Gajim - 2015-06-03

  1. Natureshadow SamWhited, in fact, I believe what you say
  2. Natureshadow But BlueJimp had decided to abandon Jitsi in favour of the Jitsi Meet web application before being bought by Atlassian, and Atlassian's primary interest in the videobridge and the web application will draw attention even further away from Jitsi itself
  3. Natureshadow So as long as you don't happen to be looking for an unauthenticated, audio/video only web client, you will be lost
  4. SamWhited as to that I don't know; I could ask them, but as far as I'm aware it's not abandoned (though yah, their effort has been focused elsewhere I'm sure). We'll see.
  5. Natureshadow SamWhited, the fact that they placed Jitsi under community maintenance was publicly posted by the project leaders themselves, so that part is a fact
  6. SamWhited oh, cool, I missed that
  7. SamWhited goes to catch up on the bluejimp blog
  8. Natureshadow However, I admit that I am not objective in my views on the Jitsi projects :)
  9. Natureshadow Their attitude has p*ssed me off far too often, so my criticism might be a bit stronger than it should be
  10. QuentinC Hello,
  11. QuentinC I'm a user of gajim 0.16.1 on windows
  12. QuentinC (and also an other client on Android)
  13. QuentinC When I see the clients connected on my server (Prosody), I can see that Gajim connects using SSLv3...
  14. QuentinC Whereas Conversations (Android), uses TLSv1.2
  15. QuentinC If I disable sslv3 on my server, windows clients don't connect anymore... (but linux clients does)
  16. QuentinC where does this problem comes from ?
  17. QuentinC Thanks !!!
  18. vorner I don't use Windows, but I'd guess the encryption library is part of Windows itself. How old is it?
  19. QuentinC Windows ?
  20. vorner yes
  21. QuentinC It's Windows 8.1 pro...
  22. vorner Then it should know TLS
  23. QuentinC but the same happens on Windows 7
  24. vorner I half expected XP O:-)
  25. QuentinC ^^
  26. vorner Sorry, then I don't know where to put the blame.
  27. QuentinC okay, thanks anyway !
  28. vorner (others here might)
  29. 0xAFFE QuentinC, I'll check on my windows box, but I could connect some hours ago and I have disabled sslv3
  30. 0xAFFE thats interesting: | [c2s287f510] (TLSv1.2 with ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384) | [c2s7c7d3d0] (TLSv1 with AES256-SHA)
  31. 0xAFFE the first one is of this linux gajim, the second is my windows gajim
  32. 0xAFFE why the hell uses it no advanced ciphers and no TLSv1.2
  33. vorner Maybe it has the order backwards and prefers weaker ciphers because of < vs > bug?
  34. QuentinC That's strange, because when I disable SSLv3 Gajim don't even allows me to connect !
  35. QuentinC (I have the warning window about unencrypted stream)