Gajim - 2015-07-21

  1. enotep debian sid as mentioned, net config via... err... yeah... good question, systemd I suppose these days afaik :)
  2. Link Mauve enotep, if you don’t have nm running, I don’t think Gajim can know if it went into suspend.
  3. enotep as said, it is installed (and running) because of a dependency
  4. Link Mauve You said it wasn’t running.
  5. Link Mauve Or at least it doesn’t handle your network, so it can’t know when it goes down.
  6. Link Mauve I don’t know if there is another way to know when it is down.
  7. enotep Link Mauve, and I had once similar trouble with a different app, that somewhat relied on nm, it was its only way to check if net is available. If it did not find a nm to talk to, it would just refuse to work. Here it is different in the regard, that manual starting and gajim just connects fine. Just after a suspend it gets disconnected and never reconnects
  8. enotep Link Mauve, why not simply try to reconnect if gajim detects it is disconnected, period?
  9. Link Mauve I think that’s what it does here.
  10. Link Mauve But I don’t have anything nm installed.
  11. enotep Link Mauve, even after suspend / resume?
  12. Link Mauve Yes.
  13. Link Mauve Or… I think.
  14. Link Mauve I won’t be able to test tonight though.
  15. Link Mauve bbl
  16. enotep Link Mauve, anyway... it is a feature of nm these days to NOT manage the network. Other apps see that and just don't rely on it and be done with it, as if nm wouldn't even be installed... why not gajim?
  17. enotep brb
  18. Link Mauve enotep, I’m not even sure this is a nm integration issue, but try without it and see if you can reproduce your problem.
  19. Link Mauve This would help pinpoint the issue.
  20. Link Mauve As for why Gajim doesn’t do <something>, I’d say lack of time, lack of developers, lack of testing done by people reporting issues, lack of people even finding those issues, and many other similar reasons.
  21. Asterix enotep:
  22. enotep Asterix, side note, here nm does not manage the network
  23. Asterix so don't expect any reconnection
  24. enotep Asterix, should disabling listen_to_network_manager work around the issue for me, as I don't use nm anyway?
  25. enotep Asterix, what's your opinion on this? A running but not used nm and gajim reconnecting issue is not considered a bug of gajim?
  26. enotep as in, gajim running in an environment where a not used but running nm is there is not a supported use case?
  27. enotep anyway, I did disable nm support and listening to nm in the advanced config editor, let's see if this works around my issue. BRB, restarting gajim...
  28. Asterix nm is here to manage network (as it's name indicate) so I don't see the problem when Gajim suppose that if nm is available it manages the network
  29. enotep Asterix, package dependencies is the issue here... it is rather common in the debian world to NOT use nm and it was a hard thing in former times as weird workarounds had to be applied if one wanted to use for example gnome and configure the network via ifupdown (the console-way)
  30. Asterix Gajim can't guess if nm is used or not AFAIK
  31. enotep at least now nm has a config state "not managing the network" which is fine for every other application I use, gajim is the only one that still has an issue there.
  32. enotep Asterix, I think it should... at least I don't see how other apps do it then if not that they "ask" nm if it is managing the network or not...
  33. enotep bbl
  34. Asterix I don't know how to do that ...
  35. enotep Asterix, nope, even disabling listening to nm and nm support alltogether... after resume, gajim still doesn't reconnect automatically
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