Gajim - 2015-08-23

  1. ralf I am trying to launch the current gajim from the 0.16 branch in hg, but that doesn't seem to work. I am getting this: . am I doing something wrong?
  2. Link Mauve ralf, I guess one of your sqlite files is broken.
  3. ralf not sure how that happened, I used to use stable gajim until like a year ago, and now tried the development version... but the interesting question is how to fix it ;-) . I already tried eleting the logs.db in ~/.local/share/gajim, to no avail
  4. Link Mauve Then this might be a legit bug.
  5. Link Mauve src/common/ does create this table.
  6. Link Mauve Oh and obviously src/common/
  7. Link Mauve Maybe check if that table actually exists in your log file?
  8. ralf there's more logging than what I see on the console?
  9. Link Mauve This part is logging of XMPP messages into the database.
  10. Link Mauve The logs.db one.
  11. Link Mauve So you can search your history, etc.
  12. ralf is there any place for gajim config besides ~/.local/sahre/gajim and ~/.config/gajim ?
  13. ralf I deleted both of these, the error persists. looks like a bug to me^^
  14. Link Mauve Did they get recreated?
  15. ralf the folders? yes
  16. ralf btw, what's the status of the gtk3 port? which branch should I check for that? also, is there a python3 port planned/going on?
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  18. Link Mauve ralf, it’s the default branch.
  19. Link Mauve It does work, but avahi support tracebacks.
  20. 1-2-3 testing, testing. Testing cross server message from an android device originating @
  21. Link Mauve It’s a port to python3, gtk3, gobject-introspection, gstreamer 1.x, farstream 0.2… Everything good. :)
  22. Link Mauve, test passed!
  23. Thank you! :)
  24. Link Mauve ralf, also, it happens to work (nearly) perfectly on Wayland.
  25. Link Mauve I only spotted one crashing bug that will be fixed in GTK+ 3.18, and a wrong stacking order for multiple windows.
  26. Link Mauve The latter I still haven’t reported.
  27. ralf Link Mauve: oh wow, all the ports at once^^
  28. ralf once I got the 0.16 branch to work, I'll also try master ;-) . I suppose meta-contacts are still disabled, though?
  29. Link Mauve I don’t know.
  30. ralf yeah, the comment "# FIXME: disable metacontacts until they work correctly" is still around. bummer, metacontacts are also broken in gtk2 for me (well, drag'n'drop is), thtat'd be a large reason to use the gtk3 port instead ;-)
  31. ralf where do I get nbxmpp for python3?
  32. Link Mauve It’s the same codebase, just build it with `python3`. :)
  33. Link Mauve In ArchLinux it’s available as python-nbxmpp.
  34. ralf oh, pip3 just finds it. cool :D
  35. ralf eh, I told it not to store my password, and next thing it does is asking for my login keyring...^^
  36. Link Mauve Have you solved the sqlite bug?
  37. Ralf It doesnt occur with gtk3
  38. Link Mauve Interesting.
  39. Link Mauve Asterix is moving home currently, he won’t be back before a few days.
  40. Link Mauve So better report your issue on the trac.
  41. ralf I did
  42. ralf and I got to go, see you
  43. Link Mauve Great. :)
  44. Link Mauve Bye ralf. \o_
  45. ralf see you
  46. arune what xeps does openmailbox support?
  47. arune:
  48. arune: tried to send you a screenshot. Didn't work of course...
  49. arune only if you have the HttpUploadComponent
  50. arune mail me runeson gmail
  51. File sent
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  53. I really don't get this yet. Some conversations / contacts on other servers seems to be "echoed" while others are not?
  54. Depending on what sever I'm connected to, some conferences / conversations are unavailable. Example: through "" I can reach this group chat but not through "". Do the server operator need to configure participating in some sort of "Jabber network"?
  55. (still a Jabber Virgin)
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  57. tmolitor arune: the httpupload plugin is ready now :)
  58. tmolitor arune: I updated the download file...same url as the last one :)
  59. tmolitor 0xAFFE: your http upload component works as expected and my httpupload plugin is able to upload files to your server, thanks for installing the component!!
  60. tmolitor how do I get repository write access to upload my httpupload plugin? do I have to do something special?
  61. arune tmolitor: great! Got urllib2 working and a progressbar?
  62. arune tmolitor: I think we need help from asterix or one of the other devs to upload the plugin. Maybe mathieui? ☺
  63. mathieui I’m not a gajim dev, sorry
  64. tmolitor yes...I don't know what was wrong with urllib2...I din't change anything there but now it seems to work for me, too...
  65. tmolitor arune: yes, the progressbar is working :)
  66. tmolitor well okay...then we have to wait for asterix to return, I guess...
  67. tmolitor arune: let me know when you tested the nwe version
  68. arune Someone called dicson can also help asterix said yesterday
  69. arune Not around though
  70. tmolitor we have to wait then...
  71. tmolitor arune: did you look at my other website, too?
  72. arune Eithysoft? then yes
  73. tmolitor
  74. arune 👌
  75. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8133 (Gajim fails to start on fresh configuration) updated Try to also remove ~/.cache/gajim
  76. tmolitor Arune: so you speak german?
  77. arune tmolitor: very little, my mother's parents are from Germany (or were) but moved to Sweden after WWII, but Google translate...
  78. tmolitor Arune: Ah okay :)
  79. 0xAFFE anyone has some free time and might want to write a plugin for converstions new encryption scheme using ? :)
  80. Link Mauve Ugh, python2…
  81. arune 0xAFFE, I think andy (the GSoC-dev) wanted to implement OMEMO for a desktop client, couldn't decide which though
  82. 0xAFFE maybe I should point him in the right direction ;-)
  83. arune tmolitor, I've tested some more now, works like a charm, with the image preview plugin it really good
  84. arune 0xAFFE, I did :)
  85. 0xAFFE cool :)
  86. arune or tried
  87. arune not sure he was convinced :)
  88. 0xAFFE maybe I should write him a mail to create a demand :D
  89. tmolitor Arune: nice to hear!!
  90. arune tmolitor, really awesome work!
  91. arune one bug maybe
  92. arune after I restarted Gajim the first image sent to a muc seems like it gets lost
  93. arune I'm logged in at the same time with Conversations and the first image sent there is not shown at all
  94. arune oh, that might not be your plugins fault
  95. arune it's the same if I just send some random text to that muc
  96. arune but only on my own server, not in this muc...
  97. arune so disregard that
  98. arune tmolitor, regarding carbons and gajim notifications, first step maybe is to not notify in gajim for your own messages
  99. tmolitor arune: why exactly? there is an event for incoming messages...carbons included...I would simply check if the incoming stanza belongs to some chat which triggered the notification (previously recorded in a dictionary when the notification was started) and stop that notification (using the notification handle provided by the dictionary)...
  100. tmolitor arune: for the httpupload you think it would be nice to have a second button to upload a picture (you would have a picture preview in the file dialog then)...