Gajim - 2015-06-11

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  3. mtnteam =-O
  4. mtnteam bot: [:-}
  5. mtnteam pin
  6. mtnteam Link Mauve: @}->--
  7. mtnteam Link Mauve: mathieui 0xAFFE arcade arune azerttyu Coolmax Flow guybrush88 Holger louiz’ Lukc Nathan Natureshadow Neustradamus Nothing4You pep. SamWhited sezuan SouL tsk Vinilox xbright *ROFL*
  8. Nothing4You what the fuck
  9. mtnteam Nothing4You: :'(
  10. mtnteam Nothing4You: @}->--tnx
  11. Nothing4You don't fucking mass ping
  12. louiz’ one of these dudes, again…
  13. SamWhited poor form.
  14. mtnteam SamWhited: ]:->no
  15. mtnteam Nothing4You: Is this company or chat rooms?
  16. mtnteam *HELP*SamWhited: