Gajim - 2015-08-04

  1. albi hi, when I am in a muc and the muc server goes down, Gajim will not reconnect. Instead i will get login for muc, even there is no password. Any help how I can fix that?
  2. albi gajim 0.16.2
  3. arune Asterix‎: enter/leave worked great!! I'll finish up patch for gajim and you can review
  4. arune Asterix: I'm guessing the manifest min_gajim_version should be changed aswell if it depends on new code in Gajim core?
  5. Rahul whatis 0.16.3 it bugfree release ?
  6. Link Mauve Rahul, you can read the changelog here:
  7. Rahul thanks..
  8. Rahul can i update gajim online..?
  9. Link Mauve You can download it here, yes:
  10. Rahul ok i do it.
  11. Asterix that won't change muc behavior. There is no way to know when a muc server is back except by trying ... And Gajim don't do that for the moment ...
  12. Link Mauve Asterix, poezio has a new self-ping feature in 0.9 which you might want to check.
  13. Link Mauve It doesn’t work well at all for my usecase, but people with fewer MUCs or faster machines have reported great usability improvements.
  14. Asterix ok. But for now I'm on GTK3 branch. Trying to have something not too bad for a pre-pre-alpha :)
  15. Link Mauve Yay!
  16. Asterix I even have it running under windows!
  17. Asterix no installer yet of course
  18. arune 👌
  19. Asterix I'm trying to have dbus working, but no success for the moment
  20. Link Mauve With GDBus?
  21. Asterix no, with dbus. I found it compiled for win
  22. Link Mauve Which dbus, libdbus?
  23. Link Mauve Just don’t use dbus-glib, as it’s deprecated.
  24. Asterix I have libdbus-1-3.dll and libdbus-glib-1-2.dll in the folder ...
  25. Link Mauve Ugh.
  26. Link Mauve Asterix, I just asked a colleague, he highly suggested me to use
  27. Link Mauve Or if that fits your usage.
  28. Asterix ok that's for accessing the dbus daemon from Gajim, why not, we could change that in Gajim. but I need a dbus-daemon running
  29. Asterix in the installer I have there is the gnome keyring too. That would be nice if I could use it under win. Currently pw are saved plaintext in config file
  30. Link Mauve Yeah.
  31. Link Mauve But I know exactly nothing about Windows, nor do I know anyone with glimpses of knowledge about it. :/
  32. Asterix nor I do ... that doesn't start very well :)
  33. Link Mauve ^^'
  34. Asterix waiting ofr omments from the guy that build all that
  35. 0xAFFE Asterix: why not use this library it would seem the more sane solution than to rely on gnome keyring?
  36. Asterix I already looked into it ... don't remember why I stopped :/
  37. Link Mauve Asterix, “libdbus is usually not a good idea unless what you are writing is in fact dbus-daemon”
  38. Asterix the problem for the moment is to run a dbus daemon. I'll see later how to connect to it. If I can run dbus-daemon and dbus-monitor that would be a good start. I'll see after that how to access it from Gajim
  39. Link Mauve I asked around at work, nobody knows about that. :/
  40. Asterix thanks for asking
  41. Asterix ha ben essaye jingle ca segfault ...
  42. Link Mauve Using Gstreamer 1.x and farstream 0.2?
  43. Asterix I haven't check what's in Gajim's code ... Just pressed the jingle button :)
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  45. bodqhrohro Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 2386, in read_sleepy 'time': gajim.config.get('autoawaytime') TypeError: not enough arguments for format string
  46. bodqhrohro Can't login to trac again
  47. bodqhrohro That's in 0.16
  48. bodqhrohro s/16/1616
  49. arune can somebody help me create an account on the plugins trac? runeson gmail
  50. arune I would like to send a patch on #102
  51. Asterix bodqhrohro: what's the value of autoaway_message in advanced configuration editor?
  52. Asterix arcade: done
  53. Asterix update your password
  54. Asterix username: arune
  55. arune thanks
  56. arune Asterix, btw, how did you do the diff as you post to ?
