Gajim - 2015-08-25

  1. tmolitor Link Mauve, arune: I wanted to implement some thumbnail creation for the httpupload module...but using PIL fails with this BT: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/thilo/.local/share/gajim/plugins/httpupload/", line 250, in upload_complete thumb = File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/PIL/", line 2288, in open fp =, "rb") File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 86, in __getattribute__ self._load() File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 58, in _load mod = _origimport(head, globals, locals) ImportError: No module named builtins
  2. tmolitor why is this happening?? is there an alternative for PIL?
  3. johnny tmolitor: isn't master all python 3?
  4. johnny why are you using python 2.7 ?
  5. johnny File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/PIL/", line 2288, in open
  6. johnny and in python 3.0 i think you should use pillow .. unless i have that backwards
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  8. çαsтяo www reg
  9. çαsтяo Test
  10. mt hello, is there an option to enable mam in gajim ?
  11. mt or do i have to enable it in the server config ?
  12. pep. mt, I think it's in the advanced options configuration
  13. mt pep., any idea what the setting is called ?
  14. mt pep., the only thing i found was mam_last_id, havent found anything wirth archive
  15. pep. It's in your account settings iirc, in the advanced stuff. Sorry I don't have gajim installed here
  16. mt pep., could it be save conversation logs for all contacts ?
  17. mt That doesnt seem to be enough
  18. mt The prosody wiki and the logs suggest this has to be enabled per user
  19. mt However i cant find anything in the ui
  20. arune tmolitor, I've not that familiar with python or PIL
  21. Keitaro hi, when connecting to my account, each time, it fills the log with entries like this :
  22. Keitaro Aug 25 14:55:01 s2sout9d54f0 info Out of connection options, can't connect to Aug 25 14:55:01 s2sout9d54f0 info Sending error replies for 1 queued stanzas because of failed outgoing connection to
  23. Keitaro and other with and
  24. Keitaro it seems to do it only when connecting with gajim
  25. Keitaro any idea how to avoid this ?
  26. vorner AFAIK gajim queries some known proxy components. And your server fails to connect to them for some reason.
  27. Keitaro I think it fails because I don't have TLS activated for s2s
  28. Keitaro but, how can I stop gajim to do that ?
  29. vorner I'm not sure, but I'd try looking into the advanced configuration editor and search for proxy. Maybe there's a list.
  30. Keitaro Good idea indeed. I tried but no list there
  31. Keitaro it must be hardcoded then
  32. vorner I just looked it up. It is named file_transfer_proxies.
  33. Keitaro haaaaaaaargh.... I looked with the string "proxy" haha xD
  34. Keitaro I'll try to put test_ft_proxies_on_startup to false
  35. Keitaro I hope it won't cause problem if I setup a proxy on my domain
  36. Keitaro ty for the help anyway
  37. vorner You're welcome
  38. tmolitor johnny: I'm using debian (jessie) and python 2.x is still the default there (although python 3.x is available too)
  39. Link Mauve tmolitor, Gajim’s 0.16 branch is python2-only, but the next version will be python3-only.
  40. tmolitor Link Mauve, ah okay...thanks for that info, so I'm doing nothing wrong here :)
  41. Link Mauve tmolitor, it will be harder to change if you don’t plan forward.
  42. tmolitor yeah of course, but I didn't use any python2 specific functions (at least to my knowledge)
  43. tmolitor Link Mauve, but why is pip not working here?
  44. Link Mauve No idea, I don’t use pip much.
  45. tmolitor well, okay....does anyone have an idea how to create thumbnail images in python?
  46. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8125 (Enable TLS 1.2 and update ciphers suites on windows) updated If I change "tls_version" to "1.2" i'm unable to connect.
  47. arune tmolitor: seems PIL and or pillow is the thing to use
  48. tmolitor arune: well, why is it not working on my laptop then?
  49. tmolitor arune: could you test my code? maybe it is working for you...
  50. tmolitor arune: I uploaded the new version to our well known location...
  51. arune Thx
  52. tmolitor Link Mauve, we discussed usage of xhtml-im for sending images...but what if I want to send other files? it would be nice to display a download button for this files as well (and to display some progressbar while downloading the files) for this task some "download plugin" would be needed anyway...
  53. Link Mauve Having a progress bar would make sense in core Gajim, I think.
  54. tmolitor maybe, but that is definitely something not solvable via xhtml-im...
