Gajim - 2015-05-17

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8050 (Garbarge characters in message bodies) updated Hi, Of course I don't have this behaviour, and I don't see anything that could add random \t to outgoing messages except a keyboard. Do you have any idea whout could have triggeres this behaviour? some strange plugin you could have? (BTW there is S2S problems between our servers :/)
  2. Link Mauve Asterix, this issue is probably due to OTR.
  3. Link Mauve OTR does its signalisation as whitespace-encoded things.
  4. Link Mauve And it’s utterly terrible.
  5. Asterix shouldn't there be a OTRv2 or something like that string in the message?
  6. Link Mauve AFAIK no, this whitespace is there to signal the client supports OTR.
  7. Link Mauve But I’m not an expert about OTR, I just find it way too awful in every way.
  8. Link Mauve “but it works” would answer me all of its users…
  9. Asterix I'm not one of its users :)
  10. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15670:a6560ca0a485]: update when we get a message from another resource. […] • Ticket #7919 (Gajim shows an "X" when the other side does not support delivery receipts) closed fixed: In a6560ca0a48521af3ab4[…]
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  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7919 (Gajim shows an "X" when the other side does not support delivery receipts) updated Notes that might be useful. 1) Show a new character colored in blue. 2) Show a yellow Info Bar (GTK_MESSAGE_INFO) on top of chat informing user that remote end does not support delivery receipts and so Gajim can't indicate whether messages were delivered or not. This Info Bar would have two buttons: a) Button Tell Contact or Notify Peer. b) Bu[…][…]
  13. aidecoe hello
  14. aidecoe i'm trying to report a bug report
  15. Darlan Where?
  16. aidecoe but apparently I am not a human
  17. aidecoe i cannot solve any captcha trac gives me to solve
  18. aidecoe Darlan,
  19. Darlan Do you want me to send your report?
  20. aidecoe ah, cool, i've made it. I've turned on JS and readable captcha appeared!
  21. aidecoe cool
  22. aidecoe done
  23. Darlan ok
  24. aidecoe bot no longer posts new bugs here?
  25. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8051 (Exception on every status change: ValueError: Unknown status message: …) created Every time status is changed multiple threads throw following exception: Exception in th[…] • Ticket #8051 (Exception on every status change: ValueError: Unknown status message: …) updated Because trac has formatted description, I am pasting traceback once again: Exc[…]
  26. aidecoe here it is (-:
  27. Asterix aidecoe: which GPG version do you have?
  28. aidecoe Asterix, gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.4
  29. Asterix
  30. aidecoe ah
  31. aidecoe Asterix, gajim uses python-gnupg?
  32. Asterix yes, but we have a copy in our sources, 'cause it's not packaged a lot
  33. aidecoe i see
  34. Asterix but maybe it's not true anymore and we should just optionnaly depend on it
  35. aidecoe we have 0.3.7 on Gentoo
  36. Asterix 0.3.6 in debian unstable, latest is 0.3.8 :/
  37. Asterix 0.3.6 is the latest downloadable on official website ...
  38. Asterix 0.3.8 not released
  39. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Cha[…] • Ticket #8051 (Exception on every status change: ValueError: Unknown status message: …) closed fixed: In 6bf[…] • Ticket #8033 (Contacts disappear[…]
  40. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8038 (Error window shows up when chat window is opened) closed duplicate: I guess you probably use Gajim 0.16 and not 0.16.1. It's dup of #7956, #7917 #7911, #7874, #7848 and #7866. Fixed in 0.16.1
  41. aidecoe Asterix, when are you planning to release 0.16.2?
  42. Asterix hmmm good question ...
  43. Asterix I still have about 15 tickets to look at in my queue ...
  44. SamWhited still hasn't tested that issue I found the other day or filed a ticket. Will do that later tonight.
  45. aidecoe i see :-)
  46. aidecoe i'll just ask package manager to backport the patch to current version
  47. aidecoe good night
  48. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8039 (Gajim hangs up "has stopped responding" when opening available plugins …) closed invalid: It uses FTP connection, and it's not possible to proxy FTP connections. What you request has already been reported ​here
