Gajim - 2015-08-21

  1. tmolitor arune: your head fetching has a bug, you have to set ctype = '' before testing ctype_list, otherwise you would return no string when there is no content-type header...
  2. tmolitor arune: the first alpha version of the fileupload plugin is ready, I send you the link
  3. tmolitor arune: urllib2 seems to have problems uploading bigger files (more than a few bytes) to an https url (it opens several connections in parallel and cancels them before the upload is finished, just to open a new one)...
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  5. arune tmolitor: thx!
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8127 (Connecting to an Openfire server causes lots of traffic) updated How much bytes per second? Does Gajim attempt to use the maximum available speed rate? If it does, I suggest to limit the rate to 10 or 20 kbit/s.
  7. arune Darlan added me to an issue, but he is not here?
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8131 (Log synchronization control dialog) created problem End-user may not know that Gajim causes to increased internet traffic. analysis See ticket #8127 about gigabytes of traffic. enhancement recommendation Similarly to file manager Thunar of Xfce, and other file managers, add a systray icon indicating on log synchronization activity that is larger than 1 Megabyte. On clicking that systray icon, an operation st[…]
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  10. tmolitor arune: let me know if it works for you :)
  11. Zash Hey, has there been any progress on updating the Jingle FT implementation to the :4 version/namespace?
  12. Zash And, is there an option to /not/ download the entire MAM archive on startup?
  13. arune tmolitor: as soon as I have time at the comp
  14. tmolitor arune: okay :)
  15. keitaro bonjour
  16. keitaro oops, should I say, hello :P
  17. keitaro guys, I have a local jabber server with an underscore in its name and gajim won't accept that :s
  18. keitaro problem is : I can't change the hostname, it's in my company :/
  19. keitaro any workaround ?
  20. mathieui but you can’t have underscores in a domain name
  21. keitaro yeah I guess it's the good way of doing things, but in my company they all use PSI, and it accepts underscore... and I don't want to use psi :p GAJIM rocks, so I'm trying to find a way around
  22. mathieui keitaro, what does contain the underscore?
  23. keitaro the hostname
  24. keitaro keitaro@the_xmppserver
  25. keitaro the_xmppserver = local network server running ejabberd
  26. mathieui that’s forbidden :/
  27. keitaro having an ip like 192.168.0.xx
  28. keitaro yeah I know :(
  29. keitaro but it's been like this for years :P I can't change it
  30. mathieui I’m not sure there is a way around that
  31. keitaro no way I can put it inside the config file manually ? to avoid the form check ?
  32. mathieui because gajim will probably validate that hostname everywhere
  33. keitaro ok
  34. keitaro :/
  35. mathieui you could maybe set a custom server or something
  36. mathieui to fix the IP address
  37. mathieui (in the gajim conf, I mean)
  38. keitaro what do you mean ?
  39. keitaro where is the config file on windows ?
  40. Point Gajim to your router and set up a forwarding rule based on port?
  41. keitaro that's an idea yeah
  42. keitaro I could try it if there are no other ways
  43. If your router has a kosher name that is
  44. keitaro xD
  45. keitaro hmm... other question : why there is a LOCAL account ? I cannot delete it but it is useless... any reason ? just curious
  46. keitaro another one (lots of questions :p) : is it normal behavior when gajim clean the chat history when I close the window ? (I have chat history disabled on disk)
  47. keitaro any way to make it keep history in memory until I close gajim ? (I don't want history saved to disk for privacy reason)
  48. tmolitor keitaro: the hosts file in windows is usually at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts just add a hostname pointing to your xmmp servers ip
  49. Link Mauve keitaro, the local account is XEP-0174 Serverless Messaging, an XMPP connection based on avahi, and restricted to the LAN.
  50. Link Mauve In accounts, you can disable it, if you don’t want to use it.
  51. Link Mauve Not remove it because it isn’t an actual account.
  52. keitaro Link Mauve, yes sure, it is disabled.. I just didn't knew the use of it.. now I understand... thanks for the explanation :)
  53. keitaro tmolitor, I'm trying your solution
  54. Link Mauve And no, it isn’t possible to use an invalid domain, no matter how you try to workaround.
  55. keitaro yeah, ejabberd refuse the connection because of the hostname
  56. keitaro damn :/
  57. Link Mauve Any compliant XMPP software should refuse the connection.
  58. Link Mauve Any that doesn’t should be fixed.
  59. keitaro sure
  60. keitaro too bad ejabberd accepted the underscore hostname :/
  61. Link Mauve This should be fixed as well.
  62. keitaro maybe it is... it's an old install here
  63. keitaro any ideas how I can keep the chat history the time gajim is launched ? (not on disk)
  64. Link Mauve Don’t close your tabs?
  65. Link Mauve I don’t know anything about this part of the code, sorry.
  66. keitaro :)
  67. keitaro hu, strange : in preferences -> advanced, I unchecked some boxes but when I go to the dialog, it appears in a "striked" state... not checked, not unchecked ???
  68. Keitaro is there a way to show receipt status when chating with someone ?
  69. Link Mauve You can invert it, yes.
  70. Link Mauve Edit > Preferences > General > last checkbox.
  71. Keitaro thank you very much
  72. Keitaro somehow, the icon shown is an utf8 char
  73. Keitaro you know, the square with symbol inside
  74. Keitaro sounds like an encoding problem ?
  75. Link Mauve A font issue instead.
  76. Keitaro yes
  77. Keitaro yes
  78. Keitaro wow, can't talk
  79. Keitaro lag :s
  80. Keitaro it was indeed a font problem btw
  81. Keitaro I was using Open Sans
  82. Watson May I ask a question off topic?
  83. Watson Is there a "good" cloud encryption solution? By good I mean free of charge, open source, WebDAV compatible and file based (not container based)
  84. mathieui what do you mean "cloud encryption solution"
  85. mathieui sounds like snake oil
  86. Watson Encrypting files locally and sync them with an insecure cloud like Google drive or dropbox or even owncloud
  87. Watson And have them decrypted on android, Linux and windows
  88. mathieui hm, git-annex doesn’t fit what you want?
  89. arune Watson: owncloud
  90. arune tmolitor, I fixed you comment regarding ctype = '', thanks for spotting
  91. arune tmolitor, you're also into AVRs? (just took a look at your website)
  92. arune did you get urllib2 working? (checking your code right now)
  93. arune tmolitor, ok, seems to work-ish, first I got some message about file being to big, but then it worked a while later
  94. arune but no button in mucs yet
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