Gajim - 2015-05-09

  1. mmlosh Hi. I've been having trouble connecting to gajim MUC for 2-3 weeks now. Any idea what could be wrong with *my* server (
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8004 (Remote resource always appears as offline) updated Status changed I'm not able to reproduce that, are you? • Ticket #8025 (Should track multiple addresses with link-local XMPP, and try all of them) closed fixed: In 4916254b34b74b64847bb32908e570e206e1949d: link-local: adjust Windows/Bonjour? support to new data format. Fixes #8025
  3. Asterix I think yes. Cert has expired ...
  4. Asterix mmlosh: ^
  5. Asterix should be ok now
  6. mmlosh Asterix, so.. it was on your side?
  7. Asterix yes
  8. Asterix probably
  9. mmlosh And all those people here don't check their certs? Now that's disturbing
  10. Asterix the server you're using don't accept other server that have an expired cert, which we can't blame
  11. mmlosh confirming, it works now
  12. mmlosh thanks
  13. Link Mauve mmlosh, as for me, I don’t give any trust to the X.509 mafia operating certificate “trust”.
  14. Link Mauve My certificate is signed by a cat. ^^
  15. Asterix Link Mauve: Hi, about #8010, what about just ignoring error about chatstates (if we can easily identify them?
  16. Asterix #8010
  17. bot Asterix: (Gajim sends CSN when it must not)
  18. Link Mauve Yeah, that would make sense.
  19. Link Mauve Oh…
  20. Link Mauve It’s about, and they apparently like to rewrite the id of messages…
  21. Link Mauve I’m not sure it’s possible to know it was an error answer to the message we sent then.
  22. Asterix error should contain a chatstate and no body, right?
  23. Link Mauve No, it only has to contain the error.
  24. Link Mauve It could contain a chatstate or a body, but it isn’t a requirement nowadays.
  25. Asterix ok, so I don't see a solution
  26. Link Mauve Section 5.1 says that you shouldn’t send subsequent chatstates if the user didn’t answer with one.
  27. Link Mauve So sending even a gone isn’t recommended.
  28. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8007 (link-local/Bonjour XMPP can't be contacted on Windows) updated Status changed There is an installer with latest patches from #8025 and a patch for this one. Could you test and tell me if it works ok? Installer available ​here Patch is this one: diff -r 4916254b34b7 src/common/zeroconf/ --- a/src/common/zeroconf/ Mon Apr 06 19:14:33 2015 +0200 +++ b/src/common/[…]
  29. Asterix when you start a conversation you may start by sending several message before you get an answer. So you should not send a chatstate for the second message?
  30. Darlan Asterix, in concern to ticket #8010, do you want me to post a log from XML console?
  31. Asterix no thanks, I clearly see the problem
  32. Darlan ok
  33. Darlan Thank you for updating SSL certificate. There are no error anymore and I can view using dwb web browser.
  34. Asterix website was not affected, cert was already updated
  35. Link Mauve I think so, yeah.
  36. Darlan Asterix, see
  37. Darlan #8010
  38. bot Darlan: (Gajim sends CSN when it must not)
  39. Darlan I am thinking of an XMPP server to provide test MUC channels with different chat room configurations, so it would be easier to detect bugs such as the one depicted in #8010.
  40. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • darlan_psi.png attached to Ticket #8004 Second line of ChatView says Darlan/Psi is online, but banner indicates otherwise