Gajim - 2015-07-29

  1. johnny so.. what's the requirements for the default branch now?
  2. johnny i just updated and am getting stuff like
  3. johnny ** Message: received an invalid or unencryptable secret
  4. johnny and GLib.Error: g-dbus-error-quark: The secret was transferred or encrypted in an invalid way. (16) ** Message: Remote error from secret service: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: The secret was transferred or encrypted in an invalid way.
  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8099 (In ValueError: Unknown status message: u'PINENTRY_LAUNCHED') updated After installing Gajim 0.16.2 I still see such messages in console: File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 810, in __bootstrap_inner File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 763, in run self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs) File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/gajim/common/", line 771[…]
  6. delexi91 Is there a way to send notifications of IM-messages via libnotify?
  7. Asterix johnny: no idea what those secrets are ...
  8. Asterix delexi91: Gajim uses dbus to send notification to notification-daemon else it uses pynotify
  9. Asterix isn't it the same thing as libnotify?
  10. delexi91 Asterix, maybe my preferences are wrong. What does "Pop it up" mean?
  11. Asterix open it in message window
  12. delexi91 Asterix, ok. I have set "When new event is received:" to "Notify me about it". This does only change the icon to a letter, but does not seem to sent anything a libnotify daemon can display.
  13. Asterix and nothing when one of your contact signs in/out?
  14. Asterix and in help -> features, is "Notification" checked?
  15. delexi91 I disabled that in my preferences
  16. delexi91 yes, that is checked
  17. Asterix notifications arreive when chat window is closed (on first message only)
  18. delexi91 so everytime someone sends a message?
  19. delexi91 +not
  20. Asterix no, not by default. you can tune that in triggers plugin
  21. delexi91 Asterix, ah, I will see if this works :)
  22. delexi91 I defined a trigger rule "When Receive a Message for everbody", "in all statuses", "have and don't have tab opened with that contact", "Inform me with a popup window", "Show event in notification area"
  23. delexi91 ^-- But my daemon still doesn't display notifications
  24. Asterix strange
  25. Asterix no time to debug that now
  26. delexi91 no problem
  27. delexi91 Fahren wir denn zum Essen td zu Can?
  28. delexi91 (Sorry, wrong window)
  29. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8114 (TypeError: in constructor for Secrets) updated I tested it again and Gajim did not create a new secrets file. I just want to add it here again. I do not know whether I should file a new bug for this or whether this is a bug in the first place. Thank you.
  30. cnngimenez Hi, how are you?
  31. cnngimenez I want to ask something, here the fingerprint is the correct one?
  32. Asterix let me check
  33. cnngimenez I'm trying to clone Gajim, but I cannot, the fingerprint doesn't match
  34. cnngimenez thanks Asterix
  35. Asterix cnngimenez: fingerprint updated on wiki
  36. cnngimenez thanks!
  37. cnngimenez awesome :-)
  38. Asterix I change cert every few monthes and alwayd forget to update this page
  39. Asterix fortunatly some users remind me that wiki is read :)
  40. cnngimenez :-P jaja :D things that happens :-P
  41. cnngimenez can you script it?
  42. Asterix I could ... but I should then remember to run the script
  43. cnngimenez jajajaja :D
  44. cnngimenez lol :-P
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  46. cnngimenez I'm trying to see why I cannot join the
  47. cnngimenez it returns this error: is not the name of a group chat.
  48. Asterix you have it in your roster probably?
  49. cnngimenez mmm... nop...
  50. cnngimenez didn't add it... mmm... maybe I should...
  51. Asterix no, a room is not a contact
  52. Asterix but if it says that, it means it's in your roster I think
  53. cnngimenez but you can "mark" it...
  54. cnngimenez I try to add it to the roster somehow :-P
  55. Asterix you have to find it in your roster (show offline contacts) and remove it
  56. cnngimenez ahh... I'll try
  57. cnngimenez Oh!!! magic!!! :-)
  58. cnngimenez I founded, deleted, and now works!
  59. cnngimenez two thanks! :-P
  60. Asterix np
  61. cnngimenez now, I'll turn of pidgin :-P
  62. Asterix you'll fill better :)
  63. cnngimenez I have returned! and now using Gajim! :-)
  64. cnngimenez a bit slow, I haven't compiled :-P but whatever... :-)
  65. Asterix Python doesn't compile ...
  66. cnngimenez I cannot download plugins :-/ mm... I think because I'm using a dev version :-P
  67. Asterix hmm no you should. Are you behind a proxy?
  68. cnngimenez yep, to pyc... an intermediate representation :-P
  69. Asterix pyc are created on the fly
  70. cnngimenez then, I'm glad :-P
  71. cnngimenez and very happy :-)
  72. cnngimenez no, I'm not...
  73. cnngimenez I'm at direct connection... behind a NAT if that is important
  74. Asterix not really. plugin d/l is donevia FTP
  75. softlibre I think I miss a plugin : the "plugin installer"
  76. cnngimenez sorry, softlibre was me :-P
  77. Asterix ha yes of course. It's distributed with tarball. How did you get Gajim?
  78. cnngimenez by cloning using hg
  79. Asterix ha ok
  80. Asterix then yes you need to clone gajim-plugins repos too
  81. cnngimenez now I started the Gajim using my distro's repo
  82. cnngimenez now I solved the join-room problem I can use it normally :-)
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  84. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8112 (Conversations MUC image support) reopened let's wait for it to be discussed / published then