Gajim - 2015-06-20

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  4. Tobias are there plans for gajim to support jingle file-transfer version :4?
  5. Asterix need to check the difference. And of course that will break compatibility with all client that don't support :4
  6. Asterix supporting several version of a protocol is tii complexe
  7. Asterix supporting several version of a protocol is too complexe
  8. Asterix I know there is a diff tool for XEP but I never know where to find it :/
  9. Tobias Asterix, this thing?
  10. Asterix no more <offer> candidate-used -> remote-condidate
  11. Asterix yes, found it too, thanks
  12. Asterix removed abording, requesting a file, sending multiple files
  13. Asterix the removal of requesting is sad, we used it. When we get the file, we check hash, and if not correct we can re-request the file. now we can't. We'll just say to user that transfer is not good :/
  14. Tobias Asterix, does gajim currently support requesting a file or sending multiples?
  15. Asterix ho and the diff tool shows a strange thing: changelog of version 0.14 was incorrectly changed
  16. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7836 (Not importing gst) updated that's strange. I cannot debug that as I cannot reproduce that, sorry.
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  18. Asterix Tobias: you saw my anwer (before your question)?
  19. Link Mauve Woah, Pidgin just removed support for GTK+ <3.4!
  20. Tobias ah..yeah
  21. Tobias Asterix, yeah...but that's a pretty rare case, not?
  22. Tobias and for sending multiple files, you can either start multiple file transfer sessions, or zip them up before..i'd go with zipping up but that should be standardized
  23. Tobias so even without support the receiver will just get a ZIP to extract on her own or with support, the client could already unzip the file
  24. Asterix I hope so, but that mean removing a feature we have. The reste of the changes are easy to code, this one annoys me. It's the same with the XEP that replaces privacy lists. We cannot block a group with it, while in Gajim we offer that possibility
  25. Asterix we didn't used the send multiple file
  26. Link Mauve Tobias, you can add multiple contents to a single file transfer session, that’s a better way to conceptually group a bunch of files.
  27. Link Mauve Asterix, I wasn’t aware of Gajim using requests, and I doubt anyone else was, when the XEP got changed.
  28. Link Mauve You should send a mail explaining your usecase.
  29. Tobias not in the latest version which I implemented in Swift, and personally I think zipping them results in a better user experience
  30. Asterix it seems they want us to use another XEP: Removed <request/> flow in favor of a dedicated protocol similar to XEP-0137 ("jingle-pub").
  31. Tobias another XEP that does not exist yet
  32. Link Mauve I personally don’t, it’s harder to have to unzip the result for the user, while they just want to view the various files and be done with it.
  33. Tobias but yeah...kind of bad deprecating stuff before a replacement is there
  34. Tobias Link Mauve, it's just a double click away to extract and view the contents
  35. Link Mauve Tobias, not always.
  36. Link Mauve And that’s still many more steps done at both ends, for an identical result.
  37. Tobias when you drag a folder with hundreds on files on a chat, transferring each file on its own will likely also be smaller than just sending the compressed folder
  38. Tobias s/smaller/faster
  39. Tobias many more steps? it's just zip and unzip
  40. Link Mauve The hundreds of files argument is sound.
  41. Link Mauve But it shouldn’t be the default, imo, or maybe with a threshold (and disableable).
  42. Tobias well..i plan to go for, 1 file (don't compress and send directly) and more than one (ZIP and send the zip).
  43. Tobias plus warnings if you want to transfer high amounts of data
  44. Link Mauve … which reminds me it’s already been more than one year since I started working on 234 in slixmpp, and I’m still not done with even basic 166…
  45. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8036 (Support for XEP-0313 in MUCs) updated In very active room, we may also not want to get all history since we left. Hard to guess what user want. We could have an infobar asking if we want to get all logs since last connection …
  46. Asterix Tobias: <request> was also used by
  47. Tobias Asterix, ah..right..I remember Jef's XEP
  48. Asterix yep
  49. Tobias you should bring this issue, the requesting of files, up on the standards mailing list
  50. Asterix yes just sent a mail
  51. Tobias great..will reply
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