Gajim - 2015-06-02

  1. johnny Gajim's bug tracker is getting really spammed
  2. johnny hmm. i think the self.control bit is wrong in the default branch. I'm not getting notifications after the very first message that starts a conversation
  3. albi hi, what do i need to configure to do video calls on gajim windows?
  4. albi i get error "video removed"
  5. albi and autido removed
  6. albi and audio removed
  7. Link Mauve albi, AFAIK, video is still not implemented on Windows, mostly because nobody knows that OS well enough in the developers.
  8. xbright and because this OS sucks
  9. Link Mauve That’s the cause of them not knowing it well enough.
  10. xbright :D
  11. arcade in Windows there are a number of things that make you down
  12. arcade there's no big choice of audio/video codecs
  13. arcade if you want anything else instead of bundled ones that's your problem
  14. Link Mauve arcade, Gajim is using Gstreamer to provide it the codecs to use.
  15. Link Mauve Actually I don’t know what exactly is preventing Gajim’s video chat from working on Windows, but since audio is working I guess it’s something to do with camera input or video display.
  16. arcade in Windows Gajim will need to bundle all the libs it wants, manage their building (I can be wrong but too few people provide windows build for their libraries), handle any problems with them and so on
  17. arcade probably yes, the question could be "whether Gstreamer supports video devices in Windows?"...
  18. Link Mauve I’m pretty sure it does.
  19. Link Mauve I could ask some Gstreamer developer at my company if there was some information needed. ^^
  20. albi thanks for the info. Jabber running on linux and windows would be great!
  21. Link Mauve There are other clients, if you want video on Windows.
  22. Link Mauve Like Jitsi.
  23. albi but jistsi is not good in xmpp, missing alot of xep support
  24. Link Mauve Yes, but you could also use two clients at the same time.
  25. Link Mauve Does it support Carbons?
  26. albi i think carbons yes, but no archive, no smacks...
  27. SouL Use Jitsi for videoconferences and Gajim for the rest.
  28. SouL Is what I used to do.
  29. Natureshadow Jitsi is somewhat abandonware as it turned out recently
  30. Natureshadow The project leaders have released it into community maintenance after it was bought by Atlassian for inclusion into there proprietary product
  31. Natureshadow And looking at the ancient technologies it uses and the vast number of bugs, I do not think it will ever become a decent client now
  32. SamWhited Natureshadow: That's not entirely true (disclaimer: I work for Atlassian, my views are not that of my employer, etc. etc.), we're not going to abandon the project, in fact, we're going to keep the Jitsi team as a team and let them do their thing.
  33. SamWhited We are, however, going to be using their technologies to improve HipChat as well, but we'll be keeping them open source and under the communities control.