Gajim - 2015-05-26

  1. arcade adding facebook account doesn't work for me
  2. arcade looks like it bails off at disco
  3. arcade no... the first error is after querying urn:xmpp:archive
  4. arcade I'm wrong, it says nothing bad about disco
  5. arcade but it rejects jabber:iq:privacy too
  6. Nathan Isn't Facebook's XMPP service gone now?
  7. arune Correct
  8. arcade damn correct, but I'm able to connect, auth and lookup my vcard
  9. arcade and the chat works... just no roster after connect
  10. arcade sigh... why everyone out the is dropping jabber?
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8054 (No message notification in XMPP MUC) created Currently, Gajim launches a notification when user receive a private message or when user is mentionned in a MUC (at least for XMPP). Would it be possible to have a setting to be notified of all incoming messages for a given MUC, as Empathy / Conversations do?
  12. Darlan It feels like we are going back in time <> Why is Jabber's open standard important for instant messaging? By Tina Gasperson on July 09, 2002
  13. Darlan arcade, use a transport instead of connecting directly.
  14. Link Mauve Or just don’t use facebook, there are many better XMPP servers out there.