Gajim - 2015-08-03

  1. Testing transport from Do you read me?
  2. narcode yup
  3. Thanx! :)
  4. narcode np
  5. arune Asterix: is it possible to get an event for mouse move on the img or eventbox or does one need to check x/y on the textview?
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  7. ole Hey guys, I don't know, if
  8. ole Sorry, that was a fail, but again. Hey guys, I don't know if I am right here, but I'll ask anyway. I have developed a python module for a little USB dongle, which is desinged to show the state of an account in microsoft lync. Now I want do write a plugin for gajim, which uses this module, but I'd never wrote plugins before and I have no idea how to do this. If anyone have a useful tip, or link for me, I would be really thankfull.
  9. narcode there is no doc at the moment but you can follow the two links on this page leading you to sourcecode's plugins
  10. ole Ok, thanks. Is it right, that I only have to put a folder with the right files in the plugins location of my gajim and it should work, or is there any mistake?
  11. narcode copy it to ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/ yes
  12. ole Ok thank you guys.
  13. narcode just following the ressources ;)
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  15. ole Hi again. 1 Hour ago, I've asked a bit about plugin development and somebody help me. Well now, I've a first plugin, but all tests failed. For all who haven't read theese messages, I want to develop a plugin to controll a USB dongle which should show me the state of somebody or says me when somebody written a message to me. But now gajim can't connect with the USB bus, beacause it has not the right permissions. Have somebody an idea how I can give gajim the needed permissions? Thanks a lot Ole
  16. narcode nobody talk since, unless the bot :p
  17. ole ps. I'm running on linux
  18. narcode no
  19. Asterix Hi ole, I don't really understand what you want and what's the plugin supposed to do
  20. narcode you OS running with a linux kernel
  21. narcode you install it from the hg?
  22. Asterix no he is using Gajim 0.15.1, released in august 2012 ....
  23. narcode sorry forget to check that …
  24. narcode && :DD
  25. ole Hey Asterix, I've a little USB dongle which have 4 LEDs and so. This dongle is working fine, but now I want to develop a Plugin which should controll this. But Gajim have not the permissions which it need to controll it. Have someone an idea how to do this? I only want to know how I can give gajim more permissions
  26. narcode first use a most recent version
  27. Asterix I don't understand the link between an XMPP client and 4 leds ...
  28. Asterix Gajim has the permissions of the user that runs it
  29. ole This thing should alert me if I got an new message or so
  30. Asterix haa ok
  31. Asterix then you should start with flashing_keyboard
  32. Asterix this plugin does nearly the same thing, but with keyboard's led
  33. Asterix are you able to write a simple python script that makes the leds on / off?
  34. ole I know, that Gajim have the permission of the user runs it, but libusb which I use needs root permissions and if I start Gajim as root it says, that it is insecure
  35. ole and yes that works fine
  36. Asterix id libusb needs root, then I don't see any other solution than running Gajim as root
  37. narcode
  38. ole That is what I tryed to do, but then Gajim says it is insecure and quits
  39. narcode indeed
  40. dicson gajim - > bash script -> usb leds
  41. Asterix ole: edit /usr/bin/gajim
  42. ole ok, I'll try it
  43. Asterix right dicson suggest you that you write a bash script that is owned by root and with chmod +s, then even when run by a regular user, it's run as root
  44. dicson needs 2 scripts and flashing_keyboard
  45. ole Ok thanks it is working
  46. Link Mauve Asterix, a bash script can’t be chmod +s.
  47. Link Mauve Only a binary can.
  48. Link Mauve You’d need to set bash itself as +s, which would be the biggest vulnerability ever.
  49. Link Mauve Err, is he really going to be running Gajim as root…?
  50. Asterix yes right
  51. Asterix I hope no
  52. Link Mauve I’m sure he will.
  53. narcode On the thread's ubuntu I gave they try to resolve the libusb root's problem
  54. narcode oula por por english
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  56. arune Asterix, I made a simple test with motion_notify_event, but to know that I'm over the image I do like this currently: pointer_x, pointer_y =[0:2] x, y =, pointer_x, pointer_y) iter_ =, y) anchor = iter_.get_child_anchor() if anchor is not None: self.change_cursor = True gtk.gdk.Cursor(gtk.gdk.HAND2))
  57. arune So I change cursor if mouse is over an anchor (I havent gotten further, one must somehow detect if its an url-image)
  58. arune BUT the mouse only changes when Im over half of the image (the other half compared to when we had the url after the image)
  59. Asterix arcade: enter-notify-event and leave-notify-event don't work?
  60. arcade hm?
  61. Asterix arune: ^^
  62. Asterix arcade: sorry
  63. arune :)
  64. arune Asterix, I can test enter and leave, on the tv or on the eventbox somehow?
  65. Asterix eventbox
  66. arune I'll try, thanks!