Gajim - 2015-08-01

  1. arune ok, making <a href="url"> <img src="url"> </a> did not work, loging an image worked but making it linkable by nesting it in an a-tag did not work
  2. arune but instead of printing the full url I currently do <a href="url">open</a>, next I'll test Asterix solution
  3. arune also, if the image could not be downloaded, the url is printet with the error message
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  5. arune Asterix, I tried your patch here but nothing happens on button click
  6. arune I wonder if there is anything more I need to do after editing /usr/share/gajim/src/ befor running /usr/bin/gajim
  7. arune theres no output in console output
  8. arune ok, my changes is being used at least
  9. arune but I put a line in 'on_button_press_event' which should raise an error and that doesn't happen when I press a picture
  10. arune so it seems the signal is not received by gajim or not sent to gajim
  11. Asterix trying to debug ... but I'm not getting the image for the moment :/
  12. arune :)
  13. Asterix ok an import gobject is missing in the plugin ...
  14. Asterix now I get the image, and it's partially clickable
  15. arune hm, not clickable anywhere here, are you on gtk3?
  16. Asterix no
  17. Asterix and I don't know how to not print the URL given the way it's currently done ...
  18. arune just a self.textview.plugin_modified = True after gajim.thread_interface is called
  19. arune but then one needs to print the url if downloading the image failes, but that parts I got covered
  20. Asterix haha you know plugin system better that me :)
  21. Asterix yep ok
  22. arune it's a lot of code and I have only looked at those particular parts, but yes, one lerns something in 5-10 hours looking at new code :)
  23. Asterix now image is no more clickable. I think it's because the clickable area of the url is larger that the text
  24. arune aha, yes, thats why I thought the image was clickable when I first started!
  25. arune half of the image was clickable
  26. Asterix ok I know why button_press callback is not called ...
  27. Asterix hmm no ...
  28. Asterix now I know: gtk.Image is a "no window" widget (has no gtk.gdk.Window of its own), so by default does not receive events. If you want to receive events on the image, such as button clicks, place the image inside a gtk.EventBox, then connect to the event signals on the event box.
  29. arune thanks
  30. arune maybe the same problem when trying to make the image clickable by using html as I tried yesterday
  31. Asterix maybe yes
  32. Asterix I'm trying to add it to an eventbox ...
  33. Asterix got it!
  34. arune Great
  35. arune Would have taken me weeks
  36. Asterix
  37. Asterix but there is still a modification to do in Gajim itself so it can handle the case where the image is in an EB
  38. Asterix arune: version with printing URL when image loading fails:
  39. Asterix GN