Gajim - 2015-08-14

  1. arune Where is plugin config stored?
  2. arune In pluginsconfig ☺
  3. arune Hm, my "Action-menu" doesn't work, only Quit works but all other menu items doesn't do anything, I have the same problem on two Ubuntu computers (has worked before)
  4. arune "Profile, Avatar" under Edit doesn't work either
  5. Monkey Mind Hi! What exactly is "E2E encryption"? It seems to be something other than OTR and GPG
  6. mathieui it’s an old-ish RFC or draft if I remember correctly
  7. mathieui and you should probably use OTR instead
  8. mathieui probably this
  9. Monkey Mind yeah, i found that when googling. It was enabled in a chat with another gajim user earlier today, so I was wondering.
  10. Monkey Mind Thanks
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8125 (Enable TLS 1.2 and update ciphers suites on windows) updated you can enable tlv version and cipher list you want in advanced configuration editor. Look for tlv_version and cipher_list options
  12. arune getting closer, will you use LECert instead asterix?
  13. mathieui everyone probably will
  14. mathieui but it’s still a few months away