Gajim - 2015-07-27

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  3. bullgard4 test
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8062 (Fails to reconnect when coming back from suspend) updated … twice lost my comment :/ Logs: ​ Patch does not work nor previous one which actually passed only once. Is that normal that time_to_reconnect is set to None when disconnecting but never changed after that? If I force it to not None in state_changed, everything seems to work fine .
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  6. bagage Hello - ready for debugging Asterix
  7. Asterix Hi
  8. Asterix nice
  9. Asterix so where does the call to on_disconnected comes from?
  10. bagage any easy way to discover that (eg stack trace print)?
  11. Asterix yes
  12. Asterix import traceback traceback.print_stack() in the function
  13. bagage ok this is conn.change_status('offline', 'going to sleep') which calls connection.start_disconnect which calls self.disconnect
  14. Asterix ok so in logind. so 2 lines later, we set time_to_reconenct to 5
  15. bagage ok then the issue is in _connect_to_next_host function
  16. bagage when state_changed with state=10, it tries to connect to next host but fail - it set self.time_to_reconnect = None
  17. Asterix indeed, I think that it tries to connect, fails, so it stops trying
  18. Asterix it should not try to connect to next host when state goes to 10 ...
  19. Asterix that's a problem ... it should try to reco after some time only (about 8-12s)
  20. bagage after what? after state went to 70?
  21. Asterix if you have logind: when you are disconnected, logind is called -> so Gajim goes offline and does not try to reco (but time_to_reco is 5) then nm set state to 10 -> Gajim does not try to reco when you come back, state goes to 10, 20, ..., 60 -> nothing happens then nm set state to 70, Gajim should try to reco
  22. bagage hmm the guy who's calling connect_to_next_host is gnome_screensaver_ActiveChanged_cb
  23. Asterix if you don't have logind: when you are disconnected, nm set state to 10 -> Gajim set a randome timeout (8-12s) and tries to reco if there is a lookup error, we stop to try to reco else mn set states to 10, 20, ..., 60 then nm set state to 70, Gajim should try to reco and succes
  24. bagage so maybe here's the thing: you cannot reproduce it by unplugging eth0 since this is screensaver specific?
  25. Asterix haaa
  26. Asterix interesting
  27. Asterix a mix of logind, nm, gnome screensaver. Hard to debug ! but we'll success
  28. bagage :) for sure
  29. Asterix gnome ss is called when you disconnect or when your connection's back?
  30. bagage when coming back
  31. bagage but wifi is not recovered yet, so it fails
  32. bagage (yes: one more parameter in the bug reproducing: you need a bad wifi connection :))
  33. Asterix you really wanted it to be unreproductible! :)
  34. bagage I wondered myself why it wasn't fixed... I'm starting to understand why eheh
  35. bagage so the thing is: I go to suspend, then wake up my laptop/unlock my session -> gnome_screensaver_ActivateChanged_cb tries to change status to 'online', but network manager is in state 10 yet
  36. Asterix ok
  37. bagage so connection fails, it gives up, and when nm goes to state 70, it does nothing
  38. bagage so I guess there are at least one bug (must force reconnect in state 70?) or 2 (do not send roster status in screensaver cb if no connection available yet?)
  39. Asterix could you add a print there:
  40. Asterix to see if we can detect that account is not connected at this state
  41. bagage it's set to 0
  42. Asterix ok so we know that we are disconnected. before changing anything, can you confirm that when ss is enabled, you go away and you unlock your session you come back online?
  43. bagage when ss is enabled? no, i never come back online
  44. bagage (that's the bug, right?)
  45. bagage oh, my bad
  46. Asterix ss = screensaver, I mean when you don't touch your computer for 5 mintes, SS is activated, Gajim should go away
  47. bagage hm, i do not see it going away but maybe is it to fast?
  48. Asterix your contacts should see
  49. Asterix or yourself if you're connected twice from another computer for ex
  50. bagage ok yes it's working fine
  51. Asterix nice
  52. Asterix so now, to try to fix the bug, could you change the print to a if, and indent with 4 spaces lines above:
  53. bagage not working because
  54. bagage gnome_ss_cb try to do: self.roster_send_status(account, 'away', auto_message a few lines below
  55. Asterix it does away before you suspend or after you resume?
  56. bagage after I resume
  57. Asterix ok so when you resume Gajim first get a SS active message (session locked) then you unlock and you get a SS not active message. so let's att the same thing to away:
  58. bagage yes, working /o
  59. Asterix yeah!
  60. Asterix and could you test if SS still works correctly?
  61. Asterix going away -> online when locking / unlocking your session?
  62. bagage hm, seems to be broken after suspend/resume
  63. bagage but first: why are you testing if connected > 1 - should not it be if connected >= 1 ? (or even connected == 1)
  64. Asterix 1 = connecting. So both I should check if > 1
  65. Asterix back in 5 minutes
  66. bagage ok - then i can confirm that autoaway is broken when coming back from suspend/resume but initially it works fine
  67. bagage back in a few hours personnally - or tomorrow :)
  68. Asterix ok then we fixed the suspend / resume bug, but that breaks autoaway. Strange ... we just added a if that should be True ...
  69. Asterix bagage: I commited a more proper fix. Could you try to get the gui_interface file from there: and test with it? if autoaway is still brocken, could you try to see why it doesn't go autoaway when you lock screen by adding prints in gnome_screensaver_ActiveChanged_cb()?
  70. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15758:7aa8b24aa913]: do not try to go autoaway or come back from autoaway if we are not … do not try to go autoaway or come back from autoaway if we are not connected. See #8062