Gajim - 2015-05-15

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  4. Darlan Do you think the following InterMap Prefix is reasonable? GajimChat$1-$2-$3/#$4:$5:$6 # Message from Gajim Group Chat of date $1-$2-$3 (YYYY-MM-DD) and time $4:$5:$6 (HH:MM:SS)
  5. Darlan This "GajimChat:2015:03:28:13:16:37" refers to
  6. Darlan Maybe better to do this /muc_log/gajim/$1/#$2:$3:$4
  7. Darlan I did /muc_log/gajim/$1-$2-$3/#$4
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  9. Darlan Gajim from 0.14 (not on Windows yet) Gajim from 0.14 (on Windows since 0.16)
  10. Nothing4You hey
  11. Nothing4You i'm having a really annoying issue
  12. Nothing4You every time i get disconnected from my xmpp host
  13. Nothing4You e.g. updating & restarting the server
  14. Nothing4You gajim reconnects, and claims to have joined group chats
  15. Nothing4You but i can't see people in that chat
  16. Nothing4You manually reconnecting fixes it
  17. Nothing4You it's not on every chat
  18. Nothing4You e.g. here i can still see people
  19. Nothing4You but on another chat i keep not being able to see anyone
  20. Nothing4You any idea why this could be? and how i can check whether it's a clientside or serverside issue?
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8049 (MAM archiving preferences dialog broken) created Bug description Exception is thrown when trying to open the MAM archiving preferences dialog. Via Actions > Advanced > Edit archiving options. Traceback (most recent call last): File "src\", line 2806, in on_archiving_preferences_menuitem_activate File "src\", line 3868, in init KeyError?: None This completely prevents me from setting […]
  22. Link Mauve Nothing4You, this is indeed a server-side issue, as you didn’t tell the MUC you were gone it still thinks you are in after you reconnect.
  23. Link Mauve And due to a bug in Google’s server, most MUC servers have a workaround where they handle a new join presence as a simple presence update.
  24. Link Mauve tl;dr: blame google once again.
  25. Nothing4You Link Mauve, sounds like a great workaround :/
  26. Nothing4You so i'll have to bug the prosody chat
  27. Link Mauve The main issue is that it makes MUC completely unusable for users.
  28. Darlan What is a 501 Error? (calculated m_a differs from received m_a)
  29. Link Mauve But since I already force TLS, I don’t risk having one of their users coming to my MUCs. :D
  30. Darlan Nothing4You, what is the MAM supporting server that you are using?
  31. Nothing4You Darlan, prosody
  32. Nothing4You also, wtf
  33. Nothing4You Darlan, did you try to send me a private message?
  34. Nothing4You i just got a ton of popups saying "The message couldn't be decrypted"
  35. Darlan Yes, but I was not sure it was sent due to a 501 Error.
  36. Nothing4You "The message from could not be decrypted. It might have been modified"
  37. Nothing4You 11 popups telling me that
  38. Darlan I will close and reopen PM tab and try again.
  39. Nothing4You nope
  40. Nothing4You more popups incoming :s
  41. Darlan I hate that bug
  42. Darlan I used to have that bug too.
  43. Darlan I received a message from you "test"
  44. Nothing4You yeah, i received test2
  45. Nothing4You and "See what?"
  46. Darlan Yes
  47. Darlan Nothing4You, is that a public Prosody server?
  48. Nothing4You Darlan, i'm hosting it myself, so no, it's not
  49. Darlan ok
  50. Nothing4You i think i know the source of the "bug" now
  51. Nothing4You does gajim store a secret to base generated OTR keys on?
  52. Nothing4You i have 2 clients with OTR connected
  53. Nothing4You both gajim
  54. Nothing4You i believe that's the problem
  55. Darlan This is not good. The OTR plugin developer is not maintaining it for months.
  56. Nothing4You yeah, it's a fundamental issue with OTR i believe
  57. Nothing4You you can't really properly implement end-to-end encryption without having a key shared between all devices on one end
  58. Nathan Are there any plans to support Axolotl for message encryption in Gajim?
  59. Darlan What is Axolotl?
  60. Holger Darlan: The OTR replacement used by TextSecure.
  61. Holger Darlan:
  62. Holger Darlan: There's a GSoC project to implement that for Conversations (the Android client).
  63. Darlan Thank you for this information.
  64. Nathan Thanks Holger, that's why I mentioned it. Currently neither of the two encryption methods available (GPG and OTR) are usable for an everyday joe (in fact I'd say they are not really usable for anyone), and Axolotl sounds like it could make things easier/make them work better. Being able to securely message people using a combination of Conversations/Gajim/other XMPP clients that would support Axolotl without all the hassle of keys and sessions breaking all the time definitely sounds great.
  65. Dr. Watson Does Gajim support pubsub?