Gajim - 2015-08-11

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8120 (ImportError on message writing on Microsoft Windows) created I'm using a private XMPP server with a self-signed certificate and the Gajim official build v1.16.3 x86-32. Bug description I got the following error message from a chat window: Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\nbxmpp\", line 497, in dispatch handlerfunc?(session, stan[…] • 01.png attached to T[] • 02.png attached to[…]
  2. arune Asterix, is this better (regarding content type/length parsing) (row 347+)
  3. arune if you're ok with the diff I'll start fixing the proxy-function for getting the head request
  4. arune (NOTE this patch only works with trunk for 0.16 branch since it depends on the eventbox stuff)
  5. Asterix line 356 or 357 is useless
  6. Asterix yep sure
  7. Asterix else yes that sounds goos
  8. Asterix else yes that sounds good
  9. arune great
  10. arune (I'll remove 356 and 357, sure)
  11. Link Mauve arune, line 209 you should add a description for that option.
  12. Link Mauve Btw, are plugin strings translatable?
  13. arune Link Mauve, aha, where is that description shown?
  14. Asterix remove one of those
  15. Asterix there is a plugin that translate plugins yes
  16. Asterix it's shown nowhere ...
  17. Link Mauve Asterix, I think it would be very useful to package plugins (all or a subset) alongside Gajim, on Linux in various packages, on Windows perhaps bundle them.
  18. Link Mauve Because many are useful, and their discoverability is terrible.
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • WikiStart edited (diff) • Ticket #8118 (Everytime opening up new message window) updated fix is in gajim-0.16.3-2.exe installer available on website • Ticket #8120 (ImportError on message writing on Microsoft Windows) closed duplicate: dup of #8119 and #8118
  20. arune thanks for feedback Asterix and Link Mauve, I'll get back when I have a patch with untested proxy-function
  21. Link Mauve arune, on line 322 you have tabs instead of spaces.
  22. Asterix Link Mauve: for linux that's not my job .... If debian had 0.16.1, 0.16.2 and 0.16.3 that would be a good start .......
  23. Link Mauve Asterix, who is the current maintainer?
  24. Link Mauve I’m not using Debian, but I might help the ArchLinux packaging.
  25. Asterix Tanguy
  26. Link Mauve And he pretty much disappeared, right?
  27. arune Link Mauve, true, must be from before I fixed my editor to detect the tab style in the document
  28. arune thx
  29. Asterix I talked to him a few days ago. He is late, he knows, in holidays this week then he'll start working on it
  30. Link Mauve Asterix, great. :)
  31. Link Mauve arune, that’s why I would never again write python2 code.
  32. Link Mauve arune, line 327, you should instead use ' (%s)' % alt
  33. Link Mauve And I think you should drop the space at the end of the string.
  34. Link Mauve You should remove line 334.
  35. Link Mauve Same on line 341, 'Gajim %d' % version sounds much better.
  36. Link Mauve Line 347 and 350, are those really lists?
  37. Link Mauve If I were you I’d entirely abort, probably with an exception, in case there is more than one value.
  38. Link Mauve (Or none.)
  39. Link Mauve Asterix, how would an exception work there?
  40. Link Mauve Alright, that’s all for my quick review. :)
  41. arune They are really lists yes
  42. arune line 341 'Gajim %s' (s for string, like 0.16.2-0e5a60658d0c)
  43. arune line 334 should be implemented next (for proxy support)
  44. arune thanks again, and good night
  45. Link Mauve Oh ok.
  46. Link Mauve Thank you for this patch. :)
  47. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8120 (ImportError on message writing on Microsoft Windows) updated Sorry for the dup, but I haven't seen the ticket 8118. But for people who get here and to avoid loosing time, the problem is the fixed in the version 0.16.3-2. Regards.