Gajim - 2015-08-05

  1. Asterix it should not disable connection. The problem is if you have several accounts, that you manually set offline. If you have a connection cut, you don't expect to go online on its own
  2. arune Asterix: would you merge a change to url image preview plugin where it makes a head request for each URL in the chat to get size and content type before downloading?
  3. arune the size would be checked to a max-size config option for the plugin and the content type would be checked instead of extension of filename in the url
  4. Asterix arune: yep that would be better than what is currently done
  5. arune ok, maybe Ill take a look, don't wait for it though :)
  6. Asterix ok thanks
  7. arune is it possible to use the requests lib ( ) or should I stick to urllib2?
  8. Asterix if it's possible to stick with built-in libs it's better. Else you can optionnaly depend on other libs if needed
  9. arune no problem