Gajim - 2015-05-31

  1. blieblablubb hey, somehow gajim does not like me
  2. blieblablubb i am trying to use pgp between it and Conversations client
  3. blieblablubb somehow i could not even join this room wth it though, had to use pidgin instead
  4. blieblablubb it was shown as empty
  5. blieblablubb gajim always complains that a key i assigned to the conversations buddy is not trusted
  6. blieblablubb i set it to fully trusted in gpa though
  7. blieblablubb also i am prompted for a passphrase every launch even if my own key has none
  8. blieblablubb has openpgp been tested between more than just gajim clients?
  9. Darlan Psi, maybe?
  10. Darlan You may also ask at or
  11. Asterix blieblablubb: yes it's many years we have that implemented, so I'm sure it has been tested with many other clients (I did with a few)