Gajim - 2015-06-26

  1. Nothing4You is there any way to disable the notifications on windows?
  2. Nothing4You i mean
  3. Nothing4You e.g. i set the status to busy
  4. Nothing4You i don't want gajim windows to blink
  5. moparisthebest if anyone wants pgp message carbons to work just apply this super tiny patch: it's working perfectly for me with other gajim's and conversations on android
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim ā€¢ pgp_carbons.patch attached to Ticket #7616 enable pgp message carbons and encrypt to our key too
  7. Link Mauve moparisthebest, Iā€™d suggest not removing the private tag unconditionally, and instead test for the usage of gpg specifically.
  8. moparisthebest Link Mauve, there were 2 bits of code that set the private flag, one for pgp and one for e2e, I just removed the pgp one
  9. Link Mauve Ok, great.