Gajim - 2015-08-22

  1. tmolitor arune: nice to hear! :)
  2. arune tmolitor: great work in short time! I'm impressed
  3. tmolitor arune: file too big: I imposed an arbitrary maximum filesize of 256 MB for this plgin and the server has its own max filesize (usually much lower I think)...
  4. tmolitor arune: thanks! :)
  5. arune tmolitor: the file was a few kB, the same file worked later, strange
  6. tmolitor arune: thats strange and should be considered a bug...if you can reprodusce it, let me knwo...
  7. arune I'll test more yes
  8. tmolitor arune: yes, I'm also into avrs...I build an haus automation system for shutters with an html5 mobile web interface using a raspberry pi and some avrs lately :)
  9. arune some home automation with avrs and CAN network
  10. tmolitor the muc button...well...there seem to be two distinct gui extensions points for single user and multi user chat windows....I'll look into it...
  11. arune Should it work in mucs currently?
  12. tmolitor yes, of shouldn't matter how many people can download the file after upload...
  13. arune So there something different with my mucs as the button is not visible?
  14. tmolitor no, there are different gui extension points for mucs and single user I only activated it for single user chats (didn't think of multi user chats while coding)...
  15. tmolitor give me some time and I'll correct it :)
  16. arune Aha ☺
  17. arune I'll review the code later also and give feedback if I can understand it ☺
  18. tmolitor arune: thanks, that would be cool :)
  19. tmolitor arune: you're right, there is no upload button in the muc chat window....but I don't know which gui extension point to use...
  20. tmolitor asterix: I currently use the gui extension point "chat_control_base_update_toolbar" to display an upload button for http single user chats this works like a charm, but in mucs this button won't there another gui extension point for mucs I have to use?
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8100 (Use Libpeas (GObject Plugin System)) updated Gajim has already had its own plugin system since 0.14, I don’t think switching to another would add anything there. Moreover, the Pidgin devs went for gplugin due to shortcomings in libpeas.
  22. Asterix tmolitor: no it's supossed to work. Now I don't think anybody has tried to add a button in MUC ... So it's maybe a problem in Gajim
  23. Asterix I'll have a look
  24. Asterix arune: ho you play with Atmel µC? nice. I use them a lot too
  25. Asterix tmolitor: you have to add the button in the chat_control_base gui extension point. The one you use is called when the toolbar is updated (when contacts logs out / in for ex) to grey / un grey some buttons
  26. Asterix you can look at the quick reply plugin, their button is shown in both MUC and normal chat
  27. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8100 (Use Libpeas (GObject Plugin System)) closed wontfix
  28. Link Mauve Thanks. :)
  29. Zash Hey, any progress towards Jingle FT :4 yet?
  30. mathieui Zash, not since yesterday, probably :p
  31. Zash Didn't see anyone respond to that?
  32. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8132 (Attract more end-users to Gajim (marketing)) created problem Gajim does not appear to be a name that rings good amongst end users and is not easy to remember. Website does not look modern. enhancement recommendation Change product name. Use a website generator to get a website that would impress end-users. Here are two website generators[…]
  33. Asterix Zash: no, as we need to rewrite things in Gajim for re-asking the file and rewrite the file sharing plugin completly
  34. Asterix Zash: and for MAM, if you have a suggestion to not download the entire archive? maybe a user want it completly, maybe not, Gajim can't guess
  35. Zash Asterix: I've had MAM enabled since about the first module for prosody was written. It takes *a while* to download, during which Gajim pops up lots of windows and is generally unresponsive.
  36. Asterix windows about the archives that are downloaded?
  37. Asterix I think we should disable those
  38. Asterix but as released prosody still doesn't have mam, I never tested it unfortunatly
  39. Zash It's been in the 3rd party repo since forever. It'll be included in the next major release.
  40. Asterix it requires prosody 0.11, which is not released
  41. Zash 0.10*
  42. Asterix yes
  43. Asterix but still not released
  44. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8132 (Attract more end-users to Gajim (marketing)) closed wontfix: Gajim will stay Gajim. If you have patches for website, please show us.