  49. Nothing4You is it not possible to sign up to trac-plugins?
  50. Asterix no, too much spam. So you can fill a ticket and it will be moderated by Darlan
  51. Asterix but I can create you an account if you want
  52. Asterix Darlan: BTW is there still a lot of spammy tickets everyday?
  53. Asterix is there someone with a GPG key ready to do a few tests please?
  54. Nothing4You what kind of tests?
  55. Asterix I'll just try to send you some messages with different trust level
  56. Nothing4You guess i'll have to set up a plugin then
  57. Asterix not easy to test with only one machine
  58. Asterix no, just configure your GPG key in Gajim
  59. Nothing4You how do i configure that on windows?
  60. Nothing4You lemme try to find that out
  61. Asterix you have gpg installed and in your PATH?
  62. Asterix edit -> accounts then in "personal information" tab you should be able to select it
  63. SamWhited Asterix: give me a sec to get my laptop out and I can probably help.
  64. Nothing4You gotta relog
  65. Nothing4You wait a sec
  66. Nothing4You need to copy the key from another device, then i'll relog
  67. Nothing4You should be set up now
  68. Nothing4You
  69. Nothing4You actually, does the gpg key have to match the jid?
  70. Nothing4You as in include it?
  71. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8039 (Gajim hangs up "has stopped responding" when opening available plugins …) updated Even if it is as you claim not possible to proxy FTP connections, this is still a valid issue, as it's currently locking up g[…] • Ticket #8039 (Gajim hangs up "has stopped responding" when opening available plugins …) u[…]
  72. Asterix no it doesn't have to
  73. Nothing4You good
  74. Nothing4You Key-ID: 31DED8DE Fingerprint: 7E0E7188BA50536DB5FCF07E45CE8E0631DED8DE
  75. Nothing4You what the hell was that
  76. Asterix haha :)
  77. Asterix the bot thought you spammed :)
  78. Nothing4You :(
  79. Link Mauve Asterix, can’t you at least increase the number of hexadecimal characters it detects before thinking it’s spam?
  80. Link Mauve I get kicked everytime I post even a simple sha1.
  81. Asterix I could ... but I don't remember how I setup this filter ;)
  82. Link Mauve ^^'
  83. Nothing4You lol
  84. Nothing4You i received test1 and that it was encrpyted
  85. Nothing4You tells me i have no key assigned to you though
  86. Asterix you don't have my key in your keyring. not that important for the tests I do
  87. Nothing4You ok
  88. Nothing4You Asterix, so should i comment on the wicd timeout ticket or create a new ticket for it?
  89. Asterix hm? about what?
  90. Nothing4You proxy/gui lockup
  91. Asterix it's not related to wicd, why do you talk about wicd?
  92. Nothing4You that's the issue you linked
  93. Asterix hmmm no ...
  94. Nothing4You uh
  95. Nothing4You weird
  96. Nothing4You something linked me to that ticket
  97. Asterix
  98. Nothing4You yes, saw that now
  99. Nothing4You let me find how the hell i got there
  100. Nothing4You eh, probably just some misclick
  101. Nothing4You anyways
  102. Nothing4You seperate issue for the lockup
  103. Nothing4You or just comment on the existing issue?
  104. Asterix hmmm I think it's a separate issue, even if it's linked
  105. Nothing4You kk
  106. Nothing4You Submission rejected as potential spam
  107. Nothing4You after entering a captcha wrong once
  108. Nothing4You fuck recaptcha...
  109. Asterix fuck spammers :/
  110. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8040 (GPG Agent lacks verbose error) updated Status changed I'm not able to reproduce. When […] • Ticket #8041 (GPG Agent requires ultimate trust) updated Status changed I don't unstant what a publicly signed key is. But yes, to encrypt a message, you need to sign the key with which you want to encrypt first. That's the way GPG work. Now even[…]
  111. Asterix wait
  112. Asterix ok submit it again, should be ok now
  113. Nothing4You best part of it
  114. Nothing4You it wipes the issue body
  115. Nothing4You so i have to write it all again
  116. Nothing4You even if i hit back in my browser
  117. Asterix w8
  118. Asterix I have it
  119. Asterix GUI lockup caused by Plugin Installer plugin when using a proxy As reported [gajim:ticket:45 here], Gajim shouldn't lock up the GUI when it can't install plugins due to proxy usage. Appearently this is FTP-related because of the lack of proxy availability with FTP. ftp, installer, proxy
  120. Nothing4You kk ty
  121. Asterix gajim:ticket:??
  122. Asterix not 45
  123. Nothing4You argh
  124. Nothing4You copypaste fail
  125. Asterix 8039
  126. Nothing4You yeah
  127. Nothing4You maybe you should create an account for me
  128. Nothing4You so i don't have to try it three times or so
  129. Nothing4You and with that lose half of the contents
  130. Nothing4You you should really migrate to a new issue tracking system :(
  131. Asterix not easy ... we'll loose history
  132. Nothing4You can't migrate history?
  133. Asterix not sure there are script from all bug trackers to all bug trackers
  134. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • C[…] • Changeset [15673:b263427cbf95]: print subject from received messages correc[…] • Ticket #8042 (Message empty when using a subject) closed fixed: In b263427cbf95790bdb90df9d6ef9e390f46[…]
  135. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8043 (Systray icon missing with Plasma 5) updated It seems systray are being removed from DE. Gnome doesn't have one anymore, so no more GTK widget for it. I don't use such a DE, so I don't know what other similar apps do under Gnome.
  136. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7836 (Not importing gst) updated Strange, this import gst is inside a try / except ImportError so it should not print anything. Could you try to replace the "except ImportError:" with "except:" line 203 in src/common/ ? • Ticket #7836 (Not importing gst) updated or maybe replce this "import gst" by "__import__('gst')"
  137. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8044 (AttributeError: 'module' obje[…] • Changeset [15674:befdb44a7c2c]: fix typo. R[] • Ticket #8044 (AttributeError: 'module' obje[…] • Ticket #7839 (Error opening «Archiving Pref[…] • Ticket #8049 (MAM archiving preferences dia[]
  138. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8041 (GPG Agent requires ultimate trust) updated Regarding publicly signed, I meant that the signed key was uploaded to a Public Keyserver. As you can also sign the keys locally, this wouldn't be necessar[…] • Ticket #8040 (GPG Agent lacks verbose error) updated I however wasn't presented with such a dialog (as mentioned in #8041), an[…]