Gajim - 2015-08-24

  1. johnny s
  2. arune tmolitor: yeah I really miss picture preview now, I need to have a separate Nautilus window for selecting image now
  3. arune I also think I should improve the URL image preview plugin to show the URL until the image has been downloaded and displayed
  4. johnny my problem getting notifications after the first one :(
  5. arune tmolitor: or should the progressbar also be shown for downloading images?
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7824 (Jingle File Transfer Compatibility) updated I can confirm this DOESN'T work for me: Sending an image from Gajim to Conversations, I get a download button in Conversations but once clicked, the download remains at 0% forever. Here's all the traffic I saw from the Gajim sender's side. Strangely enough, there was no additional message […] • Ticket #7824 (Jingle File Transfer Compatib[]
  7. tmolitor arune: okay, I'll implement a second button for picture uploads :)
  8. tmolitor arune: yes, a download indication would be cool...I modified the image preview plugin some time ago and my modification included a download indication (just some text) and some other improvements (you version also has a bug when the server returns a 404 error or something else instead of the image)....
  9. tmolitor arune: I'll merge our two plugins :)
  10. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8135 ([RFE] Show file transfer requests in chat window) created It would be nice for file transfer to show up as informational lines within the chat window/log related to the corresponding user. The "J@… wants to send you a file" dialog could be advantageously replaced by a line or a widget in the chat window, and perhaps later on re-replaced by a thumbnail and/or a link to the downloaded file. This does not, h[…]
  11. arune tmolitor: fail how? The head req or download
  12. tmolitor arune: I don't know exactly...the top of my chat window (where the messages with older links are, that have been deleted from the server) contains only garbage: all text is missing, only the links are there and some special text like *lol* and the line breaks are broken too...
  13. tmolitor and some other bug (which seems to be related to this one is a BT I get at line 152: iter_ = buffer_.get_iter_at_mark(mark) buffer is None and this call obviously fails because of this...
  14. tmolitor arune: but you don't need to fix this...I think my version of the plugin already dealt with such errors and I'm merging the two versions the bug should be gone then :) (I hope so)...
  15. arune Ok ok
  16. tmolitor arune: I added a second button for image uploads...
  17. tmolitor the new plugin version is uploaded to our well known url...
  18. arune tmolitor: excellent, did you merge the image preview plugin?
  19. tmolitor arune: no, not yet...I'm starting now...
  20. tmolitor arune: my version of the image preview plugin has a cache mechanism to cache downloaded images...
  21. tmolitor arune: but the handling of incoming images is different than in the original version...
  22. tmolitor I wanted to make sure shat images or download links/buttons (I wanted to replace the links by download buttons later) are only displayed when the message received only contained the http link to the data and nothing more and that messages containing links between normal text are not altered...
  23. tmolitor even if the link points to an image...
  24. arune Why not display the image if there is other text? Like "look at this cool image: <URL>"
  25. Nathan How would you align it?
  26. tmolitor well, I think if the preview of the image is larger than a few pixels the text around it becomes difficult to read...
  27. tmolitor yes, as nathan says...
  28. tmolitor and, well...having the preview small enought to blend well with the surounding text would make it nearly useless, because it would be to small to see anything...
  29. Nathan Hm, maybe you could always put the image below any text that may be there (and leave the link or at least something that indicates where the image is located in the text where it is)
  30. Nathan I think that's how it works in Facebook messages
  31. tmolitor messages containing only one link to the contrary don't have such issues...and I wanted to make the image preview plugin as a accompanying plugin for the httpupload plugin...and to leave everything as is (the httpupload plugin or conversations sends files by sending a message containing only the link to the file)...
  32. Link Mauve tmolitor, Nathan, arune, Gajim already handles image placement through XHTML-IM.
  33. Link Mauve Imo you should wait for Conversations to fix their stuff to use it properly, and send them properly as well.
  34. Link Mauve That way you won’t need any plugin to display images.
  35. arune Link Mauve: there is no one working on this for conversations, there isn't even an issue
  36. tmolitor Nathan: that could be done and would improve the situation slightly...but the gui extension point the plugin currently uses gives you only the text of the link and not the complete message...