  55. Link Mauve Why that?
  56. Link Mauve You have <a/> for that.
  57. Link Mauve It tells you “this is a link”.
  58. tmolitor how would you display some progressbar while downloading a file using xhtml-im?
  59. tmolitor yeah, but it would be nicer to have something say, this is a download...
  60. Zash Download as opposed to what?
  61. tmolitor but sayd you wouldn't use a image preview plugin because of privacy issues...but using xhtml-im would be potentially dangerous, because the xhtml-im could have embedded ressources automatically downloaded when displaying this message..
  62. Link Mauve Zash, :D
  63. tmolitor Zash, as opposed to a simple link
  64. Link Mauve My thoughts exactly.
  65. arune tmolitor, does the plugin download images itself yet? (should I disable the image preview plugin?)
  66. Link Mauve tmolitor, just to be sure, I don’t use Gajim nor plan to.
  67. Link Mauve I’m just a contributor, not an user (anymore).
  68. Link Mauve I just want a good client to suggest to other people. :)
  69. tmolitor Link Mauve, and why not? would be interesting to know :)
  70. Link Mauve tmolitor, because poezio is miles better. :p
  71. Link Mauve Gajim becomes quite unusable with a hundred of rooms open.
  72. tmolitor arune: what do you mean? of course the image gets downloaded in the current plugin you modified...but it is not saved to disk and only displayed...
  73. tmolitor arune: but downloading some image leaks your ip...
  74. arune tmolitor, sure, not a problem for my use case though
  75. arune tmolitor, but I think you said you'll merge your modifications to the image preview plugin with the httpupload plugin, right?
  76. tmolitor arune: I know, for me neither...
  77. tmolitor arune: no! I wrote some modifications of the image preview plugin myself around the same time as you made your modifications...
  78. tmolitor and I'll merge this two...
  79. arune aha
  80. arune then I misunderstood, but I guess you'll ping me when that is done and I can update the issue with both our works?
  81. tmolitor arune: yes, of course :) that's the plan :)
  82. arune (Y)
  83. arune did you have a progressbar for image downloads?
  84. arune tmolitor, I was thinking about adding a config option to remove the old "Send file" button
  85. arune but I want to check with asterix if he would merge such "feature"
  86. 0xAFFE one could transform the image preview plugin into a general preview plugin using oembed or opengraph
  87. Zash You could extend a proxy65 component to also work as a generic HTTP proxy to fetch resources
  88. Link Mauve You could instead use a component exposing HTTP files over Jingle FT.
  89. arune tmolitor, traceback: 08/25/2015 19:32:51 (E) gajim.plugin_system xhtml: True, image: True Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/arune/.local/share/gajim/plugins/httpupload/", line 251, in upload_complete thumb = File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/PIL/", line 2237, in open fp =, "rb") File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 86, in __getattribute__ self._load() File "/usr/share/gajim/src/common/", line 58, in _load mod = _origimport(head, globals, locals) ImportError: No module named builtins
  90. arune doesn't seems to be any xhtml in mucs in gajim?
  91. Link Mauve arune, you don’t see colors here?
  92. 0xAFFE yay, colors :)
  93. 0xAFFE colors?
  94. arune ok, but there's no Send image button in mucs and tmolitor prints xhtml=false for mucs
  95. arune
  96. arune tmolitor, I've tested the example which works:
  97. arune Link Mauve, acording to one should not use data: as the src attibute in img (xhtml) but instead use bits of binary
  98. tmolitor arune: can you test my code, too? maybe you spot the differences between your test code and my code...
  99. arune is that what you were suggesting earlier? (I'm figuring out what to request conversations implement)
  100. arune tmolitor, I've tested your code, didn't I send a traceback?
  101. arune ‎[07:33:38 PM] ‎arune‎: tmolitor, traceback:
  102. tmolitor arune: yeah, I thought about removing the old button, too
  103. arune (aha, your reading the log)
  104. tmolitor arune: yes, exactly the same pil error as I what's the difference between your test code and my code? :)
  105. tmolitor (yes, that's the reason I missed your bt first)
  106. arune tmolitor, I think it's Gajim that is doing something wierd, its the exact same code
  107. 0xAFFE tmolitor, have you published your file upload plugin somewhere?
  108. tmolitor arune: well, that's bad...maybe asterix has a solution...
