tmolitor or does gajim have bob support already?
  66. Link Mauve It does.
  67. Link Mauve Only wired for CAPTCHA for now, AFAIK.
  68. tmolitor arune: okay...then: how can I use it?
  69. arune isn't it used by some other send-image also?
  70. Zash Isn't BOB the most trivial of file transfer schemes?
  71. tmolitor no, the image plugin uses data: urls to send images....
  72. tmolitor zash: maybe, but my time is limited :/
  73. arune tmolitor, which image plugin do you mean?
  74. arune aha, that one
  75. arune haha, we could always check the file size of the thumb and make it smaller in decrements until it fits :)
  76. arune tmolitor, and change to jpg?
  77. tmolitor arune: that's exactly what I'm doing now :D
  78. tmolitor arune: I just changed to JPEG and wrote some loop to adjust the quality...
  79. arune haha
  80. arune there's some code about bob in src/common/
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  82. arune get_bob_data but I guess that is for downloading the bob
  83. tmolitor I need something to publish bob data, not download it...
  84. Zash bob has the benefit / complexity of being optional to download
  85. tmolitor zash: embedding a small enough picture in xhtml-im doesn't even need any download...
  86. Zash tmolitor: But then you can't not download it
  87. Zash A mobile client can't delay fetching it until the user actually picks their phone out of their pocket
  88. tmolitor zash: that's right...but it is only a thumbnail smaller than 8kb...
  89. Link Mauve A console client will still receive the data, even though it’s very unlikely they will do anything with it.
  90. Link Mauve tmolitor, 8kb is a lot already.
  91. tmolitor Link Mauve, that's right, but anybody can send you large stanzas that your console client doesn't use...that's a problem of your client...there are a lot more stanzas your client will probably ignore...
  92. Zash 8KiB base64 encoded is ~10kb
  93. Link Mauve tmolitor, well, this isn’t a reason to force it on everyone.
  94. Link Mauve I file bug reports to clients that don’t play nice.
  95. Link Mauve And sending big images to client that have not asked for it is a very bad practice.
  96. Zash And it's not much in the spirit of XMPP to blindly send large blobs of data without at least advertising support for receiving it
  97. tmolitor zash: no, I measure the size after base64 encoding...
  98. tmolitor but maybe 1kb of data is enough for a small thumbnail...
  99. tmolitor I'll test it...
  100. Zash Also, servers may have stanza size limits.
  101. Link Mauve tmolitor, this isn’t a good way, period.
  102. Link Mauve BoB is one, proper file transfer as well.
  103. Zash Tho a proper file transfer for a thumbnail might be overkill
  104. Link Mauve Of course.
  105. arune tmolitor: small thums are rather useless
  106. Zash Wouldn't big thumbnails be an oxymoron
  107. tmolitor arune: and big ones can't be transferred properly :/
  108. arune I'm not at the computer more tonight but I can investigate more the bob support
  109. tmolitor if using bob is more than trivial I don't have the time to do this (at least for the next couple of weeks)...
  110. tmolitor arune: that would be very kind of you :)
  111. arune We might be able to fix that later
  112. tmolitor yeah...
  113. arune tmolitor: the image plugin uses src-data and send images below 40k(?)
  114. tmolitor arune: yes...
  115. Zash Surely you can get acceptable thumbnails in 1Kib or less
  116. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8123 (GnuPG-encrypted messages doesnt saved on server correctly) updated since 0.16.2, Gajim don't ask to server to not store GPG encrypted messages. See #7616
  117. Asterix tmolitor: ping?
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  119. Asterix is it me or is this guy not very pleasant?:
  120. arune Asterix: to early to tell
  121. arune Need more data
  122. arune It's closed so let it go
  123. arune Asterix: I'll test the ignore-thing in the plugin, thanks!