  45. Zash You don't want to test agaist pre-release versions?
  46. Asterix indeed I'd prefer not using not released version on It's hard enough to maintain all the services that runs I don't want to update prosody everyday because it fixes a bug. I don't really have time for that
  47. tmolitor asterix: thank you, I used the image plugin as a base for my plugin and this plugin used the wrong gui extension point (at least for my plugin)...
  48. tmolitor asterix: cool I'm using avrs a lot, too (okay...not THAT lot, but sometimes)
  49. tmolitor arune: could you design a window showing a progress bar and a cancel button for me? you designed the image preview settings window, if I'm right....
  50. tmolitor I want to use this window to display the file upload progress...
  51. Asterix from september I'll work for a company and will work on a card with a SAM4
  52. Asterix tmolitor: image plugin use both gui extension points
  53. Asterix but there is a: if not isinstance(control, chat_control.ChatControl): return
  54. Asterix to not display the button in MUC
  55. tmolitor ah, sounds nice :) but I only used the 8 bit avr µC from atmel (atmegaxx and so on)...but programming µC is very interesting....
  56. tmolitor asterix: oh, I missed that i suppose :D
  57. Asterix tmolitor: yes I use ATMega too. I built a quadcopter with one of them for ex
  58. tmolitor nice!! :)
  59. tmolitor if I had enough time I would have done my own quadcopter, too :)
  60. tmolitor asterix: yes...after removing this isinstance(...) line the buttons is also shown in mucs :)
  61. Asterix too easy :)
  62. tmolitor yeah :D
  63. tmolitor now the plugin only needs some window to show the upload progress and thats it :)
  64. tmolitor minus this strange urllib2 https issue...
  65. Asterix it also needs a 0.16.4 release ...
  66. Asterix (and a GTK3 port to use it with gtk3 version of Gajim :) )
  67. tmolitor (yes, okay)
  68. tmolitor well, that would come at least in a few weeks I think, right?
  69. Asterix yes
  70. tmolitor perfect :)
  71. tmolitor and the image preview plugin needs a few tweaks to make the usability better...
  72. tmolitor I will try to code that thing about notification cancelation I suggested earlier...would be nice to have that in 0.16.4 also...
  73. Asterix yep. I don't use carbons myself, so never faced this issue
  74. tmolitor asterix: do you know the point in code where the notification is stopped when viewing the new message?
  75. tmolitor carbons are pretty cool if you use multiple devices...
  76. Asterix there is no way currently to associate a notification with a message id or something like that
  77. tmolitor and it would be nice to update the chat window if it is open and new messages are loaded via mam...
  78. Asterix good luck with that ... :)
  79. tmolitor well that can be build...a simple list of notification reasons would be enough...when the chat inquestion (which received the carbons) is the only reason, then the notification can be canceled....
  80. tmolitor thanks :)
  81. Asterix yes of course all is alwas doable :)
  82. Asterix I
  83. Asterix ll be offline for some days (moving to a new place) so you have time to do that ;)
  84. arune Asterix: mostly home automation see
  85. arune tmolitor: haha, I edited the config window, not designed ☺☺
  86. arune tmolitor: but I found a gui program for that, can see if I can make it or at least give you the name
  87. Asterix arune: I automated my shutter with a RPi
  88. Asterix arune: use glade
  89. arune Does tmolitor plugin need 0.16.4?
  90. arune Yeah, glade was it! (I'm on mobile)
  91. arune Who should we bug with questions while you're moving? mathieui maybe?
  92. Asterix hmm no. Dicson can help you if he has time
  93. Asterix tmolitor's plugin don't need 0.16.4 right
  94. arune (But the image preview plugin would love some .4)
  95. arune Asterix: good luck with the move
  96. arune tmolitor: is there a progressbar for regular file transfers?
  97. Asterix yes
  98. Asterix in filetransfer windows
  99. Nathan The image preview plugin shouldn't be a plugin at all really, just standard functionality (maybe with an option in the settings to disable it for people who take some strange pleasure in clicking on links). Of course it should only work for contacts in your roster. I think this is how Conversations does it as well.
  100. arune tmolitor: use the same progressbar?