  109. tmolitor 0xAFFE: no, not yet...when asterix is back I'll upload it to the repo...but I can send you a "preview" per email if you want :)
  110. tmolitor arune: what do you mean I'm setting xhtml=false?
  111. tmolitor arune: "ok, but there's no Send image button in mucs and tmolitor prints xhtml=false for mucs"
  112. tmolitor arune: there should be a send image button in mucs (at least my gajim has one using my httpupload plugin)
  113. arune tmolitor, when I send an image in a muc I get this in the log "xhtml: False, image: True", so the function to detect XHTML-IM doesn't work well for mucs
  114. tmolitor I'm using version 0.1 of the plugin...
  115. tmolitor arune: ah okay...that's interesting...
  116. tmolitor arune: misunderstood you first...
  117. arune I guess mucs supports XHTML-IM but the function doesn't work for us
  118. arune maybe there is something similar for mucs instead of contacts
  119. tmolitor arune: yeah...I'll ask asterix when he is back...
  120. tmolitor I put a try except block around the pil code (should be done anyway, in case someone has no PIL/PILLOW installed)...
  121. tmolitor 0xAFFE: I sent you an email :)
  122. arune Does asterix package such deps for windows?
  123. tmolitor I don't know, I'm using linux for 10 years now :D
  124. Link Mauve arune, of course, using data: leads to suffering for everyone.
  125. Link Mauve 231 is pretty sexy, but not for huge images like yours.
  126. Link Mauve I was thinking about introducing a new cid: schema that would point to a Jingle FT file, I think that would be very useful.
  127. Asterix tmolitor: MUC don't have to support XHTML-IM. All clients in the room have too.
  128. Asterix for PIL, maybe it's because of demandimport
  129. arune Asterix: already up and running!
  130. arune Link Mauve: I guess we make thumbs before sending them and just using them as previews with link to the original url
  131. Link Mauve Seems sane.
  132. Asterix try to add Image in the demandimport ignore list in src/
  133. Link Mauve You make a thumbnail, you put it as BoB in the XHTML-IM with <a href="original-image"><img src="cid:…" alt="thumbnail"/></a>, and when the user clicks on the image/link you do your detection thingy and enlarge it?
  134. johnny gajim seems to only send me notification on the first message received from a person on the default branch. anybody else see that?
  135. johnny i'm using one window mode btw
  136. Asterix it's the same in 0.16. Gajim don't notify when chat window is opened
  137. johnny hmm.. i guess i never noticed because i had the keyboard led plugin installed and was relying on that
  138. johnny but that's not yet available on default
  139. Asterix johnny: yes, because version of gajim in defalt branch should be 0.16.10. this way plugin installer will detect the new version and will make you upgrade to correct version of plugins.
  140. Asterix Try setting 0.16.10 in src/common/
  141. johnny is there any reason why gajim is that way? though? I'd prefer to be able to use notifications if possible
  142. johnny i remember pidgin had some nice settings for notifications
  143. Asterix with triggers plugins you can configure things as you want
  144. Asterix inmy mind, tab opened = you follow the conversation. So no need to be notified ...
  145. johnny but if i have the window not showing.. because I"m working
  146. johnny and then someone messages me in the same conversation.. i never see it
  147. johnny i do that all the time
  148. johnny i usually leave the chat window open all the time
  149. Asterix the icon in statusbar is blinking
  150. johnny that doesn't work on GNOME 3
  151. Asterix how are other client doing then? only notification popups
  152. Asterix ?
  153. johnny yep..
  154. johnny afaik anyways
  155. johnny empathy even has an option to respond to the message from the notification
  156. johnny so you can type quick responses
  157. johnny it's not good for longer ones, because the input box is tiny
  158. johnny but it's stillcool
  159. arune Link Mauve: when url is clicked it's opened in the browser I guess
  160. Link Mauve arune, is it what makes sense, for an image?
  161. Asterix ok. I'd really miss the status icon to see new messages!
  162. johnny there's a tiny tray in the lower left hand corner for legacy tray icons but i usually keep it closed
  163. johnny because it's cover up the input box in irc clients, chats, etc
  164. arune tmolitor, Asterix so for a muc we just send the XHTML and some clients will get the preview and some will get the alt
  165. johnny i'm trying to find the page that mentions the redesign of the what to do about tray icons
  166. johnny i do know that someone even built a skype gnome extension so that it would provide proper notifications
  167. johnny so in that case.. should making gajim use notifications more so, really be a plugin?