  57. Asterix hg di
  58. arune (aha
  59. Asterix in both repos. one patch per repos
  60. Asterix BBL
  61. bodqhrohro Asterix: $S (Сума на Вашому рахунку складає: %T гривень і %T копійок. Закінчується: 20 1-го грудня 2000 12-го року. До побачення!)
  62. arune wrong language
  63. arune :)
  64. bodqhrohro arune: that's cause of unicode problems in python2?
  65. arune looks like russian
  66. bodqhrohro arcade: that's ukrainian
  67. bodqhrohro And that did not work, so I just left it and forgot
  68. arune Asterix, I submitted two files as attachments to #102 and wrote a comment, waiting for Darlans approval
  69. arcade I know that's ukrainian
  70. arune arcade, sorry for having the same two first letters :)
  71. arcade the fun part behind this is that I'm ukrainian too
  72. arune I flew a MI-24 helicopter with ukranians once, in Liberia
  73. arcade bodqhrohro, what you were trying to substitute in your message?
  74. arcade you guys get me in
  75. arcade as per source there's a substitution of $S and $T, not %T
  76. bodqhrohro arcade: *ROFL*
  77. bodqhrohro I'm just a latent windozer
  78. arune Asterix,
  79. bodqhrohro But autoxa_message seems to be correct, so that's not the only problem
  80. arcade dunno, looks like a copypaste code to me
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  82. Asterix arune: hmm please attach diff rather than full file
  83. Asterix and isn't there a diff for gajim sources too?
  84. arune Hmm, forgot your change to gajim
  85. arune Asterix,
  86. Asterix can't you hg diff ?
  87. Asterix this can't be used to patch as the file that is changed is not mentionned
  88. arune doh :/
  89. Asterix jus run hg di in the folder where you cloned gajim and gajim-plugins
  90. Asterix if that works, hg di > file.patch
  91. arune yes yes, just need to clone the 0.16
  92. Asterix hg up -r gajim_0.16 to change branch
  93. Asterix when you clone, you clone everything, all branches
  94. arune I posted better diffs to #102 now, awaiting approval
  95. Asterix ok. You could have attached them, but yes that's much better
  96. Asterix pasts expire afte 1 week
  97. arune doh again
  98. arune even if I set forever?
  99. Asterix if you set it forever it won't expire
  100. Asterix unless I do some cleanup one day ... :)
  101. arune Ill attach the files!
  102. arune I feel sorry for Darlan
  103. arune is'nt it enough to moderate the account creation?
  104. Asterix I moderated your last posts
  105. Asterix yes it should. We should not moderate posts for registered users ... will see how to configure that
  106. arune anyway, please let me know if you have any comments on the minor changes I did to the plugin
  107. Asterix I'll tell you when I'll look at ut. Thanks for that anyway
  108. arune thank you for all your work, you did most of it
  109. Asterix arune: ok you should not be moderated anymore
  110. arune thanks
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  112. bagage Hello :) I'm getting a new crash Asterix now that reconnection is fixed! :D I'm getting a segmentation fault when closing any conversation on my gajim window?
  113. bagage it seems that some assertion are failing: Getting crash both on 0.16.0 and 0.16.3
  114. Asterix a segfault ... which Gajim version? 0.16 ?
  115. Asterix a segfault should never happen in python ...
  116. bagage yes, this is the point: this is my first segfault in a python program /o
  117. Asterix there is something wrong with a lib I'd say ...
  118. Asterix maybe because Gajim do something wrong ... but what and where ... hard to say ...
  119. Asterix gdb could maybe help, but I'm not really able to help here IU'm affraid
  120. bagage yes, seems a reasonable answer - i will wait a few days/updates and check if the bug is still here (debian unstable.. some libs can be damaged yes)
  121. bagage on another topic and still regarding reconnection issue, I forgot to ask you the other time but would not it make sense to force reconnection when network manager change to state 70? I mean earlier I went into the following: wifi was down, so gajim disabled connection (fine enough). I then enabled wifi... but gajim did not try to connect because it disabled connection. Could there be a setting to force gajim to reconnect when connection is up?