  101. Link Mauve Nathan, this feature is already present in Gajim, I don’t think such a hack should even exist tbh.
  102. Link Mauve XMPP has XHTML-IM for a reason, it adds the semantics “this is an image”, “this is a clickable link”.
  103. Link Mauve (Imo nowadays it’d be sensible to add <video/> and <audio/> as well.)
  104. Link Mauve Stuffing a random link in the body of a message and expecting every client to guess what it is is nasty.
  105. Link Mauve So I’d say Conversations is the one that should be fixed to use proper XHTML-IM to be compatible with other clients.
  106. Nathan Do you mean sending an image via file transfer? I think we all know how well that works.
  107. Link Mauve Nathan, don’t they use HTTP?
  108. Link Mauve Gajim does support HTTP images in <img/> XHTML-IM tags.
  109. Link Mauve Without any plugin.
  110. Nathan Sending a link is compatible with everything and it's up to the client to display it inline or not.
  111. Nathan Oh, how do you do that?
  112. Link Mauve Too bad, your client doesn’t support XHTML-IM, you can’t see this image, click that link instead:
  113. Link Mauve Have you got it?
  114. Nathan I think just the fact that I didn't know that was possible after using Gajim for about half a year already proves my point
  115. Nathan Ah, I'm using Conversations now but will check on desktop in a minute
  116. Link Mauve I sent this stanza btw: <message to="" type="groupchat"><body>Too bad, your client doesn’t support XHTML-IM, you can’t see this image, click that link instead:</body><html xmlns=''><body xmlns=''><img src="" alt="An image" title="Hello world"/></body></html></message>
  117. Link Mauve Nathan, you never read XEP-0071?
  118. Link Mauve It’s pretty widely supported.
  119. Nathan Could you send it again? Just started up Gajim
  120. Nathan I don't think an end user should be expected to do that
  121. Link Mauve Too bad, your client doesn’t support XHTML-IM, you can’t see this image, click that link instead:
  122. Link Mauve Yep, works fine in Gajim.
  123. Link Mauve And will leak all of the Gajim users of this room to me. :p
  124. Link Mauve *IP
  125. Link Mauve Nathan, ah, certainly not.
  126. Link Mauve But a client dev should.
  127. Nathan It does seem to work, although the image is tiny. How do you do it though?
  128. Link Mauve I wrote the stanza just above.
  129. Link Mauve Being tiny is normal, I linked a random thumbnail from my website:
  130. Link Mauve If I post the bigger version y’all will DDoS my server. ^^'
  131. Nathan Oh, so there isn't a button or something where you can insert the link?
  132. Link Mauve I don’t have that in poezio, no.
  133. Link Mauve Would be very easy to add though.
  134. Nathan Hm
  135. louiz’ easy to add a button in poezio? I doubt it :p
  136. Nathan Still, all that is required for the way it works in Conversations (and in other, proprietary messengers) is to just copy paste the link to the image in the message box. Everything else seems to me to make it needlessly complicated.
  137. Link Mauve louiz’, command, that’s the same thing. :p
  138. Link Mauve Nathan, having semantics in the message you send is a *good* thing.
  139. Link Mauve You could stuff random crap in the message, but in the end all clients would have to cope with it.
  140. Link Mauve message’s body*
  141. Link Mauve While if the sending client makes the effort to properly use the correct tags, every receiving client will work properly.
  142. Link Mauve And the sending client here already knows this is an image they are sending.
  143. Link Mauve Asterix, when I want to close Gajim (the gtk3 version), I have to press ^Q two times, the first time will disconnect my account, the second one will actually quit.
  144. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8112 (Conversations MUC image support) updated There is now a plugin for doing the httpupload. It's still in development so stay tuned for more info.
  145. arune tmolitor: do you have a new version with support for MUC for me to test? ☺
  146. arune Link Mauve: you don't think the head-req version is an improvement over the current image preview plugin for gajim?
