Gajim - 2015-08-07

  1. steven hi all, got a question
  2. steven is it possible to configure gajim to align usernames and messages in two columns
  3. steven irc-client-like
  4. steven or just to align the start of all messages basically
  5. steven like this f.e.:
  6. steven very much improves readability
  7. Link Mauve I don’t think there is any option for that, you could open a ticket on the trac.
  8. steven Link Mauve, hmm, unfortunately, but thanks
  9. steven btw, are you the same Link Mauve as in the YunoHost chat room? :)
  10. Link Mauve I am. :)
  11. steven I heard the name before
  12. steven aha :p
  13. Link Mauve I don’t think there is any other Link Mauve.
  14. steven :D
  15. Link Mauve I know some mauve though.
  16. Link Mauve Good night. \o_
  17. Asterix Nothing4You: if it's grey, it means your server doesn't support that option. You can still use the trigger plugin to ignore message from a contact. Gajim will still receive them but will ignore them
  18. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15792:dc6380e97f46]: fix reading secrets file under windows. Fixes #8118 fix reading secrets file under windows. Fixes #8118 • Ticket #8118 (Everytime opening up new message window) closed fixed: In dc6380e97f46ea16fd435d7a3687e187b5757871: fix reading secrets file under windows. Fixes #8118
  19. arune Asterix: maybe remove captcha on trac comments? If registration is approved.
  20. Asterix on trac-plugins?
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8112 (Conversations MUC image support) updated I considering adding support as a plugin. That will take me a while though. But please contact me (gajim muc or in trac) if somebody is willing to help or take lead. I'm currently improving the URL image preview plugin to work more smoothly with conversations.
  22. Asterix ha no, in trac@. Than that's not really possible as account registration is not moderated there
  23. arune Aha
  24. arune (Hate captcha, especially on mobile ☺)
  25. Asterix I hate more SPAM :/
  26. arune Me too, yeah
  27. narcode the new captcha's google are nice, with pics
  28. arune It's not possible to moderate registration? To many fake accounts it's difficult to know which are real?
  29. Asterix the problem is that (as you did from trac-plugins) you need to come here to request an account. Most user will just not report bugs in this case
  30. arune Asterix: it's not possible to set up so users can register but then not do anything until account is approved?
  31. arune In such case they maybe can leave a message like to prove they are human
  32. Link Mauve I’d suggest requiring a valid JID, I doubt most spam bots will have that, but I think every legitimate user will.
  33. arune How to validate a jid?
  34. Link Mauve arune, either use XEP-0070, or send it a token.
  35. arune Why does some function names start with underscore in gajim source?
  36. Link Mauve arune, in Python, this is a convention meaning this fonction is private and shouldn’t be used outside of the current class or module.
  37. arune Link Mauve: thx
  38. Link Mauve arune,
  39. arune Link Mauve: rtfm ☺👌
  40. Link Mauve Not really, this is the informational specification about the standard Python coding style.
  41. arune Good to read
  42. Link Mauve Oh actually it’s here:
  43. arune The anchor does not work (at least not in my phone) jumps to the right chapter first but then to the top
  44. arune But I'll read the whole thing before I become a pyMaster
  45. Link Mauve It works on Firefox, get a real browser. :)
  46. arune I've implemented head requests for URLs in URL image preview plugin
  47. arune I'll get a pastebin tomorrow if anyone wants to help me test it