Gajim - 2015-07-28

  1. Link Mauve SamWhited, will be fixed in GTK+ 3.18, fyi.
  2. Link Mauve I wonder how, in a multi-screen setup, but…
  3. Link Mauve I especially wonder how it behaves with screens of varying logical scale.
  4. Link Mauve At work I put my very big external screen at scale=2 (on weston), so I can test how broken software are. :D
  5. Link Mauve Qt5 is one of the worst, it will halve the rendering size of everything, making it hard to use on both the laptop screen and the external one…
  6. Link Mauve I think Gajim would have the same behaviour with that line, since it doesn’t account for scaling at all.
  7. delexi91 I assigned a Pulic key to a cotact on my roster and want to send him a encrypted message. When doing so I get the error: "error while sending <the message>. ( )". I have gpg-agent running in the background and can encrypt files for said account with gpg. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Asterix hmmm according to me, nothing ... Could you try by running gajim -v from a console?
  9. delexi91 Asterix: ok, give me a moment
  10. delexi91 Asterix, This is the relevant output I think
  11. Link Mauve Tu utilises gpg2, avec pinentry configuré pour utiliser ncurses.
  12. delexi91 Link Mauve, my french is not too good, I am sorry
  13. Link Mauve Wut, why did I switch to French…
  14. Link Mauve So I said, “you are running gpg2, with pinentry configured to use ncurses”.
  15. Link Mauve You want to use the gtk pinentry instead.
  16. delexi91 Link Mauve, that is weird, as I think I do use gtk pinentry
  17. delexi91 ( I actually understood what you said, which is a bit surprising to me ^^)
  18. delexi91 When I encrypt something on the command line, for example, the agent prompts me via the gtk pinentry dialog.
  19. delexi91 where would I find the configuration regarding pinentry?
  20. Link Mauve I don’t know. :/
  21. Asterix I'd like to repro this kind of thing to test getting the error message to print it to user ...
  22. Asterix but I'm out for now, CU
  23. delexi91 Link Mauve, how did you conclude that my pinentry is configure to run ncurses?
  24. Link Mauve The “07/28/2015 16:01:25 (D) gajim.c.gnupg gpg: Sorry, no terminal at all requested - can't get input” part, but now I’m not so sure.
  25. delexi91 I think that is caused by the "--no-tty" option, given to gpg when called from gajim
  26. delexi91 I executed the call given in the debug output to the command line, where I got the same error. After removing "--no-tty" I could encrypt something.
  27. Link Mauve Oh, interesting.
  28. Link Mauve What if you pipe directly what you want to write into it?
  29. Link Mauve echo -n something | gpg …
  30. Link Mauve With the --no-tty option.
  31. delexi91 That works too
  32. delexi91 no, wait
  33. delexi91 That does not work either. Same error as before.
  34. Link Mauve Might be the issue then.
  35. Link Mauve Here it works. :/
  36. delexi91 In gajim, or on the command line?
  37. Link Mauve On the command line, I don’t have Gajim available here.
  38. Link Mauve No X11 libraries, so no GTK2. :/
  39. delexi91 ok, it works for me too, if I do not encrypt for someone whose key is not "verified"?
  40. delexi91 E.g. if gpg does not have to ask me for confirmation wether to use an "unverified" key
  41. delexi91 "gpg: 91641717: There is no assurance this key belongs to the named user"
  42. delexi91 How can I tell gpg that I am sure this is the right key ?
  43. Link Mauve delexi91, I think you can assign the key in Gajim.
  44. delexi91 Link Mauve, but this also survaces when I call gpg from the command line
  45. delexi91 I have to go now, I will come back later or tomorrow ;-) Thanks so far for looking into this with me!
  46. delexi91 Link Mauve, after signing the given key I am able to send messages.
  47. Link Mauve Great.
  48. Link Mauve I remember hearing about this issue actually. :/
  49. Link Mauve But if it is a gpg issue, I don’t know what could Gajim do.
  50. delexi91 It basically boils down to Gajim not handling the promting from the gpg process
  51. delexi91 This is normal gpg behaviour. If you encrypt something with a non-signed key, gpg asks you, if you really want to do that.
  52. delexi91 One could simply do a "yes | gpg ..."
  53. delexi91 When calling gpg from gajim
  54. delexi91 Which would not really make for a very nice UX.
  55. delexi91 Ideally, gajim should "forward" gpg's question/prompt to me
  56. delexi91 I could imaging this not being the only possible prompt that gpg might throw at the user
  57. Link Mauve What is the UI you get when you start gpg from the terminal?
  58. Link Mauve Is it a terminal one or a gtk one?
  59. delexi91 a terminal one
  60. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8111 (Gajim doesn’t go online when waking from suspend) updated Ah, missed that. Sorry. Or complain to trac’s about its bad search. :)
  61. delexi91 its just a [y/N] question asking me, if I really want to use that key, given that it is not signed
  62. Link Mauve Ooh, I see.
  63. delexi91 I just searched the issue tracker, this seems to be the issue I am sumbling upon:
  64. delexi91 The last comment has the exact same output
  65. bagage Hi Asterix - patch seems to be working fine! :)
  66. Asterix delexi91: we're supposed to handle that already:
  67. Asterix
  68. Asterix bagage: haaa excellent news!
  69. Asterix and screensaver still work?
  70. Asterix delexi91: which gpg version do you have?
  71. bagage Asterix, yes it does for the few tests I've done
  72. Asterix excellent. So I close the ticket. Thanks for the tests
  73. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15759:2127559a62b2]: prevent traceback prevent traceback • Ticket #8062 (Fails to reconnect when coming back from suspend) closed fixed: the commit fixed the problem
  74. bagage btw last question Asterix: any roadmap for a new UI (just to know)
  75. Asterix the GTK3 port?
  76. bagage yes or QT migration, i dunno
  77. Asterix no QT migration. We have ported Gajim to gtk3, and it starts working quite well
  78. Asterix I now use it everyday and try to fix as many bugs as possible
  79. bagage well, i'm a lot more than of gtk3 than qt :) I guess this is available on some "branch" or equivalent of hg?
  80. Asterix yes
  81. bagage more fan*
  82. Asterix the default branch is the gtk3 / py3 port
  83. Link Mauve Asterix, I might start using it too then. :)
  84. Link Mauve Have you backported all of the fixes from gajim_0.16 to default?
  85. bagage i'll try it then, if I have to install from source to have the bugfix let's enjoy GTK3 :)
  86. Asterix Link Mauve: a few days ago, yes. So not the latest one, but that'll come soon. I first release 0.16.3 (because of secrets problem)
  87. Link Mauve Sure.
  88. Asterix bagage: 0.16.3 will have the fix, and 0.16.3 will arrive soon
  89. Asterix if only I was able to repro this GPG issue I could integrate a fix too
  90. bagage ok
  91. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15760:a66587b34221]: fix file transfer. Files can be something else that utf8 fix file transfer. Files can be something else that utf8
  92. delexi91 Asterix, gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.6, libgcrypt 1.6.3
  93. delexi91 Asterix, gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.6
  94. Asterix ok I'll install gpgv2 and do some tests