Gajim - 2015-08-02

  1. arune Asterix: nice
  2. arune Will test when I get to my computer
  3. arune Asterix, I applied the patch ( ) but I got some strange boxes instead of pic:
  4. arune Asterix, hm, I end up in the exception for every pic
  5. arune ok, that was my fault, now the url is printed in the terminal!
  6. arune I added helpers.launch_browser_mailer on button press event
  7. arune Only thing left if cursor change over eventbox
  8. arune Just that I can't figure out if I need mouse over /mouse left - events?
  9. Asterix arune: yes that should work. Then look at on_textview_motion_notify_event() in to see how to change cursor
  10. Test Gajim conference room. Do you read me, over? :)