  147. Link Mauve arune, I wouldn’t use it anyway, so the point is moot. :p
  148. Link Mauve I don’t know how it used to work, either.
  149. arune Ok, it downloaded every file who's url-extension was jpg, gif etc
  150. Link Mauve Eww.
  151. Link Mauve That’s *so* terrible. /o\
  152. Zash Someone link to an infinite jpeg image!
  153. arune Well, there was a limit of 2MB in gajim, that has been made configurable now in the plugin
  154. tmolitor asterix: good luck with your move!!!
  155. tmolitor arune: oh okay :D would be nice if you tryed it :) (or at least give me the the name of that program)
  156. tmolitor arune: yes, regular file transfers have a progress bar in a separate window...
  157. tmolitor arune: it looks exactly like I want my bar to be...
  158. arune tmolitor: can't you use it?
  159. arune tmolitor: glade is the program
  160. tmolitor arune: glade, okay...I'll try it later
  161. tmolitor arune: yes the new httpupload version supports muc chats as well and does the upload in a background thread (the ui freezes when you send big files in version 0.1.1)...
  162. arune nice!
  163. tmolitor arune: I updated the zip file on my server to the new version :)
  164. arune 👌
  165. tmolitor arune: yes, the only thing left now is the progressbar and this nasty urllib2 bug...
  166. tmolitor arune: can you reproduce this bug at your side, too?
  167. arune The file too big? I'll try!
  168. arune watching inputmice on now
  169. Holger It seems like Gajim sets the <no-permanent-storage/> hint for PGP-encrypted messages, so they aren't stored in MAM?
  170. Holger (and it looks like 'msgenc' is True for the PGP case).
  171. Zash Let me tell you about the large pile of encrypted messages I have in my MAM store. ESessions tho.
  172. Holger I guess everyone tries hard to make sure those you don't want are archived and those you do want are not.
  173. Holger The <no-permanent-store/> vs. <no-permanent-storage/> hint confusion also helps with that goal.
  174. Zash Yes, Gajim did the opposite of what our mod_mam did. :|
  175. Link Mauve What is the final name of the hint?
  176. Zash "store" is the correct one iirc
  177. Holger I guess the final solution is to have the server accept both.
  178. Zash no(-permanent)-storage is only used once each
  179. Holger It's used as the section heading names, though:
  180. Holger While the #anchor to that section uses -store :-)
  181. Holger Initially I went for no-storage in my mod_mam (I just read section titles!), hence Gajim was fine and the other clients were not.
  182. Holger Anyway, setting <no-permanent-storage/> for PGP messages is not necessarily what you'd want, is it?
  183. tmolitor arune: no, I mean another bug: when I try to use an upload server with https instead of http and the file is larger than an few KB the upload nevercompletes and using wireshark I see gajim opens several https connections in parallel and closes them after a few KB are transfered....
  184. arune tmolitor: hmm, I do use HTTPS
  185. arune And it worked for me
  186. tmolitor arune: strange...even for bigger files? (several MB)
  187. arune I only tried a small one, can try the second version now with muc more
  188. tmolitor small ones work, but bigger files didn't work for me...70KB seems to be too big already...
  189. tmolitor at leas for me...could you try files bigger than 4 MB?
  190. arune 102kB was the only one it tested
  191. arune I'd try when I'm at the computer
  192. 0xAFFE tmolitor, tim here :)
  193. 0xAFFE tmolitor, I'll setup the component tommorow morning
  194. tmolitor 0xAFFE: nice to hear!! :)
  195. Asterix Holger: #7616
  196. Holger Asterix: I would've thought one of the very few advantages of PGP over OTR is that it allows for message synchronization.
  197. Holger Asterix: Anyway, thanks. There's a ticket against ejabberd's mod_mam, I'll reference #7616 in there.
  198. Asterix oups wrong link ... let me find the correct one
  199. Asterix he yes it is the correct link
  200. Asterix see the latest message
  201. Asterix BB in a few days! Bye
  202. Holger Asterix: I don't get it, sorry. You mean the message that links to <>? AFAICS this doesn't affect the <no-permanent-storag/> hint, you just no longer set the <private/> tag, no?
  203. Holger <- too slow, as usual.
  204. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8123 (GnuPG-encrypted messages doesnt saved on server correctly) updated How history can be stored on server, if Gajim tell not to store it? People on Ejabberd bugtracker tells so: ​