  124. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8137 (demandimport ignore for using PIL/Pillow [PATCH attached]) updated Status changed Could you append those modules to demandimport.ignore in the plugin itself before importing PIL? Gajim itself don't use PIL. Hard to guess all modules that will be used by plugins … from common import demandimport demandimport.enable() demandimport.ignore += ['builtins', '__builtin__']
  125. Asterix arune: nice, tell me if that works
  126. arune Asterix, on windows, will PIL be available for the plugin?
  127. Asterix only if I package it. I already package goocanvas for the whiteboard plugin for ex, so why not PIL
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  129. Asterix arune: and the plugin can have a self.activatable variable that can be False if PIL is missing for example
  130. arune yes, or don't send the xhtml-im with the thumbnail
  131. Asterix yes right
  132. arune but I guess for windows it would be really nice to have it in gajim already
  133. arune Asterix, it worked adding to the ignore-list in the plugin, thanks, I will close the issue
  134. arune I cannot close maybe?
  135. tmolitor asterix, arune: I did the self activatable stuff in the plugin already...if there is no pil sthe xhtml thumbnail would not be send...
  136. Asterix arune: done
  137. arune tmolitor, great!
  138. arune Asterix, should I open an issue about adding PIL to the windows package?
  139. Asterix no, I'll try to think about it, and if I don't , the ticket won't help
  140. Asterix bt I'm not sure to add it for 0.16 branch. Now I'm working on defalt GTK3 branch
  141. Asterix will try. Are you able to test a windows installer to see if my package work?
  142. Link Mauve Imo it makes more sense to go forward to the 0.17 branch.
  143. Asterix 0.17 branch? what's that?
  144. arune Asterix, yes
  145. Link Mauve Asterix, I mean default.
  146. arune tmolitor, did you fix the gpg-thing aswell?
  147. Asterix arune: ok when I'll built it, I'll give you an installer to test then
  148. arune Asterix, great!
  149. Asterix Link Mauve: yes but it's not for tomorow ...
  150. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8133 (Gajim fails to start on fresh configuration) updated I'd still like to fix the problem by also deleting the cache.db and create a new one(anyway the data in it can't be ok as they refer to the logs.db ids). But I cannot reproduce the bug, are you able to? • Ticket #8137 (demandimport ignore for using PIL/Pillow [PATCH attached]) closed worksforme
  151. Link Mauve So you are going to make yet another major release with gtk2 and so on, before then?
  152. Asterix no, 0.16.4, then I hope it'll be 1.0 (default)
  153. Link Mauve Ok.
  154. arune tmolitor, in upload_complete the variable mime_type is used, but it's not set in that function an is not global?
  155. arune also the uploader function uses it?
  156. Asterix Link Mauve: do you know what's the current way to know if system is configured to use single click instead of double click?
  157. Link Mauve I have no idea.
  158. Link Mauve AFAIK this isn’t a system settings, but an application setting.
  159. Link Mauve Or maybe a DE one, at most.
  160. Link Mauve I could ask around at work tomorrow if you want.
  161. Asterix why not
  162. Link Mauve (GNOME devs.)
  163. Asterix else I'll just remove completly the feture
  164. Asterix else I'll just remove completly the feature
  165. Link Mauve I think it’s the best thing to do.
  166. Asterix if it has been implemented it's because one day a user asks for it, so why not keep it ...
  167. Link Mauve Which reminds me I still haven’t tested Gajim on GTK+ 3.18, where getting the screen physical size should actually work.
  168. Asterix if there is a DE option for that
  169. Link Mauve Well, it will always be at most DE-specific.
  170. Asterix better that nothing ...
  171. Link Mauve You could keep the setting of the single/double click, but remove the desktop integration.
  172. Link Mauve Far, far away, in the ACE.
  173. Asterix :)
  174. Asterix yes ..
  175. Asterix I'll think about it while sleeping. GN
  176. Link Mauve \o_
  177. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8123 (GnuPG-encrypted messages doesnt saved on server correctly) updated You ​no longer set the tag, which means you now allow those messages to be carbon-copied. But you still ​set the hint, which tells the server not to store them.