  168. johnny since it won't work out of the box well with GNOME at all
  169. Nathan johnny: there's a GNOME extension for Gajim notifications, it more or less works
  170. johnny more or less?
  171. Nathan It crashes and doesn't show the contact name if they haven't set one themselves, can't reply to MUC notifications (but you can't do that with Empathy either)
  172. Nathan But generally it works well enough to have it enabled
  173. johnny I guess that will do for now.. assuming it does notify me of messages received
  174. johnny anybody else having trouble joining mucs from default branch?
  175. johnny it just seems to hang a lot of the time
  176. johnny oh Asterix is there any plan to port from gconf to gsettings ?
  177. Asterix hmm why do we use gconf ?
  178. johnny i don't know.. but I know it gets imported
  179. Asterix time to sleep, good night
  180. Link Mauve I just sent an email to standards@, if anyone wants to add something you can read it here:
  181. Link Mauve It’s about extending XHTML-IM for audio and video and content type negociation.
  182. Link Mauve Asterix, gconf was used by gtk2, IIRC.
  183. Link Mauve With the gtk3 port it will probably not be used anymore.
  184. Asterix we use it to get default font client = GConf.Client.get_default() value = client.get_string("/desktop/gnome/interface/font_name")
  185. Link Mauve Which hasn’t been used since the GNOME 2.x era. :D
  186. Asterix and to get click policy client = GConf.Client.get_default() click_policy = client.get_string( '/apps/nautilus/preferences/click_policy') if click_policy == 'single':
  187. Link Mauve Ditto.
  188. Asterix so if we ca find the correct methode to do that now, then we can remove the gconf usage
  189. Link Mauve This is already never used but when people are using GNOME 2.x, or have leftovers from it.
  190. Link Mauve So it is never used.
  191. Link Mauve You can safely remove that dead code.
  192. johnny now I'm in gajim again
  193. johnny i was uisng swift
  194. arune tmolitor, asterix, I added Image to the demandimport ignorelist but it did not help, I get the same error
  195. arune tmolitor, you should follow the discussion in the conversations muc about how to send image previews, they just dismissed XHTML-IM
  196. Link Mauve arune, XHTML-IM is still the best solution in this case, fyi.
  197. Link Mauve OOB isn’t implemented by any client I know of, XHTML-IM by all of them.
  198. arune both tmolitor and myself are intereseted in a solution that works for gajim and conversations
  199. arune I agree sending the image thumb through XHTML-IM is a good idea
  200. tmolitor arune: I'm reading the logs right now...
  201. arune What was my last message in this muc? It seems I'm loosing messages but don't know if I don't send them or my other client don't receive them
  202. Holger 23:12 <== <arune> I agree sending the image thumb through XHTML-IM is a good idea
  203. arune tmolitor: do you have a client in the Conversations muc?
  204. arune Holger: thx, then Conversations is loosing messages
  205. tmolitor Link Mauve, I agree with made a good point in you mail to the standards list...
  206. tmolitor arune: no, I don't have a client there....what did the say?
  207. tmolitor arune: I'm up to date now ;)
  208. arune I'll send you the logs when I get back to my computer ☺
  209. arune I guess we may need more investigation on this demandimport
  210. tmolitor arune: okay, thanks! :)
  211. tmolitor arune: yes, it seems to be the root cause for this issue...
  212. tmolitor arune: how did you modify the demandimport ignore list?
  213. arune Just added: , 'Image'
  214. tmolitor maybe PIL.Image is the right one...
  215. tmolitor arune: wait a moment..I have an idea :)
  216. arune I tested PIL.Image as well ☺
  217. tmolitor the code in the Image class states:
  218. tmolitor try: import builtins except ImportError: import __builtin__ builtins = __builtin__
  219. tmolitor so maybe we should put builtins and __builtin__ into the ignore list...
  220. tmolitor yeah! that did it :)
  221. tmolitor and there is a bug in the httpupload plugin...I renamed the image variable but forgot some places...
  222. tmolitor arune: how can we detect if we are in a muc?
  223. tmolitor pil is now working as expected :)
  224. arune Great!!
  225. arune Maybe don't check if XHTML is supported and send it anyway
  226. arune I mean even for a contact in your roster he could have several clients where some support, some don't
  227. tmolitor arune: yes...and the alt text includes the image link anyway...that's a good point...I'll change that :9