Gajim - 2015-08-20

  1. tmolitor arune: I notified the server operator, response pending...
  2. tmolitor arune: what do you think about my outlined caching function?
  3. arune tmolitor: would be cool
  4. arune Not sure I have the time to build it though
  5. arune I'll take a look on downloading larger images but the whitelist I don't have interest or time to fix either
  6. tmolitor arune: no problem, I'll help you :)
  7. tmolitor arune: I tried to fix the download sizes by changing max_filesizes in your code to max_file_size = [262144, 524288, 1048576, 2097152, 4194304, 6291456, 8388608]...but the gui still doesn't shows options greter than 2MB...did I miss something?
  8. arune tmolitor: yeah, you need to fix the gui-file aswell
  9. tmolitor arune: ah okay, sound logical ;)
  10. arune Don't remember the name, I'm on mobile right now
  11. arune tmolitor: did you edit the functions in
  12. tmolitor I did...I'll create a patch soon :)
  13. arune Oh, great
  14. arune We'll create an issue and upload the patch for inclusion in 0.16.4
  15. tmolitor Yes :)
  16. arune But just the patch on
  17. arune The patch for the plugin we should use #105
  18. arune tmolitor: but I think is enough with the same values as Conversations (256k, 512k, 1MB, 5MB and 10MB)
  19. tmolitor yeah, 10MB should be pretty enough for images :)
  20. tmolitor arune: #105 ?
  21. arune
  22. arune But I can upload patches to different issues ☺
  23. tmolitor arune: oh, tehre is an extra trac for plugins :D I tried to view this issue: and it wasn't quite what I expected ;)
  24. arune
  25. tmolitor arune: You can upload it to whatever ticket you think it fits
  26. tmolitor wait a minute, I'll try if the patch works now :)
  27. tmolitor I also added bigger preview sizes to your plugin (with todays monitor sizes some people maybe want to have a bigger preview image)...
  28. arune Don't remember the name, I'm on mobile right now
  29. arune tmolitor: did you edit the functions in
  30. arune I'll test the patches this evening
  31. tmolitor arune: yes, and I created a patch of this change via diff now :)
  32. arune Use hg diff
  33. tmolitor I don't have hg installed, I created the diff against the installed gajim nightly...
  34. tmolitor arune: oh, we have to make the download deadline for direct downloads adjustable also...
  35. tmolitor a deadline of 3 seconds is much to low for big images...
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  37. tmolitor arune: very nice, now the download of big images is working as expected :)
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  40. arune tmolitor: great work, will test tonight
  41. tmolitor asterix: would it be possible to cancel the notification when gajim encounters a answer written from another client? when I'm on the move I'm using conversations to answer my chats and when I come home my gajim blinks and notifies about unread messages even though I already read all my messages using conversations (and also answered them)...
  42. tmolitor asterix: conversations does the same, when I answer a message using gajim, conversations cancels the notification and it disappears...
  43. tmolitor asterix: if you point me at some place in the code, I'll try to change the behavior myself and submit a patch :)
  44. Asterix that could be nice, but I don't know how it's done from a protocole POV
  45. Asterix BBL
  46. tmolitor you could cancel the notification as soon as you receive a carbon with an answer message belonging to this chat...
  47. Holger tmolitor: Nice feature, though you might want to make that optional. The fact that you answered doesn't necessarily indicate that you've seen all incoming messages from that contact, unless all other clients use MAM.
  48. tmolitor Holger: of course, to make that optional would not be a big deal I think :)
  49. Holger Yup, just thought I'd mention it because I overlooked that issue myself when implementing the same thing for MCabber :-) (I just use Conversations with MAM as my "other client" myself.)
  50. tmolitor Holger: yes, thanks for that hint! (maybe I would have overlooked that, too)
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  52. tmolitor does anyone know how to get the component jid which supports a feature given by its namespace?
  53. tmolitor in the xml console I see the features of the component are discovered, but where are these informations stored afterwards?
  54. tmolitor asterix: some enlightment would be nice :)
  55. arune takes a lot of time figuring out stuff :)
  56. tmolitor yeah! that's right!
  57. arune So I've applied your patch and modified the plugin for bigger images
  58. arune Now test
  59. tmolitor let me know if it works
  60. arune Asterix, patch in (written by tmolitor)
  61. arune please feedback when you have time
  62. tmolitor arune: thanks for uploading :) did it work as expected?
  63. arune tmolitor: worked well!
  64. tmolitor nice! :)
  65. arune Are you working on httpupload?
  66. tmolitor arune: yes, I'm currently searching for a way to get the features of the server the account is connected to (more detailed: the jid of a component of the server connected to offering the feature "eu:siacs:conversations:http:upload")...
  67. tmolitor I need this information to display or disable the upload button which my plugin is providing...
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  69. Asterix tmolitor: disco info are not stored. But you can get them in an event
  70. Asterix thanks for the patch. I'll look at it
  71. arune Great
  72. tmolitor asterix: which event? caps-received or caps-disco-received
  73. Asterix no
  74. tmolitor asterix: you're welcome :)
  75. Asterix give me 2 minutes
  76. tmolitor asterix: of course, no problem :)
  77. Asterix it's agent-info-received (and most probably agent-info-error-received to not wait forever the other)
  78. tmolitor asterix: thanks!
  79. tmolitor asterix: how can I get the jid I'm using from a gajim.connections[chat_control.account] object?
  80. arune tmolitor, I've added a new patched url preview plugin on
  81. Asterix tmolitor: you get the jid with gajim.get_jid_from_account(chat_control.account) and the resource with gajim.connections[chat_control.account].server_resource
  82. Asterix about #8130: if attrs['max_size']: should be if 'max_size' in attrs:
  83. Asterix I'm not in favor of so large timeouts. if you have a 60s timeout, you try to connect, and 1 minute later you see the url instead of the image. That's way too long
  84. Asterix that's why we have slow values
  85. Asterix Gaji mis not supposed to run a mobile connections (ok it can when you use your phone as a modem of course)
  86. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • full.HeadAnd102AndMaxSize.diff attached to Ticket #105 Patch with increased max file size (up to 10MiB) depends on #8130
  87. arune Asterix, I'll adjust and resubmit
  88. Asterix maybe a checkbutton or an option somewhere "slow connection"
  89. Asterix or a way to detect that automatically?
  90. arune to complicated, I'll set it to 10s
  91. arune new patch attached, let me know if I shoud set it back to the original values
  92. Asterix it's commited
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  94. arune thx asterix!
  95. arune tmolitor, how's it going? I'm waiting for something to look at and test :)
  96. tmolitor sorry....had a phone call with my girlfriend...
  97. tmolitor asterix: well, you could show a placeholder instead of the image while connecting, but 10 seconds should be ok, too...