Gajim - 2015-05-14

  1. Darlan #7405
  2. bot Darlan: (Disable last message correction for commands)
  3. Darlan Maybe, Gajim should enable LMC when sending "//" or "/say".
  4. Darlan I have opened ticket #7405 since user just invokes a command, and so *there is nothing to correct*. But, maybe, even though messages that start with "/" are rare, "//" and "/say" should be exceptional in this regard.
  5. Darlan Link Mauve, SamWhited, if you have problems accessing Gajim trac, please post here a complete bug report, and I will send it to Gajim trac for you. SamWhited do you have a Gajim trac account?
  6. SamWhited Darlan: yah, I do, was at work earlier and just didn't have time (also just really hate Trac). I'll try to remember to fix it or submit a bug report the next time I have network access and a bit of time.
  7. Darlan What is your trac nickname?
  8. SamWhited SamWhited, I think.
  9. Darlan If I will post your report, I will notify you beforehand and set Reporter field to SamWhited. I need a detailed report, though.
  10. SamWhited No worries; I'll get to it when I have time to diagnose more fully. The brief mention I made earlier was really all I saw; just posted it so others would know and to remind myself.
  11. SamWhited I haven't looked at the events system, but I can probably just push a fix if I can find a bit of time. I haven't had much time to work on side projects lately.
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7405 (Disable last message correction for commands) updated Cc changed I have opened this ticket because a command is not being posted in chat, it is just being invoked, and because a command is not posted there is nothing to correct. But, maybe, messages, that are not commands, and that start with / (using// or /say) should be subjected to last message correction. Lin[…]
  13. Darlan Link Mauve, please post in ticket #7405 your rational as to why messages that begin with // or /say should be subjected to last message correction. I see no reason to enable last message correction to messages of such.
  14. Darlan Link Mauve, if I want a message (that is not a command) to start with /, I can add white-space at the beginning of a message.
  15. Darlan /o_
  16. Darlan Link Mauve, is you OpenID still valid? I try to add you to CC but I end up with "Link, Mauve"
  17. Darlan 404
  18. Link Mauve Darlan, no, I stopped using PHP years ago, my trac account is “Link Mauve”.
  19. Darlan I have entered your email address.
  20. Link Mauve SamWhited, the issue with Gajim on Wayland wasn’t fixed actually:
  21. SamWhited Link Mauve: Ah, poor (thought I'd added myself to the CCs for that issue, but apparently not). I've got a hackish workaround somewhere if I can dig it up. One more thing to add t omy massive list of "stuff that I'll try to get done this weekend, but probably won't"
  22. Link Mauve I have one too, and then it runs fine.
  23. Link Mauve I just hardcoded the result of the operation. :p
  24. Link Mauve But this code is clearly targetted at single-screen setups, so I think it should instead be removed entirely to let the default GTK+ font size be used.