  37. Link Mauve I told iNPUTmice about it the other day, maybe someone should open a bug report indeed.
  38. arune Xhtml-im works in mucs?
  39. Link Mauve Sure.
  40. tmolitor Link Mauve, a bug report would be very good...besides that, I'll update the httpupload plugin to also send xhtml-im messages...should be done in a few minutes I think...
  41. Link Mauve See that. :p
  42. tmolitor Link Mauve, could you please provide me with a complete example for sending just one image?
  43. tmolitor I don't see anything :/
  44. arune tmolitor: sure messages without text don't have this issue but the usability sucks "why is that image displayed previewed but not this?"
  45. tmolitor oh sorry...please send one again...
  46. tmolitor I happened to turn off xhtml :D
  47. Link Mauve Your client doesn’t support XHTML-IM, click on that link instead:
  48. Link Mauve (This is a random image from my website.)
  49. Link Mauve I sent this stanza: <message to="" type="groupchat"><body>Your client doesn’t support XHTML-IM, click on that link instead:</body><html xmlns=''><body xmlns=''>tmolitor, see here: <img src="" alt="An image" title="Hello world"/></body></html></message>
  50. tmolitor arune: well, I don't think so...if the link is inside the text the user pasted it there and when doing so I would assume my text to be displayed on the other side as I typed it in...the single link in a message is most often a file transfer...and as such I click on some ion to transfer the file and don't type things in...
  51. tmolitor Link Mauve, thanks!
  52. tmolitor Link Mauve, I updated the httpupload plugin accordingly...
  53. Link Mauve Great. :)
  54. tmolitor Link Mauve, thanks for mentioning this :)
  55. Link Mauve If you have a filename or something like that it might be worth putting it in the alt attribute.
  56. Link Mauve tmolitor, so now you can probably drop the displaying plugin. :)
  57. Link Mauve Well, after Conversations gets fixed.
  58. Nathan But if you just send a link with Gajim it still won't display so either something in Gajim needs to detect regular image links, or the image preview plugin is still required
  59. Nathan *display in Gajim
  60. Link Mauve Nathan, it makes way more sense to do the detection on the sending side, if you want to do that.
  61. Nathan Link Mauve yes, but Conversations and Gajim are not the only clients out there, and I think there are far more that don't implement XHTML-IM than those that do
  62. Link Mauve I don’t think so.
  63. Nathan Of course ideally all those clients should work on fixing that, but that's just not going to happen
  64. tmolitor Link Mauve, it would be nice to have the httpupload plugin create a small (~40kb) image out of the big one to send it as preview...
  65. Link Mauve Mcabber and jabber-el are the only two I know of that don’t support it.
  66. Nathan At least all Telepathy-based stuff doesn't support it
  67. Link Mauve tmolitor, <picture/> isn’t part of the XHTML-IM subset. :(
  68. Link Mauve Nathan, huh, really?
  69. Link Mauve Not even Empathy?
  70. Nathan At least I wouldn't know where to find it in Empathy
  71. Nathan Can't check right now because I borked my pc
  72. Link Mauve Ok.
  73. tmolitor Link Mauve, well, I could use some python image lib to create a preview thumbnail on the fly and send it as embedded img as the image plugin does...
  74. tmolitor Link Mauve, but xhtml won't fix the caching would be very nice to have the images/files autodownloaded from trusted contacts and/or servers...
  75. tmolitor I like having my received files on disk for later reference and I don't want to manually download every file I receive...
  76. Zash Server provided HTTP proxy?
  77. tmolitor * I would rather call it "download issue than "caching issue"...
  78. tmolitor Zash, what?
  79. arune tmolitor, or Link Mauve:care to create an issue for conversations?
  80. Link Mauve arune, I’m still at work, maybe later.
  81. arune Excellent 👌
  82. tmolitor arune, what exactly? :)
  83. tmolitor arune, oh sorry, I missed Link Mauve's message...
  84. arune tmolitor: XHTML for conversations
  85. tmolitor yes, I got it right after is send my stupid question :D
  86. tmolitor would be nice if Link Mauve could create an issue for that...
  87. arune :)
  88. Link Mauve Err, please don’t hl me every two second, I’m working.
  89. tmolitor sorry...
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